Elf x reader lemon

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Can I request smut with fem!

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After a while of begging Celegorm to let you accompany him on one of his many hunting trips he disgruntling agreed. Celegorm had always been protective of you since the day you began courting, it has only gotten worse with marriage. You were riding your own Dapple white horse named Snow. You rode behind Celegorm as he wanted you to stay in the middle of the group for safety incase of an attack. One particular guard took advantage of this whose name was Sorno. Sorno rode up beside you, his eyes traced on you. Its a shame you are with mr. Sorno complied because he noticed that Celegorm was glaring arrows back at him.

This pattern of Sorno trying to hit on you continued for the rest of the hunt and you could see this was causing Celegorm some tension. You returned from the successful hunt at night and you fretted what Celegorm would be like when you got home. Would he harm Sorno, potentially to much? Thankfully you would soon find out you were wrong and he set out to release his tensions in. When you arrived at the stables to all put your horses up for the night Celegorm announced to everyone that Sorno would now be fired from Elf x reader lemon hunter group.

His calmness surprised not only you but all the other hunters who were expecting a fight. Celegorm left to go to your shared bedroom with your following behind.

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He had not spoken a word to at all since you got home, what was up? Celegorm pulled away only as a way to get air that you both needed. He played down on the bed his eyes looking over you like a hunter with its pray. You guessed that was why he called you his doe, you were his pray in the best way possible. Celegorm began to strip himself from his hunting gear and you began to do the same to yourself only to be stopped by a stern no from the elf. You obeyed not wanting to play brat with him in this mood. You watched as his toned chest was revealed and followed his v line down to his pants which he had already began taking off.

He then took of his underwear to reveal his large member. The hunter than climbed on top of you and began taking of your dress, exposing your body for him to see. He than kissed down Elf x reader lemon chest leaving marks as he went until you reached your pussy. He moved his thumb to slowly rub around your sensitive bundle of nerves before actually touching it.

You let out a gasp as his thumb made contact, moving your hips towards him to gain friction.

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Celegorm used his other hand to hold down your hips as he moved his other hands finger into your core. He began moving it in and out and then added another finger. He was getting you adjusted to take him. Just as you began to feel the tightness forming in you he stopped.

You let out a whine of announce which Celegorm quickly moved his body on top of yours and used his lips to silence you in a passionate kiss. As you made out, your tongues fighting for dominance Celegorm lined himself up to push into you. With one fluid thrust Celegorm pushed into you.

You arched your back into him, moaning into the dominating kiss. After you had a minute to adjust Celegorm began thrusting into you, angling himself to hit your g spot every time. Celegorm grunts mixed with your moans as his pace increased drawing you both closer to your peak. Celegorm could sense you were close as was he. With one of his extra hard thrusts it all became to much and you were driven over the edge, tightening around him.

This cause Celegorm to also come releasing his seed deep in you with a deep groan. Originally posted by fearless-man. It was the eve of a great elven festival, to celebrate the glittering stars clearest in the sky tonight, hosted by the noldor. The noldarian prince and huntsman Celegorm, an elf you were in a courtship with, invited you to the festival.

Elves mingled all about, the largest groupings nearest to where wine was being poured. Elven couples waltzed to the swung melodies of a string quartet. Elf x reader lemon bent to kiss your cheek before departing to go grab a glass of wine for you and himself to enjoy.

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You waiting lent against a pillar in the garden watching the waltzing elves, occupying yourself as you waiting for the ellon to return. After a couple of minutes have passed you scanned the crowd searching for what may have been delaying Celegorm with the wine. Your eyes landed on familiar head of silver hair, talking to one of dark black.

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Celegorm got diverted by his brother Curufin. You shrugged it off and decided to walk around to possibly find a familiar face to converse with while Celegorm was busy. As you walked through the crowds Elf x reader lemon elves, you felt a light tap on your shoulder, must be celegorm you thought. After all we seem to be the only two second born in attendance and no women as lovely as yourself should be left in lonesome.

You stepped back in response, still keeping your false smile adorned to keep tensions low as possible. Celegorm stepped in pulling you behind him, your wrist being released. It did not take anymore time for you to know the Feanorian was infuriated.

It was well known by all around you that Celegorm was extremely overprotective of you and jealous. Most men and ellons who knew what was Elf x reader lemon for them stayed clear of you, intimidated by the strong, tempered hunter.

However this man seemed to not know what was in his best interest, and how fine of an edge he was walking. And then Celegorm boiled over, stepping forward and easily pushing the human man against a near by pillar, hand wrapping around his throat.

Lets just go. Your eyes scanned the elves looking for any of Celegorms brothers to help you break this up. Elves had already started taking notice the beginning alteration, circling around you. If I did not step in there is no telling what he would do.

Now its time to teach this filth a lesson. You went to try to pull Celegorm back. Celegorm was pulled away by Curufin and Maglor, the man falling to his knees coughing up red. Celegorm fought against his brothers, temper raging. Unable to handle this anymore, you did all you could think to, you ran into the woods surrounding the festivals courtyard. Sure, I hope you like this, and thanks for the request and supporting my blog! Its pretty much just fluff with more fluff thrown on top. I hope you like it, sorry if the dialogue is awkward Im still getting used to writing it.

You were walking through town as you always did once a week to purchase food for your family. You looked over the market stalls and checked over the list your mother had given you of things you needed. As you made your way through the stalls you had purchased and placed everything you needed besides the last item on your list in a basket you had. Your eyes scanned around looking for bright red apples among the stalls and luckily your eyes landed on a stall selling fruits.

Since you had everything you needed you began to make your way out of the market place. Suddenly you collided into a form knocking you to the ground and your groceries falling around you. You let out a sigh and began picking up your groceries. As you were about to grab an apple from the ground a mysterious hand beat you to it. You looked up to the owner of the hand to see a tall, handsome blond elf who somehow looked oddly familiar, then it hit you. That was one of the sons of Feanor, a prince. You immediately bowed your head an embarrassed blush on your cheeks.

You finished picking up all your items off the ground and stood up still keeping your head down to show respect and hide your red face. You finally looked up at him. The prince and you walked to your home exchanging small chat as you did, which mostly consisted of the energetic prince asking you questions and rambling on, not that you minding. You were immediately bombarded with questions by your family about the prince, which you answered with a dreamy smile on your face.

I was originally going to do something with Thorin but saw a couple other entrees for this prompt with Thorin and wanted to try a different less written about character, Celegorm. I hope you guys like it!

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It was a tad rushed as today has been pretty busy for me. The plot is odd, but I think it may be fun to read maybe. Warning: Slight Elf x reader lemon, and curse words. Also a very sassy reader and a flirty ghost? Also unedited for rn. It would be fun you said! Your boots made a squish noise whenever you took a step, and your clothes felt sticky and damp against your skin due to the down pouring rainstorm above you.

We are lost! Why did I ever agree to go hunting with you?! Celegorm used his elf eyes to scan the horizon looking for a shelter from the rain. Maybe whoever lives there can give us some directions. You followed behind him, your boots sticking with each step. Too focused on trying to spot the cabin your husband was leading you to you stepped in a deep puddle of mud, your foot sinking into the sludge. You pulled your foot up and with some effort your foot escaped however your boot was not as fortunate.

Your husband chucked a little as he turned around and wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up bridal style. With you in his arms Celegorm hiked to the cabin. When it came into view it appeared to be decrepit and abandoned. Celegorm carried you onto the porch and set you down so he could knock on the door; No one seemed to respond Elf x reader lemon inside the cabin. While you were both looking around for a possible way to get in, you both heard a loud creek and turned to find the door open. Celegorm and you walked through the door cautiously.

You held the blond ellons hand tightly as you walked hoping to find some form of comfort. The inside of the cabin looked just as worn down and abandoned as the outside, but at least it was dry and would serve as shelter until the rain stoped. You finally made your way to what seemed to be the kitchen.

While looking around for some food, you accidentally knocked a bowl off the counter onto the wood floor causing it to shatter. You come to my house, track mud in it! You let out a scream of surprise and Celegorm lets out a gasp. You run to hold your husband as he pulls out his sword. I have never met royalty. You took in the ghosts appearance, it appeared to be an old human women.

Elf x reader lemon

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