Daddy kink x reader lemon

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I accidentally managed to delete the original post. Sorry my folks. Anyway… Enjoy it once more! Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms. Sebastian watches you closely, eyes trained on your lips. Handsome guy asks random girl to come home with him, then he drugs her drink and kills her or something? You raise your eyebrows at him. You brought me up here just to have sex? You smirk at him and stand up from your seat on the opposite side of the table. He watches you closely, mesmerized by your movements.

Putting the glass on the table behind you, you plant yourself in his lap. His hands shoot up to grab your waist and you slap them away. You lean closer to him, letting your breath purposefully fan his Daddy kink x reader lemon. The helpless look in his eyes also added to your pride, knowing he wanted you as much as you wanted him.

He raises his eyebrow in surprise. What my kinks are? You brush your lips against his before burying your face into his neck, planting a single kiss on his smooth skin. So, tell me; what are you into? The normal stuff, I guess?

He chuckles. He leans his head to the side with a smile playing on his lips. I mean, I kinda like the idea of it. He bites his lip a little and you can see the wheels in his head turning. This is a one-night-stand after all. His hands fall down to the ends of your dress, starting to pull it up and you slap his hands away. I… like ass, I guess?

Is that a kink?

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Every guy ever likes ass and boobs. You must have something out of the ordinary. Watersporting, crossdressing, humiliation kink, roleplaying, daddy kink? You stare at him surprised, feeling slightly giggly about the fact. You have a daddy kink? He seems just as taken aback by the fact that you just kissed him, and the whole thing is kind of funny. It could be worse trust me.

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He still swallows hard, his throat bobbing. Clearly the whole kink conversation made him a little uneasy, but at least now you know how to spur him on. You nod and let him push it up and over your head. Sitting in his lap in only your underwear and heels, he stares you up and down, his eyes stopping at your covered breast. He licks his lips, hand coming up rest just below your strapless bra, thumbs stroking the material lightly. Due to the lack of padding you feel his touch and your nipples harden. Reaching behind you, you unclasp your bra and let it fall to your lap.

His hands immediately travel up to cup your breasts, squeezing them lightly. You sigh at how warm his mouth is. He sucks gently on your hardened bud and you moan quietly, hands coming up to tangle in his silky strands as you throw your head back. He lets go, kissing slowly up your chest and planting a wet peck right underneath your ear. Can you do that? I can come easily, but not that easily.

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He nods into your neck. God, yes!

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Was this guy even real? His hands drop down to grip your ass, squeezing the flesh gently before he stands up from the couch effortlessly. You giggle and cling onto his neck, surprised by his sudden move and strength. He walks you back, your legs wrapped around his waist, until he reaches the bed.

Slowly, he lays you down on the end. You untangle your limbs from his body and he kneels down on the floor in front of you. You watch with your lip caught between your teeth as he strokes his hands slowly up you thigh. You lift your hips to help and he pulls them from your legs, leaving you completely bare.

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You laugh at him. After taking your heels off, he grabs your thighs again, dragging you a little closer to the edge of the bed. You reach up to grab a pillow, popping it under your head so you can watch him without straining your neck. He trails his hands up and down your legs a little, stroking your inner thigh.

Would he be good at this? Had he done this before? Was he gentle or would he absolutely just devour you? Did he use his fingers too? He throws your legs over his shoulder, your thighs resting by his head as he leans in. You reach one hand down Daddy kink x reader lemon tangle in his hair, the other one squeezing your left breast. You try to concentrate on your breathing as he all but devours your pussy.

His licks all over you, tasting you and lapping your wetness, which only makes you so much more aroused. You moan loudly, loving the feeling of his warm tongue against you. He leans further in to nip at your clit, his teeth so gentle it almost tickles a little. He hums, pressing his lips against the top of your mound. You let out a small scream as his lips tightens around your clit, sucking it into his mouth.

You thrash against the bed, throwing your head from side to side as the pleasure shoots up your spine. And then you remember something, something crucial. His lips and chin are both all wet, glistering in the low light.

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The way your slick coats his beard is so sinful it makes you ache. You swallow. The more he licks and sucks on your wet folds, the more you start to realize that if there was anyone who was worth calling daddy, then it was Sebastian. He was sporting a nice beard, just a little more than a two day old scruff.

You sighed deeply as his lips went back to wrap around your clit, sucking in it gently, slowly increasing the suction.

Daddy kink x reader lemon

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