Demon transformation story

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s 1 2 Next. You must or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed. This is a list of ideas for stories or other projects collected over the years. Anybody is welcome to take any of these ideas to use fully or in part fors their own projects. If somebody is interested in an art-story-trade or does commissioned stories, just PM me. A1 An amputee-type story of a dalsur or captured dark elf being mistreated. The idea is of a "Little Matchgirl" type of story but with a happy end.

A2 A girl gets involved in a heavy accident hit by a car, a broken machine, etc. The result is little more than a small, limbless blob with any kind of gender or additional modifications, able to bounce around but little else. The plot's focus could be about how she adjusts, maybe with the help from a family member, friend or lover.

A3 Demon transformation story proper, sappy romance. Maybe between adventurers. TFs could be mild or extreme, depending on the plot. A4 A very shy and demure girl confides to her best friend or her boyfriend her deep wish to be transformed. The twist is that she does not only want to be changed but in a very particular way: Ultimate bondage. In the end she'd be blind no eyeslimbless and her body small, round and completely immobile, still able to speak, though, in order to express her extreme lust and enjoyment of her form, fulfilling her most perverse dream.

As another twist her friend or boyfriend might have secretly request a few additional, unexpected alterations, e. A5 Part of what could be an entire series: A very naive but helpful avatar of Freya travels the Empire in order to spread love and happiness, her or hir, as she Demon transformation story more likely be a herm self-proclaimed mission is to solve people's problems. She got a very odd idea of solving problems, though, usually involving all kind of sexual transformations. In this case it'd be about a play on the topic of "friendzone". Main characters are a girl and a male friend or even her best male friend who has a total crush on her.

There are three variations for the plot:. The guy on the other hand is too shy to confess his true feelings. The demon notices them and sees what is going on. She is convinced that they belong together and thus decides to add a little force in order to get them together and make them both happy. Thus she turns the girl into a cute, multi-breasted dog-shemale. The demon might brainwash her into a loyal petgirl and maybe even transport her to the guy's apartment, so that she can surprise him when he wakes up.

Still shocked she tries to find comfort from her friend.

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Her libido either overcomes her then or she finally realizes what she got in him, or both. Happy end.

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Summarized, she is the stereotypical kins of slut that only sees a useful tool in the guy and deliberately uses his crush in order to control him. The demon decides to punish her and make the guy happy, transforming the girl again into a multi-breasted dog-shemale or other type of petgirl. In which case the demon decides to punish them both. She brainwashes her, however, to fall in love with the guy and become incredibly horny, so that she basically forces herself upon him. He finally gets to have sex the girl of his dreams, only for her to no longer look anything like her former self.

Instead of just having transformees dance and serve customers, the club also features on-stage transformations and has a very special type of private Demon transformation story The dancer will be transformed during the dance according to the customer's wishes, which the girl a volunteer is not told, so that the result is a surprise for her.

Logically those are unique shows, due to the irreversibility of the TFs, so they are not the cheapest, either. A7 A mother and her adult daughters are kidnapped by a criminal organisation or captured for some minuscule reason by the government in case of Ondora in the Mad King's Era.

Either way the mother is given the Demon transformation story to have her daughters transformed and be left alone or sacrifice herself so that her daughters will be let free. She sacrifices herself and gets transformed in an extreme way e. When asked if she wants to her daughters to be transformed after all communicating with blinking or some other method that allows yes-no answersshe agrees, due to her mind having been corrupted utterly.

Thus her daughters get to share her fate or get transformed in some other cruel way. This scenario also works with other character pairings, e. A8 A girl was transformed into some small, male creature, a feminine anthro, goblinoid or other less masculine form. She wants some femininity back, however, more precisely her breasts. But the doctor informs her that the TF would have heavy sideeffects, due to the stability of her current form. Nevertheless she is determined and goes through with it.

She gets back her tits, bigger than ever, but the sideffects are:. Hairier, more muscular, slightly larger, etc. Her voice gets darker and her dick larger. Basically she becomes a man with tits. She grows massive, into ogre-like proportions.

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Instead of muscular, she is rather fat though, with short legs and overlong arms. Her dick grows, too, but in exchange she got suitably massive tits. Despite her size, her overall appearance is still relatively feminine and soft.

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A9 A story about a were-rat. Also known as kobolds, they are a very rare humanoid species, probably demon-made a millenium ago and virtually unknown by the general public. They live solitary or among humans, rarely among each other. The thing about them is how they reproduce: All were-rats are born as human females, at least outwardly. At the age of about 25 they undergo a very quick transition into their adult were-rat form thus the name, its not reversible, though. A mature were-rat is a chubby, short humanoid with rodent features more bestial than human.

They are shemales with large breasts and quite impressive male genitalia. The story could be about a 25 year old woman who gets told by her mom that her father had been a were-rat, when she starts too feel odd. Focus being on her preparations for the inevitable transformation and the adjustments afterwards. Demon transformation story variation with a slightly different focus could be, that she already knows and confesses to her boyfriend what she is and that the transition will happen soon.

Thus the focus would be more on their relationship and how both deal with it. The transition itself could happen in form of what looks at first like a pregnancy on high-speed: The girl's belly growing within less than a week to 9-month size. Then she starts to get into a form of labour but instead of giving birth in the end, her penis appears and she rapidly transforms.

The chubby rat-form is only my initial thought. The entire concept would work with other TFs, too. So suggestions are welcome. A10 A girl gets affected by a rare TF-disease, has a lethal disease where the only therapy has heavy TF-sideeffects or gets d-cum poisoned. The concept is more of a romantic one: The disease or poisoning starts with a heavy fever, eventually she ends up in hospital where she slowly undergoes the transformation while being barely conscious for days.

A risk of death could increase the drama. Afterwards the focus would be on both adjusting to her new form, similar to some of the other ideas. Her form could also be a reduced one, so that the guy got to take care of her even after the recovery. A12 A lesbian couple gets willingly infected with dakini-worms. They could belong to a certain group of people that want to give up human life and only exist as part of beasts. Thus the final dakini-spawns are not even identical in form but are programmed to be loyal lovers.

Maybe they are even left into the wild, pre-programmed with the instincts to get along and pheromones that keep predators away. Rather than using conventional weapons, Demon transformation story group might use some form of transformative weaponry. Either simple water-guns filled with D-cum or they got their hands on pre-imperial TF-weapons, like the magi-staffs that were employed during the Mad Kings' reign. Furthermore the pirate master might actually be a transformee herself, cruel and forceful while also being overly sexual herself.

One possible scenario is how she tortures some of her victims for amusement, e. A more specific idea is that of a particular or powerful man, maybe even a politician or army officer who organizes the hunt for the pirate master.

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It ends with him getting captured and the master surprising him by showing him that she has fused his wife with her asshole. This could continue with her transforming the man's daughters. A14 A expanded version of the "Memorial Changes" concept: A story following a couple for 50 years or more, showing how they at least the wife get changed more and more extremely over the years, the choices they make and how their children grow up and eventually decide to be transformed themselves at least the daughters when they reach adulthood. It could have an episodic nature, jumping several years each time.

A15 A mother and her son are coned, with the focus being on how they adjust to having certain bodyparts of the other gender. Furthermore they might start a career as porn-stars or prostitutes, either because they want to or because their financial situaiton leaves no other option. My original idea for their final form is that of a bipedal but armless creature, either a shemale with humanoid faces or with pussy-mouths, making them a herm.

Either case they could have some other classic modifications, e. Obviously the plot works with all kind of body-forms. A16 A young couple decides to travel the continent or wander in some remote location. Either way they end up falling into the hands of a large bandit gang or organized crime. Both get coned and changed in one way or another, forced to work as a prostitute or fucktoy in their new form. A17 This idea comes in two very different versions Demon transformation story only share the conment and genderbender nature of the transformations. The girls have an idea to spice things up and trick their boyfriends into going to a hospital or alchemist shop.

Either way they black out and wake up coned and fully female, with a humanoid and very feminine body. It could either be a bestial Demon transformation story of body or a different kind of bizarre, armless, triple breasted and with vagina-mouths. The former guys are told to prepare for the wedding, not getting to see their girlfriends before that. They are told to make themselves even more feminine by shaving, using make-up and getting into high-heels and a lingerie wedding fetish dress.

At the ceremony it turns out that the girls have been fused into a male counterpart to them but maybe as a twist a cross-dressing one that is just as feminine as them, as the girls wanted to be male but not masculine. The boys end up coned with a female body as described above and forced to work as a prostitute. They are not told what happened to their girlfriend until they behave.

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Not sure what actually could happen to the girls. They could become a male counterpart as above and also work as a prostitute, they could have been reduced to a simple minded sexpet or maybe even a simple sextoy like a living dildo. A18 A Belial version of Beauty and the Beast.

Like in the original story, the girl ends up as captive of the beast maybe an ogrish hermaphrodite or other bestial looking transformee but eventually false in love with it. The twist is that when confessing their love, the beast doesn't turn human but the girl into a copy of the beast. The lesson being that its not about beauty but love after all. A19 A con-artist getting her comeuppance. She does her biggest scam by entering a remote village and pretending to be a demon. With a combunation of high-class make-up and some beginners level magic tricks she convinces the poor people.

Maybe she even transform one Demon transformation story two using alchemical substances in clever disguise. She tries to get all their valueables in exchange for leaving them alone.

Demon transformation story

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