Diapering my husband stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. She could tell her husband was having a fussy night. He was doing that thing where he paces around the apartment and claims he's not sure what to do with himself. Never Diapering my husband stories all the gadgets he's got lying around.

Hell, he could even read a book if he was that desperate for something to do. She attempted to ignore him and focus on the game on her phone. These levels get hard, after all. Swiping, flicking, tapping. All in just the right order and timing. When going well the game helps her enter an almost Xen-like state. But, not tonight. Once again he wanders past. This time to the kitchen. She could hear him opening the fridge and checking cupboards.

Just grab something already, or better yet go out and get something to snack on, dear. She tried to pull her broken focus back into her game. Only to realize she'd fallen behind enough in the level that she wouldn't clear the bonus score. Sure, that means nothing in the larger picture but it makes her happy.

For a moment she thought of finishing the level but she noticed her husband was still standing there in the kitchen. Why don't you go down to the store and pick us up some snacks? Maybe you'll figure out what you want to do tonight while you're out. He thought about this for another moment, then reached down to pick up his shoes. You want anything in particular? She started the level over while he finished getting ready to get out the door. He leaned down to kiss her before finally grabbing his keys and leaving. As he left a thought crossed her mind.

Was he fishing for something from her? Why couldn't he just come out a say it? She wasn't a fan of trying to guess from his extremely subtle hints. Was he trying to get her to diaper him? If he was she would just be encouraging this obnoxious game of his if she went ahead with it.

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She wasn't sure how often she wanted to go through with this particular ritual of him pacing around trying to get her attention. But, getting diapered does make him happy. She knows he's still struggling to understand this in his own way. It's not exactly her thing. But, there's certainly worse that he could be getting himself into. If she was to be involved in his games she would have to make sure they fit her terms as well. She decided she would reward him tonight, but set ground rules that he'll have to find better ways to let her know in the future.

Even though he liked to view getting put in diapers sometimes as "punishment" in reality it's a reward. Because he likes it. Maybe someday. In the more immediate present she realized if she was going to do this she had to get ready soon because her husband should be home any minute. He always was a fast shopper. She couldn't quite figure out how he did that. She hurried to the bedroom and quickly arranged the bed sheets and set the lighting. Dim or bright? They weren't moving into Diapering my husband stories on sex just yet, so bright would do.

He kept his diaper stash in a box on a high shelf in the closet. As she reached up to grab one she ended up knocking the whole thing down to the ground.

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Oh well, he could put it back up himself later. She tossed the diaper on the bed. Anything else? She looked through his t-shirts quickly and grabbed one she knew he liked and tossed it alongside the diaper on the bed. Maybe not tonight. She'll let him go all out this time. She heard footsteps on the stairs outside. Damn, he was fast. She quickly ran out to the living room to make sure to catch him when he came in the door. But after a minute there was no husband. Must have been noisy neighbors.

She had a few more minutes of prep, then. Not that there was much to do. Most of her husband's kink was Diapering my husband stories wearing the diaper. At least that's what he told her. Did she want to change into something else? Yoga pants and a t-shirt herself hardly seemed flattering. There probably wasn't time. And again, he never seemed too picky about what she wore, except when it was her "turn" to wear a diaper. She wasn't even sure what her role in this whole scene was supposed to be. That's part of what made it so difficult for her to play along.

Damnit, dear.

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I need to know what I'm doing. Before she realized she was getting lost in her thoughts she was brought back to the moment by a key turning the lock and the door opening.

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Her husband was holding a shopping bag and looked slightly shocked to see her standing there waiting for him. She barely caught it before it fell to the floor. She was not expecting it to go like this.

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She took a quick moment to pull herself back together. If this was going to happen tonight she needed to pull herself together or quickly run to the bedroom and cleanup all evidence. Not entirely sure how to get going. Was this what he was hoping for? Especially when he gave these one-word answers. He started to take off his shoes and socks. Like they always did at the door so they don't track dirt all over. She decided to press on and keep charge of the scene. I'll be waiting for you. She turned and walked deliberately out of the room, down the hallway and into the bedroom.

Last check, everything is in place. She took a moment to try and find a character. Firm but loving. She wanted to be careful not to get into a role that she wouldn't enjoy playing. But, she also wanted to make sure her husband was enjoying himself. This was his thing, after all. A moment later he walked into the bedroom.

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Almost immediately she saw him recognize the diaper on the bed. He reached for his belt to begin taking it off. She quickly swatted at his hands. That's my job tonight. Now, arms up. He got another of his weird looks on his face.

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Almost challenging her to take it further. She grabbed them hem of his shirt and pulled it as far up as she could. It was difficult with him being so much taller than her. She turned him and gently pushed him to sit on the bed so she could finish taking his shirt off herself. After pulling his shirt over his head and off his arms she placed a hand on his chest and guided him back to where he was laying down on the bed.

She playfully flicked one of his pecks. Just with a few rules you have to follow. Because, let's face it, you enjoy this too much for this to be an actual punishment. She prompted him to lift his hips before pulling his pants and boxers down and off his feet, leaving him naked on the bed. She let him lay there awkwardly for a few moments while she tossed his clothes in a pile on the floor. Next she unfolded the diaper and once again prompted him to lift his hips so she should position it under him. After he set himself back down she gave his cock a few gentle strokes.

He was already quite hard so she took full advantage to tease him a little more before wrapping him up. Maybe you can pick some up from the store sometime. Since this is for your thing I'm making you do it on your own. Sure, she could just as easily grab them herself. But, she preferred having him get it since he was more picky about what he wanted. She pulled the front of the diaper up between his legs as much as she could then started pulling the fasteners as tight as she dared.

This always seemed the hardest part of the whole process. It didn't help that her husband always seemed very particular about how his diaper fit. Another reason why she sometimes preferred him to do it himself. When she was satisfied with her diapering job she gently patted him on the crotch Diapering my husband stories gave his Diapering my husband stories a gentle squeeze through the diaper. As he started to sit up she put her hand on his chest and held him down on the bed for a moment.

But, this is the one time you're getting away with that. No punishments. No diaperings. Just a slightly annoyed wife. But, we can find better ways for you to let me know you want to be diapered. Let's get this shirt on you.

Diapering my husband stories

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