Daughter in law sex stories

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My wife and I live in a two-story home in a quiet suburban area. My wife, Sara, also works. She works a first shift job while I have a third shift. With the way things have been going between us, this schedule works very well. We have our daughter in law living with us.

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Her name is Angie. Her long black hair hangs to her waist and she has deep dark brown eyes you can simply get lost in. Not to mention her B cup tits that stands up and pointed directly at you. Angie And her two children ages 12 and 14 are here because our son is in jail for one thing and then another and she and her two kids were left with no means of support.

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Just how luck can I be you ask; Let me tell you. It was a warm July day and as I had just gotten off work. Took my shower and was coming up stairs to go to bed. Man was I tired. As I was about to enter my room, I heard Angie crying. I knocked on her door and ask if she was all right. Her reply was so faint I could not understand her so I opened the door.

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She was lying in the bed with a sheet pulled to her chin. I sat down and ask again. She said she felt so alone and wished her husband were there. Not sure how to handle this I said, Bill does not deserve you or the .

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He has never once thought about you or what might happen if he were sent away. Even worse he did not seem to care one way or another. Angie started to cry harder, I placed a hand on her shoulder and patted her softly. For some reason, I told her I too was lonely and wish I had someone to share my desires and thoughts. This statement caused her to look up with a questioning look and ask what was wrong.

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As she turned in the bed to face me the sheet fell and there were those wonderful tits. Standing at attention and the nipples pushing into her silk top.

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I let my hand drop from her shoulder and placed it on the bed to her right. Search for:.

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Daughter in law sex stories

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My Daughter-In-Law (True story)