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English Sex Stories. I had just finished the 7th hole when the rain came. So I headed home when I noticed a well dressed black man standing in the rain while looking under the hood of his Mercedes. I stopped and asked if he needed any help. He said that he just needed a ride. Are you going anywhere near The Towers? Could we stop? We went to a restaurant that he suggested. I told him my name was Dave…and as we waited for our food, we made some small talk.

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Something I noticed — that the attractive waitress seemed to be flirting a lot with Syd…and he was flirting back. He did have a winning smile. I refused to let him pay for my meal and he seemed surprised Ebony wife sex stories that. Interracial Sex Story — Wife goes black. As he said that, he started to smile even more.

It was just something I never would get the chance to do. As he got out of the car, he asked if I was serious…that being with a black woman was on my bucket list. I assured him that it was. Interracial Sex Story — Africans gangbang my wife.

For the next 10 days, that was all I could think about. I wondered if I could really do that. My heart was pounding as I dialed. He asked when I was available and I told him my wife would be gone from Saturday early afternoon until Sunday around noon.

Then I asked how much it would cost me. The next 24 hours took forever. I was wondering if I was being set up for a robbery or a possible blackmail…but neither seemed likely. Instead, he told me he thought everything was set for around 4 pm on Saturday.

I told him that I did. Go there near 4 pm and ask for Jacob. I thanked him…and wondered if this would really happen. I got there at and Jacob was at the desk. Room Have fun! Interracial Sex Story — My wife is a whore. I went to the room and looked around. No cameras or anything suspicious. Still I was nervous. I was wondering if I got punked. I did picture some big, black mama coming. I had brought some condoms anyway because I was so horny that I would even fuck a woman like that.

After 20 minutes, I was thinking about leaving when suddenly there was a knock at the door. My heart Ebony wife sex stories pounding out of my chest. I opened the door. My eyes almost popped out of my head. My jaw almost hit the floor. Before me stood one of the most beautiful women that I had ever seen! I just stood there. I was still in disbelief. Her long black hair looked perfect on her but her most outstanding was her face! She looked like a high fashion model. She faced me and put her arms around me.

She was almost eye level with me because of her heels and her beautiful face was inches from me.

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But as I moved Ebony wife sex stories lips closer, she leaned forward and kissed me! She told me that just about anything was open as long as I was nice to her. How could anyone not be nice to her? My mind was racing. I had my arms wrapped around this incredible woman. I suddenly realized that I was Ebony wife sex stories and that everything seemed so surreal. Would you like to undress me or do you want me to undress in front of you? She stepped out of it and was standing there in her black bra and panties. She even looked MORE beautiful with her long legs, firm ass, and flat stomach.

There I took off my shirt and her bra and panties. Interracial Sex Story — Fucked by the Driver. I was expecting a shaved pussy but it was nicely trimmed. That was even better. Most men like shaved but I prefer some pubic hair. I slid my pants off and was down to just my underwear. She was breathtaking naked. We kissed a little more and then I moved down to suck and kiss her hard nipples.

She reached down and started to stroke my dick…and it was still soft! Then the stirring started. I started to loosen up as it started to grow. Then she slid down more and started sucking me. I was in heaven. Slowly at first, she moved a little faster.

I grabbed a condom off of the night stand, tore it open, and slipped it on and she straddled me. My cock slipped right in. She felt SO good. Almost without missing a beat, she rose up as she was sliding my condom off. I thought she felt great WITH the condom. This was times better. But no dream could be this good. I wanted it to last forever. Now I was on top of her. I could go at any pace I chose. To watch my cock go in and out of her pussy was I sight I will never forget.

I plan on staying quite a while afterwards. I knew that it was going to be the best orgasm of my life. I was finally there. I slowly slid in as far as I could possible go when the first blast came. OMG — Never in my wildest dreams did I ever picture anything feeling like this. Then throb after throb shot out the rest of my cum. I held back nothing. I stayed in her as long as possible and continued to kiss her. Finally, my soft cock slid out of her hot pussy.

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Interracial Sex Story — Wife Cheats and fucks. Besides, she said she really liked sex. As we laid there, holding, caressing, and kissing, I was starting to get hard again. I rarely get off from intercourse but oral sex sometimes does. I licked and kissed around the outside of her pussy at first and then slowly started running my tongue between her pussy lips.

I am pretty sure I know how to eat pussy. And from judging how she was moving her hips, I think I still remembered how to do it. As I slowly licked and sucked her clit, she lifted her ass off of the bed.

Ebony wife sex stories

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ebony wife sex stories