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Advanced search. Simple 1-step registration process. Post a reply. I will continously post confessions from time to time, but would also like others to share their. Pictures of the girl or feeding are not a must, but add extra 'niiiice' to your post. What you can look forward to: I've been feeding several cute female roomies age over half a decade, on a daily or weekly basis. Stories about each girl and the details will follow in the confessions.

Happy confessing! Re: Cum feeding girls - Confessions by weareallstarshere » Tue Feb 12, am My time to shine. This story takes us back to when I was a. There was two girls in my class who were bitches to put it nicely. One was a brunette and the other was blonde. One day, our class was outside for some science thing and the classroom was left I snuck into the classroom and to my suprise, the door was unlocked! So I walked in and saw both of their water bottles.

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I then thought of an idea. A devious idea. I took both of the bottles and hid it in my hoodie and went to the bathroom. My heart was racing and I was so nervious about what I was about to do. I took out my dick and rubbed it on the mouth parts of their water bottles.

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Then, I opened them. I couldn't get hard at first, then I realized I had to pee. I got another idea. My heart raced as I put my dick on the edge of the water bottle, closed my eyes Just a small amount into each. The rest I peed into the toliet. I took a breather, calmed down and jerked off and came into both of the bottles in under five minutes. I had to fill them up a bit again to break apart the cum and hide the slight discoloration of the pee.

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I stirred them like crazy. Eventually, it disolved. I damn near ran back to the classroom, then, a teacher I knew stopped me to chat, we chatted casually as i had two bottles in my jacket full of my cum and pee. I went back into the classroom and quickly put the bottles back. When they got back, we were waiting for class to end and I watched them take sips out of the water bottle.

None of them really noticed. Sometimes I look at these pics and remember my cum and pee was warm inside their bellies. I have their pictures here. The blonde doesn't many good pics of herself which is a shame, but the brunette is very generous. Re: Cum feeding girls - Confessions by cumonhairpublic » Wed Feb 13, am Great story to start the thread wereallstarshere I had jizzed in random girls' milk and drinks before however very rarely, but the Cum in food stories time I really made a girl my cum dump without her consent or knowledge was my roomie Anna.

We were roomie for about two months before i actually did anything, but she is a hot redhead with curly hair, 21 years when she moved in, and about cm, 50 kg with perky tits and a nice ass. The kind of girl who gets ALOT of attention, understandably.

Well, after a couple months i had figured out she probably only wanted to be friends and that's fair enough considering we're roomies etc. But, from time to time she would walk around in a bra and short shorts on those lazy sundays and it would make me uber horny.

So, i started to unload in to her facial cream and stir it around, but figured it would get to watery if i kept doing that. She didn't notice though, but I quit doing that after lo. With a shared bathroom it was easy to also just jizz on her toothbrush, wipe off the excess and put it back where it belonged. She also didn't notice as she didn't change her toothbrush - probably brushed teeeth with jizz 4 times a week at that point. However, i wanted her to just eat the whole cumshot, but this continued for a months. Now, seasons were changing and winter turned into spring and by late spring she had begun to run for an hour every day.

Coincidentally, she started some kind of smoothie detox thing to help her doing cardio. She would make a bottle of smoothie every night before heading to bed, so that she could drink it in the morning. I figured that it's a blueberry smoothie every time and it's probably really sweet, so every night i would jack off and unload my full load in to that smoothie, shake it, and put it back. Most times there would be lo in it, as I would continue wanking for several hours after the first load that night. I have no idea if she could taste something or just tired of smoothies?

I got used to this and was constantly turned on every day about the thought that she had my lo in her belly every time i chatted with her. Then one day she ended her smoothie detox. I did not have to get creative anyway, luckily. She would eat some of it in a bowl every morning mixed with cinnamon and some grain, thus one box would last about a week.

I would jizz in it every night and so the box would come to have contained between cumshots before she finished it. Thing is, the yughourt is thick, creamy, and white, while even though i mixed my lo in it very well, it would either show 'watery' spots within the yughourt or make it more runny depending on the yughourt:semen ratio. Sometimes, you could definitely tell by the smell that there was semen in it, but she just ate it anyway, every time.

I remember one specific weekend where she wasn't home until monday and i had been away for 5 days without having the opportunity unload and arrived at home when she left. I instantly went and had a wank, shooting a huge, thick load in her breakfast for monday. However, my balls were still pretty full so i jizzed in it 4 more times Cum in food stories day. The next two days I amounted to cum 7 times - so about 11 pretty big lo was shot in that g om yughourt. After the last cumload sunday night it really smelled like cum and was extremely runny and with watery spots all over.

She came home monday morning in a hurry, took the box and mixed the cinnamon and grain directly in it, stirring it. She did not seem to notice a thing, which i found amazing that she had so little awareness. Funny thing is, this time the cinnamon actually did not hide the cum but made it super obvious as the watery spots just became very distinctive. I was standing next to her, chatting about something just to keep her focus and watch how she would react. She begins eating and takes the first spoon full and it's litterally like cereal with milk, not creamy at all.

She puts the spoon in her mouth and Cum in food stories makes a funny face with her eyebrows, but swallows. Tells me it tastes a bit weird but she keeps eating more spoonfulls of cinnamon-cum. I guess the more she ate, the more she could taste because half way through she sniffs the box. At that point she just looks at me and asks me if i think it is expired to which i reply 'not sure'.

She doesn't look at me, grabs her bag and leaves to go to the university. After this she would not talk much to me until she moved out a few months later, so i think she suspected something. I however just continued to jizz in her yughourt which she would still eat. Not sure if she didn't really mind or? This was a long read, i'm sorry but i hope u liked it. It's true and i hope your confession are truthful as well. Extra: I would often snatch a clean pair of panties or bra from and use it to jerk off and sometimes jizz in them, then put it back.

Not sure if she also found that out or not.

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Just two lo max. Also change your diet a bit, eat more fruits like pineapple so the flavor wouldn't be so bad. More than likely you gave off a bad vibe to her and she knew something was up.

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Just didn't know what. She probably didnt suspect the jizz but did suspect you possibly planning to rape rp her or something. Women are good at detecting that, usually. Hot story over all. Its an amazing feeling knowing your cum is inside a pretty girl. Re: Cum feeding girls - Confessions by cumonhairpublic » Wed Feb 20, pm Bump - Need people to post their confessions too before i share some of the other girls i've fed lo upon lo to. Re: Cum feeding girls - Confessions by segagreen » Mon Mar 11, am My story was back when I was a too, but its about cumming on the clothes of girls without them knowing instead.

There was this one really pretty girl in my grade that was a stunning hot blonde, great bodily proportions and a beautiful face. She wasn't the teasing type and was actually more on the innocent side as we were all still young at the time. The only thing that I could really steal off her was her sock s since those were the only things that she'd leave laying around.

What she liked to do was take off her shoes and socks during class-time and walk around the Cum in food stories, she used to say it was way more comfortable. The biggest turn-on was how worn and used her shoes were, especially the interior where you could see the print of her foot left in the leather sole of her school shoe, showing where her heel had pressed, as well as the sides and balls of her feet followed by the alignment of her toes. Her shoes were so worn, and the leather sole so used that it often left black marks over the bottom of her white socks in the same shape of her feet where they press against the inner shoe the most.

One day when I had the opportunity to be in the classroom alone whilst the entire class was out, I stole both her socks and kept them for myself. It felt so. The socks were perfect, they smelled of leather the inside of her shoe and lightly of her foot sweat, a slight sour and vinegar smell. As soon as i got home I used the socks to wank, putting it over my erect penis and jerking off to the thought of her feet and shoes.

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Cum in food stories

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