Electro sex stories

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The cocky jock is punished in the stocks using a very harsh, non-traditional position.

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Then when he mouths off again, he's put in a stress position that will prove to wear him down pretty quickly and fix his attitude issues. Jim is forced to conquer the wooden horse, or does the wooden horse conquer him? Add a few other punishment elements including sound activated e-stim and this cocky jock gets put in his place. The cocky jock gets some electro-motivation on his cock, a plug in his ass, and his forced workout ordeal continues. The jock is required to show his submissiveness with messages written on his hot ass in black marker. If he messes up again, it will prove to be an electrifying experience.

Hassan takes his boy Eddie into an erotic military fantasy.

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Eddie becomes a young Marine rookie carried off and held captive by his muscle-god Marine captain, shirtless in fatigue pants and boots. A stab of fear ran through him and he groaned, 'Sir, what are you going to Mark s the story of his past military interrogation by the beautiful Hassan. Erotic sexual abuse transports him into a frenzy of uncontrollable lust. Fuck me, Hassan. Yeah, punish that fucking soldier I spend four hours in Ken's high-tech dungeon down in Virginia while four guys massage me, skull fuck me, torture my balls, burn me with wax, fist me in the most hilariously sporting way possible, shock me with e-stim equipment, and mark the end of the day with the most gymnastic double penetration set up ever.

All the while, my pre-cum won't stop, but Ken won't let me cum. The third day of Andy's abduction has arrived.

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This time, the agenda for Sebastian is to show his new slave the extent of his plight, as well as his full power Thieves come to a Nevada ranch house looking for loot, using torturous interrogations on the ranchers to speed the process. Told in 3 chapters. Sam is a dark, evil boy who fantasizes about abusing his friends beyond their limits.

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He has an obsession with self-pleasure. If demons are real, Sam is most likely one of them. Sebastian discovers what is inside the parcel and that he is being watched at all times. He realises he is losing control to the HypnoMaster In another part of the same room Jeff, the junior controller, was in his own predicament. When they stripped him and put him on the table it was discovered that he was "concealing" a rather large butt plug.

Despite a disturbing high school wrestling encounter, Troy later finds happiness and love as a slave to Roth.

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However, Roth's longtime rival, Kane, wins Troy in a wrestling match with Roth. When Jake could finally open his eyes, he found himself rather in a very unfamiliar territory, laying on the floor. The still somewhat dazed young jock attempted to raise his upper body so that he could better scan the perimeter.

He was surprised to find himself fairly clothed.

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Old films about sailors being lashed and whipped, Italian films about old Rome and Greek with slaves dressed in loin cloths and some of the pornography he saw in the Internet, stirred his guts making him yank himself without mercy over and over again. In the sleepy town of Chained Rock, Illinois, there are a surprising of secret perversions and unspeakable lusts among the inhabitants.

Is it something in the water? Or the work of some mysterious power? These are their stories Another neat thing about Chained Rock is that all the Senior Boys are I hope those four narratives have given you some idea of the work Bullies, Inc. Yes, my methods are very unconventional and fall into in a grey area outside of society's norm, but I have found there is always a need for my type of service. Two college freshmen, eager to spread their wings and experiment with different sexual activities, attend their first bukkake party.

The mission, once again, was a resounding success. New Astronauts are immediately needed, any interested applicants, may leave their name with the onboard DIX computer, Space Station Phallus asments will be issued when the appropriate quota has been reached. Once ased, reporting to the Electro sex stories. A Marine officer's first day at a new base finds him encountering a married stud he shared an afternoon with long before.

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Electro sex stories

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