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Mouths are for chewing food. Mouths are full of bacteria and smelly breath. I met Charles on AOL, back when complete strangers could pop up on your screen and start talking to you. Charles asked me out 20, 30 times before I said yes. We talked all night. After five weeks of being with Charles, I was sleeping in his bed three or four nights a week. He loved, though, to yank off my underwear and push his head between my legs.

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Nights with him were full of orgasms. He made me come by rubbing me through my jeans. One morning I woke up in his arms. The window was open and his bedroom was full of the cold October morning air. In New York City, fall starts in late August when something changes, some shift of molecules, and even though it is the hottest part of the year, it gets easier to Eat me out stories. Soon you will be wearing sweatshirts, the days will be shorter and the brisk sharpness of the air makes it easy to remember past Octobers when everything is more still, more quiet, more beautiful than usual.

Strange colors are in the trees and smear the ground and you have to look as much as possible and take long walks by yourself with your eyes open to all this that will be gone soon. Something about the quick coolness of the air and summer ending and winter beginning and the trees making everything as beautiful as it will ever be makes you feel aware that you are alone in your skin in a way that is neither good nor bad. I looked out his bedroom window at the trees beginning to change colors and I watched them rustle in the wind.

He had his hands and mouth and tongue on me right away. I stared out the window at the reddening trees as he pushed into me, and I could feel the cool air on my skin. I looked at his shoulder and thought it was too bony, with too many freckles, and that he was too small for me. Not big enough for me. The blood stained his sheets and went through to his mattress. He would have to look at it every time he changed his sheets. As Eat me out stories as he had that bed, it would be impossible to forget me.

On those nights he came to my apartment, it never took long to get from the door to naked in my bed. And underneath or on top of him I liked to think: He is old, alcoholic. His penis is gray, and sticking into me. His blotchy skin is underneath my young hands. He is an old man pushing his dick into this young girl, this young wet girl pushing her hips up to him because she has to, he needs this little girl, he needs her. Underneath him I watched his back and his neck, his strained, bunched skin, and I was at the same time scared and turned on by the idea that he was an alien being, old and diseased, and that I was powerless against him.

He went after my body. He threw me down on the bed, kneeling up, taking off my sweatpants, throwing my underwear somewhere, pushing up my shirt, pushing down my bra, stuffing my tits in his mouth, sucking on the nipple, pulling it with his teeth, and me never being able to resist, and always mad at myself once he left. That is usually when he chugged a few shots of vodka. But this night, in this moment he just wanted more sex, and so did I.

He pulled my hair so my head was cocked to one side, both my feet in his other hand and I could see his body banging against me and I was Sara and Charles again because each thrust of his hips filled me up with us. When we were done and his cock had left my body, I was empty and all I wanted was for him to stay inside me forever and never leave.

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Forty Licks played again. We lay side by side, sweaty with sex, the window fogged over, and I tried so hard to push away the thoughts to ask him to leave but I was too scared this would be the last time. So I put my head on his firm chest and my hand on his small tummy and tried to suck in the warm feeling of skin against skin. His hands were rough on my thighs, keeping them apart, keeping my hands away, sucking the orgasms out of me, until he came on my bed. My heart beat all over my body. I could feel my pulse in my toes in my throat, in my fingers and in every other inch of me.

He got up to get a towel to wipe off the sweat and ooze coming out of me and I lay there by myself, unaware of the bed, the room, him, anything but me. All I knew was that the orgasms obliterated everything. Charles opened my refrigerator. He walked back into my bedroom with a bottle of something and expected me to follow, or maybe not. He watched me walk in behind him, his eyes on my breasts, and pushed me to the bed. His hand was on the small of my back to keep me from turning over, his other hand was slow on my ass and he moved my body so I was on all fours, like an animal.

I thought, you fuck up and do all the wrong things, Sara. He ran his hand down my spine and I felt like a cat. He pulled Eat me out stories each nipple and with his other hand slapped my ass irregularly and my face was in the pillows. The angle of his cock in me made me feel like he was in my stomach, in my chest, in my throat. Moving out helped to not think about him. It turned out I had enough things in my childhood bedroom to fill a one bedroom apartment. Every stand, every song, everything my eyes landed on or my ears picked up reminded me of him.

I thought I was going crazy.

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Yet when he knocked on my door I, of course, let him in. He sang me Dolly Parton songs and twirled me down the street. Horny little girl? But I was allowed only Eat me out stories. But you, you slut, can only fuck me. They were always much smaller— shorter than me, thinner than me, the kind of girl he could pick up and place on his cock. Is love a very intricate construction of absolutely nothing? Like she felt sorry for me, but also that I should know better. Look at me. I wish my life had a VCR player.

I wish I could rewind my life to when I was your age. I held my fork in my hand. They all went on talking like nothing ever happened. I went. I sat quietly. I listened. They were just like me. You called me the other day to tell me to look at the color of the sky. Wow, I found this story really intriguing and engaging. The sexual explicit descriptions, which I very much enjoyed, never overshadowed the character development or internal psychological conflict unfolding before my eyes.

I quickly identified with the protagonist feeling I had walked in those shoes before and also loved how I just did not know what was coming next in the story. Great read! Search for:.

Eat me out stories

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