Dog knotting stories

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I was 17 when I got fucked by a big bad dog for the first time. I lost my virginity at a very young age. All it took was some chocolate bars for me to keep my mouth shut and pussy open.

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Since then I had been doing it like a mad girl. I would shove anything into my vagina, to tame it.

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She was already busy enough to earn for the two of us. She raised me alone. She had massive gangbangs at the end of each week and each had at least 30 men so it could be anyone.

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She sometimes disappears for several days and comes back with a load of money. Gradually, I started getting mixed up with bad girls of my town and started selling sex. It amused me how I could get rid of the itching inside my pussy and earn some extra cash. I would fuck everyday, sometimes times a day. I had a nice body with curvy, slim waist, long legs and big butts and my boobs grew bigger than most girls my age.

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I could easily claim more payment from my customers. Instead, I started taking customers like crazy to earn more money. I would do double vaginal penetration or have gangbangs to save the time. I was never selective towards my customers. Be it Fat, old or ugly, I would never turn Dog knotting stories down. I never asked for their identity. I never even asked them if they had STDs as it would be discriminatory against them. I never let them use condoms either. They were more than happy to get a chance to feel a young, raw, pussy with their cocks. I would beg them to cum inside me and they did it happily.

This content appeared first on new sex story. I would still suck their cocks dry, swallow their cum and kiss on their dick head and balls before sending them off. A few times I would walk on the streets at night or go to the parks and fucked old homeless beggars for free.

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Soon, I became famous among poor, dirty, old men who were regularly refused by other young whores. I had turned into a public toilet where they could dump their cum. This story Nympho Knotted at Last : Part 1 appeared first on newsexstory. View all posts by anonymous. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat.

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Dog knotting stories

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Nympho Knotted at Last : Part 1