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It's been months since my relationship with Michelle changed drastically. She now was in control of pretty much everything I did, I mean everything.

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I do all the cleaning, laundry, dishes, and she now has complete control of the bank. She doesn't do anything except cook since, I have no idea how to cook. Do I wish I never let any of this happen? Kobi was a struggling artist. All she wanted to do was get her art shown at a gallery, but not many people were interested in showing art that was an eclectic fusion of her Chinese and Japanese backgrounds.

Lucky for her, she had a good paying job as a hostess at an up and coming fancy restaurant in the heart of the city. The job was almost perfect. It was My name is Candace, or shygirlwhore on literotica. I like to read and help people perfect there writings. Dani is the narrator in all of my stories. Everyone is 18 and over in this story. I come home to the aroma of Mexican food and my nice plump Mexican wife cooking at the stove.

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Her long black hair is flowing down over her nice round body, huge breasts and nice round stomach that makes her look pregnant even though she is not. She is totally naked except an apron. When she bends over to pick up things, I can see her pussy. Even though she i I arrived home that night at PM. I had been out at a local bar visiting with a friend who was celebrating his birthday and the launch of an exciting new business venture. I walked inside with a smile on my face, excited to be home. However," she said with a look of Hanna is a devout Christian.

She attends church three nights a week and Sunday school. She is active in all the church charity functions. She is 25 years old. She has D cups and an ass to die for. She sees men look at her with lust in their eyes and feels disgusted. Her pastor preaches a lot about the original sin and she takes it to heart.

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She th Chapter 3 — Lunchtime A little after noon, the three lovers came back into the kitchen. All three were nude, and Raymond and Vance looked freshly showered.

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Sabrina however looked, for lack of a better term, well-fucked. I could see cum drying in her mussed-up hair, her skin was flaking with t While we were only casually and occasionally acquainted in college, we found out that we had a lot in common now.

Namely we are both obsessed with work and career. Allison is an ant with aspirations for a career in corporate management. Sarah comes to the house and learns more about a slave's needs. This chapter contains oral and anal sex, lesbian sex, squirting, nudity, and tipping the delivery driver.

It also contains a scene of spanking. There are no STD's to worry about in this fantasy world. To read the beginning of this adventure, come and read Sergeant Sebastian's Vacation. The moonlight was bright as Sebastian and Sheronda went for a walk on the nude beach. They discovered a few couples in various stages of nakedness around a fire. They ed the oth SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Cum In Food Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. A Surprise for John Ch.

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