Embarassing diaper stories

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Diaper Humiliation Other I was at the K-mart looking at some books. I suddenly rembered that my mom had told me that if I went to the store, I should pick up some "Goodnites" diapers for my little brother. I didn't really want to be seen buying some diapers, but I knew that she would be really mad if she knew I haden't done as she asked, so I decided that I'd pick them up last.

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I got more then a few curious glances when people saw me walking into the baby diapers isle, but I ignored them. I suddenly remembered that Ryan my brother, he's 13, I'm 15 was going to a sleepover at one of his friends house, so I decided that this would be the perfect oppertunity to get back at him for pulling my shorts down and showing everyone at school my bright yellow thong, or the time he "accidentally" locked me outside in just a towel mom had wanted me to go outside and get the paper and I had just showered.

Instead of grabbing a boys pack, I grabbed a girl's pack because they had little flowers on them, and I decided that would hummiliate him no end. I hadn't even thought about what people would think if they saw me with a pack of girls diapers in my basket. Well, I did once I saw that there were only two lanes open - one checker was my friend from cheerleading, and the other was a guy from school that I had a crush on.

I decided to let my friend check me out, but just before I got there, she went on a break. I had no choice but to let my crush see me, a cheerleader, purchasing a pack of diapers. He didn't know that I had a brother, so I couldn't even tell him the truth. When he saw the goodnites, he burst out laughing, and that brought Mairead, my friend, out to see what the noise Embarassing diaper stories.

She turned on me in a heartbeat.

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Since I was the only person in line to pay, they took their time in insulting me. When my mom heard how I tried to humiliate Ryan, she was furious. I hated that because we had two pep rallies where I was suppose to do a ton of flips, kicks, and cartwheels in my mini-skirt. To make sure I did, she would tell the parent of the girl's house I was staying at ALL about this and she would ensure punishment was dealt out. That month was so embarrassing!

Embarassing diaper stories

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Diaper Humiliation