Daughter taboo story

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My daughter and I were watching a movie on the couch in our hotel room.

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That is when our relationship as father and daughter changed forever. We had spent the entire day visiting colleges around our state for her to attend next year. That night we were staying at a hotel before going to another college in the morning. She suggested renting a movie before bed. We sat on the couch together as the movie played. Kira had picked a comedy to watch together. She sat on the other end of the couch. A few times we looked at each Daughter taboo story while laughing at a scene.

The movie was actually a great choice to let us unwind after a busy day. Then I became distracted from the tv. I tried to ignore the distraction but I failed quickly. Kira was laying back against the arm of the couch. Her legs were bent up with her feet flat on the cushions. She was dressed for bedtime in a pair of tiny orange exercise shorts.

It was typical for her to wear those with an oversized white shirt on for the night. The outfit was normal but the situation was not. Her shorts were loosely laying over her legs with a wide hole on the side. It gave me an unwanted view of her young vagina.

Kira had a neat pink pussy under the tiny orange shorts. At first, I Daughter taboo story to pretend I did not notice it. That did not last long for me as I started to picture it again in my mind. I struggled to watch the movie, knowing there was a young woman exposed beside me. Up until that night, I pictured her as my baby girl. I did not know if it was because I saw a vagina and had a natural reaction, or if I was now attracted to my daughter.

Kira had just turned 18 a few weeks before the college trip.

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Either way, I could tell that this was going to be an issue for me for the rest of the night. Kira did not care. She wanted me to stay up with her to finish the movie. Luckily, Kira changed positions so I would not be tempted to look at her being exposed accidentally. Kira kissed me on the cheek while I was held in her warm embrace. Then my daughter snuggled herself under my arm.

It left my hand resting on her flat stomach over the big shirt. For a while, I was able to remain focused on the movie that she wanted to finish. Until she got more comfortable on the couch.

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Kira stretched her long legs out across the couch. Her head slid down to my thigh while she loosened her stiff muscles. I was back to feeling like a creepy father as I noticed something new about my daughter. She had large pink nipples that were outlined by the white top. Before tonight I never noticed just how massive her breasts were. Her mounds protruded high above her petite body on her chest.

It became even harder to ignore her nipples after she put her hand on her stomach. That pulled her top tighter to her big boobs. My daughter was well endowed for a small girl. The fabric was pulled tightly between the soft mounds to show the curves of her breasts. Kira had no idea what her innocent posture was doing to me. I was supposed to be her father but now Daughter taboo story felt like I did not know her. The movie ended with my daughter sitting up from the couch to turn off the credits.

She bent over to pick up her cup from the floor near the couch. There was no stopping myself from seeing that perky young ass expand as she arched down. My daughter had the perfect body. No man would be able to resist her. I felt guilty for the dirty thoughts I was having. When I felt myself starting to get hard I knew it had gone too far.

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Kira was walking to put away the glass when I tried to sneak off to bed. Can we talk? I asked her what she needed to talk about before asking if it could wait until the morning. I just wanted to know that things were not going to change when I leave for college. She was clearly needing to talk to someone so I had to hear her out. We returned to sitting on the couch. I was back in the corner of the couch again. Kira sat in the middle. This time on her knees while facing me. Her tan knees were showing under the white shirt. She wanted to know how different college life was then the life she was used to.

I told my college-bound daughter that she would have fun in college. My advice was to enjoy the time she had in college before starting her life afterward. Kira smiled hearing that she would meet life long friends. She was excited to get the chance to live on her own in a dorm. I told her to be careful but have fun as much as she could.

It felt important to Daughter taboo story her to take advantage of being young.

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Then I kissed Daughter taboo story on the forehead. I feel like this is the last time we will ever be spending time together in this way. So can I? It was good that I decided on getting a queen size bed for the night. I did not expect to be sharing it but it was better than the smaller option now. Kira jumped onto the bed as I laid down on my side. Her big boobs bounced wildly in the white shirt. That proved that she was too old to be sharing a bed with her dad. She was an adult now. Her legs looked sexy as the soft skin slipped under the white blanket. I told her goodnight before she rolled over to face the window.

For the first few minutes, I was staring out into the city. There was a great view from our room. My hand moved to her shoulder to hold it. I told her that I would miss her when she went off to college.

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Her face was flawless without being touched by a rough life yet. The feelings inside of me spun like a tornado during a summer storm. I began to think to myself. You can not be having these thoughts about her. Kira is a beautiful young woman and you can appreciate that. That is it! You can not be sexually attracted to your daughter. She is an innocent girl that is going off to college soon.

Tell her you love her and then go to bed you creep.

Daughter taboo story

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