Drinking breast milk stories

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The contestant, Claire, a year-old native New Yorker, told host Banks that she wants to keep her breast milk flowing so that she can continue to nurse her daughter after she leaves the show. But when asked by Banks if she's FedExing the milk home to her baby — a common practice by mothers who are separated from their nursing children — Claire's response was surprising. When asked what her reason was for drinking her breast milk, Claire said that she didn't feel right just throwing it away. Dumping milk just seems wrong," Claire said, adding that at one point she was drinking two or three glasses of breast milk a day.

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Claire also said that without a refrigerator she could not freeze the milk or ship it back home to her month old daughter. While a mother may benefit marginally from the nutrients found in breast milk, according to several lactation experts, a mother who drinks her own breast milk is exceedingly rare.

Myron Peterson, a pediatrician and director of medical affairs for Cato Research in Boston, who has been in the business for more than 32 years.

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But there is no evidence, said Parrott, that consuming more nutrients — like the ones found in breast milk — will improve the quality of a woman's breast milk in the future. And while Parrott recognizes and appreciates Claire's desire to keep her milk flowing so she can eventually continue to nurse her baby, she suggests that the new mom freeze her milk or ship it to her baby — who likely needs it more than she does. Joan Meek, the academic chairman of pediatrics at Orlando Regional Healthcare, agrees with Parrot that Claire — and other nursing mothers — should continue their breast milk flow for as long as possible but instead of drinking it or discarding it, should freeze it.

Some nursing mothers also choose to donate their extra breast milk, said Meek. The milk is a hot commodity in neo-natal intensive care units and sometimes even in geriatric care, where doctors capitalize on how easy breast milk is to digest — even for the sickest patients.

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Drinking breast milk stories

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