Dog collar tf story

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Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Taking Back what is Owed by gabrielmoon.

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Rated X. Published: Sep 28th, Tags: urination 0 canine 0 self-suck 0 humiliation 0 dog 0 defecation 0 unwilling 0 golden retriever 0 male 0. Down on their luck, an elderly couple trades the most valuable thing they have in order for coin; their son's humanity! Mommy Loves You by gabrielmoon.

Published: Sep 20th, Tags: feral 0 german shepard 0 unwilling 0 dog 0 second person 0 male 0 humiliation 0 canine 0 non consent 0 magic 0. A young man loses his neighbor's dog, but thankfully for her, she has just the way to have him replaced. Into the Satyr-Verse Preview Version by gabrielmoon.

Published: Sep 17th, Tags: anal 0 satyr 0 canine 0 straight to gay 0 fox 0 spam 0 wolf 0 dog 0 knot 0. Two men out hiking accidently come across a portal to a world populated by canine-satyrs that were once human like them. There, they are given a choice; die, or the canine pack in the most sexy way possible… This is a preview version.

A Bitch of an Escape Room by gabrielmoon. Published: Sep 1st, Tags: mating 0 escape room 0 mastiff 0 canine 0 mtgf Dog collar tf story tftg 0 feral 0 gradual change 0 humiliation 0 breast growth 0. Two men wake up in a dog kennel and are forced to play an escape room came with canine consequences if they lose! A Soft Spot for Strays by gabrielmoon.

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Published: Aug 26th, Tags: straight to gay 0 anthro 0 romance 0 anal 0 dog 0 rimming 0 male 0 musk 0 canine 0 pet play 0. A man takes in his 'stray' friend, only to find he made a wish to be loved and cared for as the man's new pet! Who's a good boy? Published: Aug 25th, Tags: canine 0 second person 0 hypnosis 0 feral 0 mental 0 straight to gay 0 border collie 0 male 0 bernese 0 mating 0. Is it you? Heel, Boy!

Published: Jul 30th, Tags: urination 0 canine 0 humiliation 0 self-suck 0 unwilling 0 german shepard 0 male 0. A young man, taking advantage of a woman's absence to try and steal from her, discovers that she is both home and in need of a new protector Full Moon Exhibitionists by gabrielmoon. Published: Jul 22nd, Tags: romance 0 canine 0 mating 0 female and male 0 willing 0 exhibitionism 0 wolf 0. An amorous couple stage a bet that slowly forces their wolfish changes, regardless of where they find themselves.

The Leader of the Pack, ch. Published: Jan 9th, Tags: canine 0 man to female dog 0 heat 0 dog 0 slice-of-life 0 estrus 0 impregnantion 0 mtf 0 bitch 0 breeding 0 unwilling to willing 0 transgender 0 sex 0. Mike, who has been transformed into a bitch for his crimes, is alone on the streets, in heat, and can't escape from his bigger and more powerful once-pet dog Buddy, who is enjoying breeding her at his leisure as he followers her around.

She's horrified about her fantasies about having his puppies, but she realizes she is in heat now and also that she's starting to fall for him, and has to deal with that Dog Treats Part 3 by gregordaniels. Rated R. Published: Dec 26th, Tags: dog girl 1 mating Dog collar tf story canine 0 body part swapping 0 estrus 0 bestiality 0 breeding 0 dog 0 magical transformation 0 female 0. In order to breed her two huskies, a woman seeks assistance from a body-swapping app called Swap Mate.

Published: Nov 24th, Tags: second person 0 canine 0 animal transformation 0 tftg 0 male to female 0 mating 0 female on female 0 wolf 0 willing change 0. Patreon Commission! While out hiking, you stumble upon a strange staff Dog collar tf story the torn remnants of clothes that al your eventual fate Dog Treats Part 2 by gregordaniels.

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Published: Nov 15th, Tags: dog 1 impregnation 1 mating 1 estrus 1 body part swapping 1 magical transformation 0 female 0 canine 0 feral on female 0 bestiality 0 husky 0. Published: Nov 14th, Tags: male on female 0 doggystyle 0 collar 0 wolf transformation 0 woods 0 park 0 man to wolf 0 canine 0 howling 0.

Simple Wolf TF that I whipped up. Enjoy it folks! Published: Oct 11th, Tags: canine 0 dog 0 human to animal 0 ownership 0 feral 0. A man riddled with stress meets a strange man on his way from work, offering to rid him of all of his anxieties. Though, the lack of explanation seems to bear fruit in the end. Tainted Wishes - Taking the Plunge by randomdryad. Published: Aug 29th, Last Updated: Aug 29th, Tags: canine 0 outbreak 0 perversion 0 bestiality 0 cock Dog collar tf story 0 merging 0 animal to sentient animal 0 ctf 0 consensual 0 female to cock 0 mental changes 0.

Outbreak causes animals to gain sentience With the city under lockdown, our pervy heroine is alone at home. With her dog. Wolf Anatomy Patreon Preview by gabrielmoon. Published: Aug 12th, Last Updated: Dec 11th, Tags: cum 0 paws 0 tail 0 animal transformation 0 wolf 0 anatomy study 0 second person 0 canine 0 tails 0.

A preview of a new patreon only series that focuses on second-person TF in expanded physical detail! Published: Jul 16th, Tags: male to female 1 mtf 1 instinc 0 dog 0 tftg 0 unwilling 0 animal transformation 0 knot 0 tgtf 0 canine 0 doberman 0 mating 0 transgender 0 feral 0 mental 0 musk 0.

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A cameraman pisses off the wrong talent, by calling her a bitch, giving her the perfect punishment to turn back against him. The Wand of Zafra Chapter One by tfans.

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Published: Jul 9th, Last Updated: Jul 12th, Tags: mtf 0 man to bitch 0 bitch 0 dog 0 canine 0 woman to chicken 0. A married couple discover a rare magic wand that allows them to transform each other into other forms. One transformation has unexpected. Published: Jul 7th, Tags: feral 1 mental shift 1 animal transformation 1 dog 1 rottweiler 1 canine 1 anal sex 1 hypnosis -1 oral sex 0. A young man gets a little too into his job at the encouragement of his 40 year old bear of a boss, becoming a pup in both mind and body. Published: Jul 2nd, Tags: mtf 1 unwilling 1 dog 1 sex 1 canine 0.

A witch thinks her boyfriend is cheating and exacts revenge.

Dog collar tf story

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