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Dickgirl Washroom. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons alive or dead is coincidence. Chapter List 1-Dickgirl Washroom 1. As Erica Jameson and her daughter Alice entered the off-smelling washroom, they did little to check their surroundings.

Poor Alice had needed desperately to pee for nearly ten minutes, and being a visitor to the campus, both she and her mother had had no idea where to find a restroom. Normally they Dickgirl sex stories have just asked someone…but- it seemed that all classes were in session. And nobody was wandering the halls, not so much as a janitor. The busty, blouse-wearing mother smiled in spite of herself. Alice, her daughter, was going to have a shot at one of the most exclusive private schools in the area- and even the tiniest of the school buildings was very large…a sure of a successful institution.

Brushing a length of blonde hair away from her sultry face, she called to her daughter, who had scampered into one of the stalls immediately upon their entry. Looking at the mirror bank on one wall, she took note of how her large nipples were clearly visible through her blouse, and nodded with approval.

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A stunning sixteen year-old social diva with a dazzling smile and a great knack for fashion and body image, the teenage girl seemed poised to carry on the Jameson family tradition of marrying powerful men and bearing powerful children. All were young go-getters with Calvin Klein bodies and rich, doting parents. Alice had less meat on her bones than her mother, but that was the difference of years between 32 and Erica was a sexy, voluptuous woman- statuesque. Alice was more slender, and Erica privately envied her daughter for the way her body never seemed to gain even an ounce of fat in any unsightly place.

Erica told herself it was good genetics. After all, she had looked almost the same when she had turned sixteen. The toilet flushed, and Erica heard the sound of her daughter sliding her panties no doubt something in the devilishly cute variety up her long, coltish legs. The mirror bank on the wall extended beyond the L-shaped corner in the back of the room, reflecting what was around the bend, beyond the sinks and toilet stalls. Erica raised an eyebrow. The reflection in the mirror revealed a row of sterling, spotless wall-mounted urinals on the wall.

Wall-mounted urinals? Erica stepped around the corner. It was true- there were six urinals in all, lined up in a row, each spotlessly clean. In addition, there was a wooden bench and a series of lockers. Two doors at the far end of the hall seemed to lead to the showers and the gymnasium. She heard Alice, her perfect daughter, step out of the bathroom stall and walk up behind her? We took a wrong turn!

She was wearing the school uniform of the institution even though she had yet to be formally accepted- Erica had thought it would make a good impression on the admissions officer. It had a more daring hemline on the skirt and a more revealing blouse…and it was the only school she had yet encountered that not only allowed thigh-high stockings but also issued them as a uniform standard. Her defiant brown eyes were narrowed beneath stylish blonde bangs. Of course both of them had heard all the rumors about the new and fast-growing segment of the population.

How they were driven by nothing but the need for sex- how morals were second by far to their relentless thirst for the tight pussies of young girls and the assholes of effeminate young boys. They were dickgirls to her- and they were Dickgirl sex stories corrupt- willing to do anything to gain access to the innocent private parts of young, vulnerable women.

Alice was likewise alarmed by the notion of coming into contact with a new breed. Unfortunately, these dickgirls had become so numerous that the attempts of normal women to ostracize them socially had fallen on hard times. They tended to have better bodies than normal woman and as such stole much of the attention of men. This was the last straw for Alice- she was officially a dickgirl hater, despite never having met one. She had heard stories of their strange allure…but how tempting could they possibly be?

Their respective thoughts were frozen by the ringing of a school bell. It echoed on and on outside the door, and as the mother and daughter looked at each other, startled, they could also hear classroom doors opening, and the march of many feet out into the general concourse. The occupants of the academic building Dickgirl sex stories on the move.

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Erica started to open her mouth, started to tell her daughter they should move quickly toward the exit and make way to the female-only building…but her voice was cut off at once by the banging of the washroom door. A blue-haired young girl of no more than seventeen years barged in, tugging at her own skirt as if it itched. She was biting her bottom lip. Her eyes were wide. She twitched as it did so, and Erica groaned as she saw the volume of the ejaculation- it was many times over what a man could produce.

The door banged again. Erica could not will her legs to move, so unbelieving was she about what she was seeing. Now a full line of bulge-crotched schoolgirls was streaming in, their bodies all sharing the same generous proportions of hip, bust and thigh. Giving to thought to the presence of others, they too made their way to the urinals, where each made a display of pulling up their short skirts and hauling fat, meaty lengths of cock out of their cute, tight-fitting panties.

The air was filled with groans and gasps as four different girls achieved release simultaneously. Some were jerking off, while others sighed heavily as they emptied their bladders, showering the white porcelain fixtures with thick, steaming streams of yellow piss.

The piss streams were powerful and thick, seeming to go on forever. The blue-haired girl who had jerked off first suddenly fell to her knees, buckled by the strength of her orgasm. Alice gasped when she saw that the girl had filled the bottom of the urinal with an inch-deep pool of white goo that was struggling to ooze down the drain. The girls in the adjacent stalls began to cum also, and the noise of orgasmic groans filled the room.

Erica finally mustered the strength to grab her daughter by the wrist. But she was. Her brown eyes were wide, recording every detail of the cum-spewing, piss-erupting dicks and the streamlined, feminine bodies of their owners. Alice nibbled her lower lip.

The thickness of the multitude of cocks- their unmatched virility, the massive volume of their ejaculations and piss streams- it was beyond anything she had imagined. To have a husband or a boyfriend who was equipped in such a way…it was exciting to contemplate.

Erica gasped in frustration. She was smoking a cigarette. It appeared that not only was masturbation allowed on the school premises, but smoking as well. Erica tried to avert her eyes from the telltale swelling beneath the garment, and could not.

And I keep myself in Dickgirl sex stories shape! Her body was matronly, generous- with big tits and plenty of ass, full lips and sexy hips. Not the supermodel-shaped form sported by her daughter not to mention most of the shameless, masturbating dick queens in the roombut something different and no less Dickgirl sex stories. Some of the other hermaphroditic students had started to pay attention.

If this was a teacher, they had never seen her before. Erica tried to keep a stern look. The pink haired girl tossed back her head and laughed.

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I can tell from the way you look that you wandered in here by accident. Erica and her daughter were quickly surrounded by horny-looking teenage dickgirls with cocks hanging fleshily out of their uniforms. The cute, blue-haired dickgirl that had been the first to enter the room leaned in close to Alice, who pulled away slightly.

Alice squeaked. The other dickgirls laughed. I should add, too, that the fact that they built a new wing on this school just to accommodate you…people…is a disgrace! The pink-haired dickgirl extended a hand. Erica recoiled in horror. But my father is. So have a nice trip home! Erica snarled with fury. Without Glass Creek as part of her pedigree, Erica knew Alice would never get into the social clubs where good husbands are waiting. She herself had almost been Dickgirl sex stories many years ago- but in the end someone had sabotaged her, and she had had to settle for her current husband, a dependant but boring man who would never fulfill her dreams.

Dickgirl sex stories

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