Dick flashing stories

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Jan 22, Only students and faculty were allowed, but she said no one cared. I had recently changed days off at work and was off Tuesday and Wednesday. My friend told me the few times she had been she was the only one there. I got there about 11 am and as she had said, I was alone. I had worn a very thin pair of white spandex bike riding shorts. They fit like a second skin and I was not wearing anything underneath. It makes my penis and balls really swell up and the veins pop out like crazy. I am circumcised so it makes my penishead get Dick flashing stories fatter.

It was a hot day in the desert and I went right in the water. As I climbed out of the water I looked down and my skin tight shorts had gone completely transparent. Except for the waste band and the seam running straight down in front between my penis and balls, I might as well have been naked.

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The seam in the back had gone all the way in my ass crack and could not be seen. I went back out to the pool and swam some more laps. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of young female voices. Suddenly there were nine young ladies coming through the gate to the pool. They went over and put down their stuff, took off tee-shirts and shorts and revealed some very skimpy bikinis. A couple of them had on thongs and looking at their young beautiful asses got my penis as hard as a rock. I swam over to the side of the pool where they were at and hung there in the water as they asked how the water was.

I told them it was great and they should come on in. Three of them dove in, while the two wearing the thongs spread out towels and lay Dick flashing stories on their stomach facing the pool.

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One of them reached behind her back and unsnapped her top and let the straps fall away. You could tell they were here to get some sun. They were also the two with the best bodies and appeared to be the oldest, maybe The other four went the few feet to the shallow end and sat with their feet in the water on the steps. I chatted for a few minutes with the two young beauties right in front of me sunning. The one that had unhooked her top rose up a couple of times and gave me a good look at her gorgeous tits and nipples. My penis was so hard I thought it was going to rip through my shorts.

The three girls that had dove in had swam up and were hanging on the side of the pool on each side of me as we all chatted. I was old enough to be all their fathers and I was in young pussy heaven. I decided it was time to test the water by getting out of it and see their reactions. I went the few feet to the shallow end where the four young girls were sitting and said hi as I started up the steps between them. I walked around to where the two girls were sunning and they had both risen up on one hand looking at me with their mouths gapping.

The one that had flashed me earlier and was closest had forgotten about her top and her beautiful tits were in full view. By the way, I love your swim suit. The other girls had come out of the pool, grabbed their towels and were sitting all around me. I said I was getting a little hot and jumped back in the pool. I popped right back out and all the girls eyes were glued on my penis and balls as I laid down on my back and propped up on my elbows talking to them.

We talked for about an hour and my swim suit dried again but this time it was still transparent all around my fat penishead because of all the pre-cum that was leaking out of my pisshole from me being so excited. One of the youngest girls was looking right at my penis and asked if I was peeing in my swimsuit? I Dick flashing stories pre-cum to them and why it happens then I said I needed to go and take care of the problem in my swimsuit. They all begged me to stay a little longer but I said had some business to take care Dick flashing stories. I said I was going to shower and change and would come out and say goodbye to them.

This is where I started undressing.

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In just a few minutes I caught sight of Cindy off to the side looking at me. She was still topless and motioned for the rest of the girls to come over. When my penis sprang free one of the girls gave a little gasp and Cindy put a finger up to her lips to keep them quiet. I sat down on the bench and started playing with my penis which was hard as I had ever seen it. I grabbed some lube out of my bag, put it on my penis and really started stroking. I always jackoff with my left hand and had sat where they would be looking at me from the right and get the best view of my penis.

I had my eyes almost closed so they would not think I knew they were there. My penis is feeling so fucking good. I leaned back on my right hand on the bench and flexed my butt to push my penis as far in the air as possible. I kept stroking and could feel the cum building up in my balls as I squinted to see the girls watching me jack myself off.

Then I was gone. The girls were Dick flashing stories staring with wide eyes and their mouths dropped open. I came all over my stomach and legs. Then it ran down my balls onto the bench.

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I fell back on the bench and pretended I was exhausted, but kept jacking slowly. After about five minutes I looked up and the girls were gone. We heard you say something and wanted to be sure you were alright. Thank you so much for checking on me. Cindy had put her top back on and was the first to speak. Please say you will. We all really want to see you again. We really enjoyed talking to you.

You treat us like we are women and not just. You have to promise. More to follow on my next visit to the pool. Left my house completely butt naked Dick flashing stories drove around in my car. That can be really dangerous if you get caught. The woman that lived next door to us saw me in my back yard one day sucking myself off and told my first wife. She got really pissed. About a month later she came home from work early and caught me in the back yard sucking myself off again with the woman next door watching me. I shot off in my mouth just as she came out the back door.

She got really pissed and Dick flashing stories. She came back a few days later for her stuff and left. A few years later I left the house, out the side door, in broad daylight, completely naked and got in my convertible sports car with the top down and went for a drive. I had masturbated in front of three females on an apartment balcony and still had cum all over me when I walked in the side door. Not a good scene. I thought about going to a tanning solon.

There was one close to me that I had been in before and there were always just women there so I thought I would try it out to see if it had possibilities. She looked to be in her early twenties and built like a brick shithouse. There was a woman, in her mid thirties, sitting in the waiting area reading a magazine and I asked the attendant Kathy if there would be a long wait. She said she could get me right in she still had two rooms open. The woman reading the magazine said she was waiting on a friend that was tanning. You have the room for 30 minutes and I suppose you can do anything you want.

If you get anything on the bed just let me know so I can clean it real good. When she turned her back to me I was out of my flip flops, dropped my shorts, and was out of my tee- shirt.

Dick flashing stories

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