Dumb blonde sex stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. The Dumb Blonde by vanessa. Posted Wed 20th of June Report. Introduction: Lucy goes Dumb blonde sex stories extraordinary lengths to help her ant boss please his clients. This story is written from a male perspective. All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place. Yeah I know, ants are boring and what could they possibly have to write a story about? Well up until a few months ago I would probably have agreed with you, but my life has changed.

This bubbly, blonde came into my life and no one could possibly call my life boring now. I have this little ancy business catering for a variety of small businesses who want to meet their legal requirements, but also pay as little tax as possible. One other thing that has made my business a success is that we are quite happy to go to our clients rather than having them come to us. Quite a few of them appreciate that as we can talk to them while they are still working.

I had 2 people working for me, Ethan, slightly older than me 29 and Liz, an 18 year old receptionist cum filing clerk cum tea girl cum everything else mundane; a GDB general dogs body.

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I interviewed 3 people and was reading the cv of the next candidate just before she was due to arrive for the interview. On paper she looked good, an honours degree in mathematics, and from a good university. When Liz brought Lucy in I was dumbstruck. I had real difficulty concentrating on the interview, but after just 5 minutes I knew that she had got the job. Lucy was dressed in a business suit, tight black skirt just above the knee, black jacket and a white blouse with just a hint of a bra showing through it.

To top off her face she has this long blonde, straight hair. Her tits are high on her chest and looked the shape of that conical bra that Madonna wore in that video all those years ago. Her blue eyes have this look of innocence all the time.

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She is always trying to please people; to such an extent that she makes me want to protect her innocence. She has these gorgeous, suck-able, large nipples that seem to be rock hard all the time. Those long nipples are surrounded by small, dark areolas. I fell in love with Lucy the day that she walked into my office and her internship was going to be a success whether or not Ethan agreed with me.

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Lucy was happy about this as she much preferred to be casual. She readily agreed and we met in a pub that night. Lucy arrived wearing a mid-thigh mini skirt and a strappy V-neck cami top — no bra! Her nipples were poking little tents in the cami. She looked stunning and she blushed when I told her so. I got us a drink and found us a seat. Lucy was sat facing the bar and I kept noticing people look at her. When I went to get our second drink Dumb blonde sex stories had to queue for a few minutes. As we were both staring at Lucy she looked up Dumb blonde sex stories over to me. She smiled and then did something that I just never saw coming.

She uncrossed her legs and opened her knees just enough for me and the bloke next to me to see her white knickers. It only lasted a couple of seconds but I got an instant hard-on. I got our drinks and went back to Lucy. We finished our drinks then I took her to a nice restaurant that I know. Half way through the meal she got up to go to the toilet and immediately bumped into an older woman that was passing. When Lucy got back she was holding her top just where the spaghetti strap ed the rest of the cami at the front. I told her that there was no need and that I would tell her if the cami started sliding too low.

She blushed again when I told her that it would be more like a very decent exposure if her breast did get exposed. It did get exposed. If it makes you more comfortable, you can come to work braless, except when we have formal meeting with the fuddy-duddy clients. Towards the end of the meal I decided to ask her if she realised that an awful lot of people stared at her. We found a table in a quiet corner and I asked her if she knew that her breast was exposed for most of the time that we were dancing.

I laughed a little then reached over to her and kissed her on the cheek. Lucy was still staring at my face in a dreamy sort of way so I kissed her again, this time full on the mouth, tongues as well. It went on for ages and my cock quickly got rock hard. Some slow music came on and we went for another dance, this time I held her close. When I let her go she turned round and backed up to me. I put my arms round her and held her to me as she laid her head back on my shoulder.

I looked down her front hoping to get a nice down blouse view, and saw that her right nipple was about to be exposed again. I moved my right arm down a bit while gently pressing against her ribs. The right side of her top slid down as well and her right tit got totally exposed.

What a magnificent sight. My right hand went lower and gently pressed on her lower stomach and pubic bone. I could feel her thong underneath her thin skirt and feel the heat coming from her pussy. I twisted my head to kiss her again.

While I was kissing her I let both my hands slide down her hips to her thighs then I slowly slid them back up taking her skirt with me. I stopped when I thought the hem of her skirt was close to her pussy then moved my left hand up to her exposed right breast. I gently squeezed her nipple while my right hand cupped her pubic bone. My fingers pressed against her thong, only it had slipped in between her lips and my middle finger found her hole and slid in.

Lucy started grinding her butt against my hard-on as others looked at her exposed breast and my hand on her pussy. When we finally broke Lucy whispered that I made her so horny. Lucy went to the toilet and when she came back she asked me to hold my hand out. When I did she put her clenched fist on my hand then opened her fist.

Dumb blonde sex stories we walked to get a taxi I asked her if she would like to come back to my place. It was my lucky night. In the taxi we kissed some more and I got her into a position where her cami would slip down and expose her right tit again. I let the taxi driver look at her through his mirror for a while before cupping it with my hand and squeezing the hard, big nipple. When I first saw her clit I knew that I was going to enjoy chewing it and making her cum over and over. The sex was wonderful.

Lucy throws herself into it and makes sure that both of us get the most out of it. Afterwards, as we lay there on our backs, both totally naked, I had my first real chance to look at her magnificent body. Oh those breasts, nipples pointing to the ceiling and not a hint of sag, even though she was flat on her back.

Oh that pussy, all pink, still swollen and glistening with our juices. I was in heaven. I mean out in public. This girl, this gorgeous girl wanted to run around naked in public. How could I possibly deny the world such a wonderful sight? I woke up to the feeling of Lucy sucking my cock. I got my chance to chew that clit and I made her cum twice before I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop. In the shower we fucked again before I drove her to her place to get changed for work. As I drove my phone rang.

I pressed the button on the dash and heard Lucy in stereo.

Dumb blonde sex stories

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Dumb Blonde Stories