Daughter swap stories

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I believe you have seen or at least watched an ad about this one particular series? Here is a story of my own. If there is one like this then it would be really unintentional. Since the story revolves around 4 person, the perspective of the story will change. We are watching some games but it got bored. And being millennial, sort of, though we are both almost 40 now we start to check our Facebook feeds. I look at his screen and my eyes widens a bit.

Pictures of young teenagers in such a provocative clothes and manners. Or kinda booty call? He pulls his phone back. He nodded. And Daughter swap stories of them are looking for our age. I nodded. A thought of fucking a virgin young girl surely stirs something in my chest, and in my pants.

Nowadays there are a lot of scams and stuffs. I can try hook us up. My eyes widens. I mean, I am divorced so I am alright but you have a wife back home! Dave starts to slides and type something on the phone.

Perhaps setting up an or something. Still not fully believe that we are going to do that. A 40 years old man having sex with a teen virgin? Huh, this is not porn. This is real world. I got a text from my daughter, Alex. I have to pick up Alex from her swimming practice.

Dave showed me his phone too, Katie, her daughter texted her to pick her up from the swimming practice too. I laughs. I am 17 years old girl, Daughter swap stories wavy hair, fair skinned, dark brown eyes, 38C rounded juicy breasts, and hourglass shaped body. A typical swimmer body type. Katie closed her locker and grab her bag too.

The… Ohhh… Not yet. And I think the one you gave is too… You? I think they are good enough. Putting a note in my mind that I will do something tonight about it. Perhaps glasses? Katie pulls something out of her bag and hand it over to me as we walk. Blue masquerade mask. Luckily I have just the lingerie for that. I assume you have yours…? The school is almost empty, just school athletes like us stayed back because of the competition is getting near. She nodded. She chuckles. Being friends for years, we are so close. Even our fathers are close friends too. She chuckles naughtily.

I remember how the ideas come out after a few attempts with the guys around school. They are just too quick, too rough, or just, plain creepy. So both of us decided to find someone who knows what they are doing to take our virginity. And luckily, Katie found just the right website. And we both decided to do a couple. As it is our first time, and it is with a stranger, it will be safer and more comfy if do it together.

She smile naughtily before wink at me. And I can see Mr. I leans in and kisses him on the cheek.

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What is that for? Oh, Katie gave me. For our… Project. My father just chuckles. I am just done with a call when a notification hits my phone. I look at it and my eyes widens. I check the pictures, two teen girls, one brunette and another blonde, the brunette is wearing a blue masquerade mask and the blonde wears the red.

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And man, I have such a crush on Brunette girls. And luckily Mark is not picky. I see him walking passing my room and quickly I called him. I asked him to close the door as I show him my phone. Wow it really works? See, I told you the pictures of our cocks would work.

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Knowing neither of us are gay or even bi. He smiled a bit. You handle that kind of sorts. Just split the bill or something.

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You are such a picker! Alex chuckles back as she sip her coke. Plus the guys before this was all fat, tattooed all over the place, kind of freak me up. At least these man are clean, plus look at how huge their Daughter swap stories are! Excited for tomorrow night. Yes, all the arrangements has been made. Because they are still in school, the guys agreed to book and pay the hotel for them. Alex makes that thinking face. We are not going to spent there overnight, right? But even if we will I think we can come out with something tomorrow.

She smiled naughtily. Like one set, with thigh high socks. And I like that idea. Making me burst in laughs. I am honestly still skeptical about this. I decided to let Dave drive to the hotel. He said that he let the girls check in first so they can prepare themselves. He parked and we both started to walk towards the hotel, pass the lobby, and straight to the hotel room located quiet high in the hotel buildings.

Room Dave give a few knocks and after a few seconds, the door opened. What are you doing here?? But we both know we are busted. My father pushes the door and both of them stepped in. Dave said calmly. Though I can see his face blushed red. Not from anger hopefully. Slowly, Katie comes out this time wearing a bathrobe, though Daughter swap stories can still see her thigh high socks wrapped around her thick thighs. She brings another one and hands me over.

I quickly put it on. I bite my lips not answering that. Dave asked us. I look at Katie and she nodded. He just nodded slowly. Dave said to my father. I bite my lips as I sit on the bed.

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And so does Katie.

Daughter swap stories

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Swapping Daughters