Disciplinarian spanking stories

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I have the dream job of all dream jobs. I work for theGriswaldAcademyinNorthwest Louisianaas the disciplinarian. My one and only function is to mete out discipline to unruly year old young women. I use the term young women as that is how they are considered here at Griswald. The common thinking is that when a girl reaches the age of 16 she is pretty much developed into a woman physically and by the time she is 17 she is mentally considered a woman.

So therefore these young women are treated as such and given all the rights and benefits of a full grown woman until such a time as they do or say things that cause them to lose some of those benefits.

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When that happens then I am asked to put her back onto the straight and narrow path. John and Anna Griswald started the school after John a prominent attorney had an encounter with what was supposed to be the proper wife of a client. Anna decided that young women needed to be taught the proper way to present themselves at an early age. So with the aid of some revenue from John and some other interested parties she started the school.

They are taught how to be a proper wife for an influential or aristocratic gentleman. It does take some rather harsh discipline at times to get the point across but all the girls eventually learn and when they graduate from Griswald they are readily accepted into the most elite colleges around the world and have no problem with statesmen, or aristocrats all over the world.

Anna Griswald runs the school and does all the hiring of all faculty as well as plans the entire curriculum of all attendees. Each teacher is paid well above the standards of the rest Disciplinarian spanking stories the country and are never tenured into their position as they have to reapply every year for employment. The teachers and support staff are subject to the same standards as the students and are punished accordingly.

Anna herself has bent over my desk for punishment when she erred which is very rare indeed. Ann comes from a family that descended fromEnglandin the s and therefore she uses corporal punishment. She has several shapes and sizes of rattan canes that are at my disposal. For relative minor offenses I also use the American Board of Education, which is a nice wooden paddle that just fits nicely across the bottom of a wayward young lady.

I have a long term contract that gives me nearly total control of all discipline matters and have a variety of options available to me. Writing lines and after school detention to me are so petty that they are never considered. I handle each case individually based on the offense, the young lady, or teacher, the of visits to me they have made, and a couple other Disciplinarian spanking stories like emotions, or underlying factor.

Except for the landscaping and maintenance crews, who do not reside in-house, I am the only male staff member of this academy. Given that I have my own private suite to reside in and a private office in the administration building. The entire school is wired for audio and video, so nothing escapes me.

The only places that are not wired are the dorm rooms themselves and the restrooms. The hallways and exterior of all dorms is wired as well as all doorways and windows of the restrooms. None of the students are allowed to have cars but can travel via public transportation to any part of the city after school hours.

There is a very strict10pmcurfew on week nights and11pmon Friday and Saturday night. If it is violated there is an immediate punishment Disciplinarian spanking stories 18 strokes of the senior cane to the bare bottom, no exceptions. This was mandated by Anna and I have no leeway at all regarding this. All other discipline is at my discretion. I have been employed here for 5 glorious years and look forward to many more. Anna had handled discipline up to that point but decided she had too many other duties and created the position. Anna was impressed because of my belief that if you spare the rod you spoil the.

But at the same time everyone is entitled to fairness and the cause of their action should be sought out. There very well may be circumstances that led to the offense and severe punishment may not be needed. I have found that to be the case on several occasions. I also believe that since these are young women then they should be given the chance every woman should have and that is to choose for a list of options what should transpire.

Give them a chance to make an adult decision since they are treated as adults. My second day I meted out my first caning. The unlikely culprit was Abigail Griswald, yes the daughter of John and Anna. She was caught on camera with a cigarette in her hand and the smoke emitted from the window of the second floor restroom. She was brought to me by her homeroom teacher and I was in a quandary for sure. I phoned her mother and told her what happened and was informed that no exceptions meant no exceptions.

Her daughter was to be handled like any other student. Abigail was very distraught when she heard this from her mother. She stammered and stuttered for about 5 minutes until I told her the options she had. one, immediate expulsion, two, 5 days suspension, which means no presence at the school for any reason and no make up of any work missedthree, 12 strokes of the cane on the bare bottom to be administered at once upon her decision to take them. I then gave her 5 minutes to mull over her choices. I left my office and went to the lounge for a quick coffee. When I returned she had some questions.

No because your humiliation is not of interest to me.

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I am only interested in not striking you in the same place twice or breaking the skin. That is the reason for bare bottom. Given those answers she agreed to the caning. I told her to stand in front of my desk and when I told her to to remove her clothing from the waist down. I told upon my instruction she was to bend over, grab the other side of the desk and not let go, if she let go, regardless of what stroke we were at we would start over at 1.

If she let go or stood before she was told a second time then she would be held down and we would start over at 1. If she let go after 12 and I had not told her to we would start over at 1. I also told her she could cry, scream, yell, curse, or whatever she chose to do as my office is completely soundproof. Upon completion of these instructions I told her to prepare herself. She slid down her jeans and lacy panties, bent over the desk and I proceeded. She is definitely like her mother with a very round and full bottom.

Nice tight thighs and golden blonde hair. Disciplinarian spanking stories took the first 8 really hard strokes in total silence but by 9 she began to wiggle and at 10 she cried out and screamed. On 11 she yelled that her bottom was on fire and that she had been stung by a million bees. Usually on the last two I make them harder than the others and criss cross them in a gate fashion with the crossing spot on the bulls eye.

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I do not like to strike at the base of the bottom or top of the thighs. I believe that to be excessive. Punishment is meant to deter not maim. I give it so that it is remembered. She stayed down until I told her to get up. She did and pulled up her panties and jeans. I let her use my private restroom to restore herself. She took 15 minutes and I then told her to report to the school nurse for first aid and then to the counselor to finish getting herself back to normal.

I do not believe in humiliating another human being. They have to be shown respect and treated with fairness and dignity. Therefore when I use corporal punishment I make sure the person is recovered so as not to attract any attention. Other Disciplinarian spanking stories a sore bottom to sit on they are almost like they came in when they leave. Abigail thanked me and has to this day as far as I know not smoked another cigarette. She is now the wife of a potential governor and maybe more. She is a beautiful addition to him when he is on TV or featured anywhere in the media.

She visits me quite often and she thanks me for setting her straight and not humiliating her in the process.

Disciplinarian spanking stories

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