Dad fucks baby stories

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for Free! Daddy's Baby 6 Votes 6. Score 5 5. My name is Pan and I am 20 years old. I have black hair and blue eyes. I stand about 5'6" tall and weigh about pounds with a DD rack.

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I have a dad named Jaxon. He is such a handsome man and does not look anywhere close to his age of He has jet black Dad fucks baby stories and the bluest eyes you have ever seen you can definitely tell where I get my looks from. Daddy likes to workout and keep in shape, maintaining a six pack that everyone seems to drool over.

Daddy and I started having sex on my 17th birthday. After my birthday party ended, he ended up taking me upstairs to his room and giving me the best present by fucking me harder than I have ever been fucked before. Needless to say I am now addicted to my Daddy's cock. This is the story of the night I got pregnant by my Daddy. The night my dreams came true.

It has been years since the first night my Daddy took my cherry and made me a woman. Years since I had found the pleasure of having my Daddy's big cock inside of me for the first time. My mom was long since gone; that bitch ran away with another man. That first night Daddy said it was time for me to take her place. I loved being the woman in my Daddy's life, the one who sleeps in his bed and the one he rammed his cock into every night.

But tonight is different, tonight is the night I am going to try to get pregnant with Daddy's baby. Looking at Jaxon I playfully chuckle, "Daddy, I'm so horny. I need something big, long, hot and hard to hold on to. I'm in the middle of something now, but I'll get to you soon. I smiled devilishly Dad fucks baby stories I slowly begin to undo the top button of my jeans. I ease one hand inside and down the front, biting my lower lip while carefully studying Daddy. As I undo another button on my jeans and let my finger slip lower and lower, searching, my heart beats a little faster.

I suddenly give a brief gasp, the sound getting Jaxon's attention. Looking up, he sees me with my hand thrusting under the denim, moving around just a bit. My eyes flutter as I moan lightly before deliberately withdrawing my finger, slowly bringing it to the tip of my tongue. I stick my tongue out at him as I sneak my hand back down my pants where I begin to rub my crotch as my other hand slips under my shirt to massage one of my large firm breasts.

Glancing over, Jaxon can see my fingers moving faster between my legs, and then a little slower as my moans increase and my breathing gets heavier. I wink, "You need to hurry up, sexy. Finally free of the tight denim, I step out of them and kick them across the room where they land at his feet.

I spread my legs wide, bending at the waist as I run my hands down the length of my thighs and caress my calves. Then, as I drag my fingernails back up my soft skin, I pause at the small folds between my legs and tickle my pouting pussy lips. I moan softly, my tongue running along my teeth as my eyes close, playing with my pussy a little longer. Flashing a grin, I grab my shirt at the bottom and slowly pull it up over my head and off my body.

My large breasts protrude proudly in full view, showing my firm erect nipples as I drop the garment to the floor and shake my head. My hair sparkles under the lights as it the air breezes through it while I stand there completely nude. I run my hands over myself, exploring my increasingly horny body before lifting up my boobs to lick one of my nipples, circling it with my tongue.

Feeling my lust rising, I move my hands to satisfy my increasing desire by sliding them back down my naked body, allowing Jaxon to watch as two of my fingers disappear into my Dad fucks baby stories moist slit as I pull on my nipples, sending shivers to my core. I raise one leg and spread my thighs, stroking my dampness slowly, eventually quickening the pace as my body demands the release, moaning and breathing heavier as I fall back on the couch and lift my hips into the air to reach deeper into my soaking wet pussy.

I continue to move my fingers in and out of my pussy, my body twisting around, my moans getting louder as I find that spot, making my body arch, wanting to cum, urging me on. Lost in the moment, moaning louder and louder, I push my body to the max, my fingers plunging like firm pistons stroking my pussy walls until I begin to cry out as I start to cum.

Oh yes I'm cumming, oh Goddamn yes! Jaxon moves to the edge of his seat as he watches me, my body rocking and convulsing from the orgasm I'm having. With a knowing grin, I crawl from the couch to my Daddy and begin to slowly unzip his pants.

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Jaxon tries to move away, but with one hand on his chest, I push him back, slowly rubbing the stiffness growing at my touch. I stick out my tongue and run it under the rim of his firm pulsating cock and up over the tip. I let my tongue slide down, tracing the swollen vein all the way to the balls, licking, kissing, and sucking them, before bringing my head up and taking the full hardness of his cock back into in my mouth.

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I slowly suck on the head of his cock, gently taking more into my mouth, moving my head down its thick length easing it little by little until I am satisfied that I have it fully deep in my mouth. I start to move my head slowly up and down the throbbing hardness, sucking and licking it while my hand is wrapped around it following the same path as my mouth.

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I lift my head from his cock while still slowly stroking it up and down its length to look up at Daddy, wiping my chin. I continue to lower myself, moaning, until his cock fills my pussy. Legs spread wide, my pussy tight to Jaxon, I grind just a bit to watch the look on his face before starting to move myself up and down, riding high upon his cock. My body springs to life again as I feel my juices flow again, Daddy's huge cock moving deeper into me, and I start to moan. Show me what that big cock can do.

I gasp before moaning out hoarsely, "Mmm Daddy yes, fuck me with that big cock Staring into his eyes, as I move up and down on Jaxon's cock, I moan out "Yes! Cum for me Daddy, I want you to cum for me! I want to feel it I wanna have your baby! Then I feel his body stiffen, and in the next moment he roars as he thrusts deep into my pussy, holding himself there as his cock starts to Dad fucks baby stories his sperm, the eruption exploding into me as my body continues to convulse around his still hard cock, my breathing heavy as I ride through the orgasm with him, united in the throes of pleasure as our bodies glisten with the residue of our heated love making, his cock still buried deep inside of me twitching in spasms before relaxing.

I collapse against his body, breathing heavily, tired and spent, and his cock slowly retreats from its resting place. I mumbles something under my breath, and then purr deeply as I bury my face into his chest. Jaxon gives a youthful grin and lays a hand across my womb, "So babe Incest Fantasy father daughter incest pregnant fuck daddy daddie.

Dad fucks baby stories

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