Diaper messing story

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Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Wet or Mess in public stories? Thread starter Littleman12 Start date May 14, Littleman12 Contributor. Messages 69 Role Incontinent. Diaperlover40 Est.

BabbyBoy said:. Click to expand Babyspace Est. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover. I wet the other day and had two perfect little crescents on my diapered butt. I got a couple giggles. IDDiaperboy said:. Twee Est. I hope one nite I can fill my diaper with poop and Have to women walk by noticing I pooped my diaper and start giggling, but no one goes into a forest preserve at nite except me so i might not get my wish.

BobbiSueEllen said:. The telltale wet-diaper marks! Messages Role Adult Baby. Lostboy Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover. Got quite a lot. When I use them in public I want it to look and feel like I'm having a real accident. I was wet the other day Diaper messing story through a store and I reached back and pulled my diaper up. Frungie Est. I often wear and wet my diapers at work, a professional setting. Like noted above I had a few of those crescent press out leaks at the juncture of the butt and thighs. Fortunately no one noticed as my sport coat covered the little accident, and there was only a very small wet spot on my chair that quickly dried.

Another incident involved messing. My wife was out of town so I planned to mess my diaper on my drive home. Although she knows I enjoy messing, I don't fill my diaper around her out of respect. I wet at work like I normally do without any leaks this time.

The urge to poop throughout the day became stronger I thought that my plan would fail and I would have to wiggle Diaper messing story of my diaper and use the big boy facilities. I was able to hold on but walking out on the way to my car, with other people very close by, I just could not hold on any longer and really filled my diaper. Fortunately since this was outside and I was walking, no one knew about my messy accident.

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This was a very large mess, and my next challenge was sitting in my car and hoping that my poop wouldn't squish out of the diaper. I was again fortunate, and made it home with everything contained in my diaper. Marcella Est. I wet my pull ups out and about every day, I'm usually an always girl but I tried Tena Silhouette in medium.

In the supermarket I had the involuntary leak that I wear them for so stopped walking and full released as I tend to now. Those drips on the packaging really do mean something, I knew I was in trouble really quickly they filled to capacity and ran down my leg, got wet patched near the crotch both sides and my right knee. Couple of seconds of terror then finished my shopping, what are you going to do. PCBaby Est. Just remember some of us don't have a choice in the matter and while those of you that do might get a thrill out of.

Twee said:. Deleted member Guest. In a hospital I Diaper messing story to go in for a few scans because of some past issues. On the day I went alone and wearing a diaper as I was nervous and didn't tell the nurse I was with during my stay.

I got to the waiting room about 8am and didn't think I would be long but 'Oh I forgot this is a hospital, the waiting times are terrible' so I knew at some point I would need to use the bathroom before my scan. Three hours past and I started to move around the hospital a lot since I saw multiple specialists and had a few talks. About Diaper messing story I started to get a pressure building and thought it was just a cramp that would pass. Of course it wasn't and I realised that after going in for a final scan, laying down unable to move with what was taking place.

In front of my nurse, through the glass window with my legs spread, I couldn't hold it and really tried but it was too late. My front and back of the diaper was packed with mush and I could help but think that it would leak as I sat up. It was 3 minutes long I layed there with my diaper growing and a girl watching as I blushed with embarrassment. Then the nurse came and said 'You could have said you needed to go'.

She helped me up, and one of my tapes split. Fortunately I could go home now, unfortunately I didn't bring a spare diaper. Being shy, I never really talked to anyone so after all it was the worst of both worlds.

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My timing has to be the worst when it's unintentional! Last edited by a moderator: May 16, AlmostHelBent Est. Had to run an errand but also had a slightly upset stomach I'd say a temporary stomach upset means you've the right to end up in a Changing Places. The first thing I do in the morning is drink my coffee and smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes.

Every once in a while I'll mess while I'm standing on the sidewalk as my apartment is non smoking, I'll mess my diaper. It sucks when this happens cause all I can think about is what if someone else comes out to smoke. I hate it when it happens. LittleSquishy said:. Fullpants Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. DiscreetDL Est. When me and my girlfriend went up to Quebec for a 2 week vacation, diapered in a log cabin which was really fun and relaxing, on the day we were suppose to leave she decided to do one of her little challenges which was we were not going to stop for a restroom break for the entire 10 hour car ride home Diaper messing story she didn't want to change diapers either so when I got out of the shower she was standing their in just her bra and on the bed there were the diapers we were going to wear on the ride home, she wanted us to be quadrupled diapered in Rearz Dino Elite's, the rest were baggy sweat pants since it was during the winter and short sleeve shirts.

First stop was for breakfast at a diner which was not easy to not waddle but after we crossed the US-Canadian border we stopped for gas and the big breakfast we both had was starting to get to me and turns out she decided Diaper messing story put some of that powdered fiber stuff in our water bottles so while I was filling the gas tank I started filling my diaper and so did she while she was leaving the convince store buying snacks. So imagine having to wear a quadruple thick full diaper for 8 hours in a car. Post reply.

Diaper messing story

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