Embarrassing bedwetting story

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Thread starter dd Start date Feb 1, Status Not open for further replies. Messages 61 Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. I figured it was good exercise Embarrassing bedwetting story I'd share it here also. Anyone else have a particularly embarrassing experience they've never been able to talk about that they'd want to share?

I was about 18 or 19 years old and had just started college. I was commuting in to campus on a bus since I lived a few miles away. Right around this time, I contracted an immune illness which left me constantly feeling exhausted. I could literally fall asleep anywhere not a good problem to have when you are a sleep wetter.

It was so bad, sometimes I would find myself dosing off when I was stopped at a red light in my car. It was terrible and almost unsafe at times. I was exhausted. I got on the bus to head home. I was on the bus for a few minutes when I fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later having completely missed my stop and the whole front of my pants were wet.

This was before I admitted that I had a bladder problem. Fortunately, by that time, there was only 1 or 2 other people on the bus, so by the time I got off the bus I was able to do so without a bunch of people seeing me. But it was still embarrassing. This was a huge warning. Unfortunately I was still in a little bit of denial about my bladder problems, so I refused to wear diapers. I wished I would have just started then.

Would have saved me a bunch of time and energy. PlotTwist Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. OK, I'll step up to the mic and go first, heh. My most embarrassing story happened when I was walking out of the subway on the way to meet my girlfriend for dinner, when I had an overwhelming urge to go. Fortunately I Embarrassing bedwetting story wearing an M4, but I must've had it on wrong as it spilled over and went all down the front of my leg!

It was dark and rainy out at the time, and I was wearing dark pants, so it wasn't immediately noticeable and I played it low key and fortunately no one noticed - or hopefully they didn't, haha. Now, that was sure embarrassing, but that wasn't the MOST embarrassing. Slightly shaken up after that, I go to the bathroom when I get to the restaurant to change into a dry diaper and fiddle with the lock on the door until it feels reasonably secure, I just wanted to get changed fast and get back to our table. I took off the old M4, threw it out, and was about halfway through putting a new one on when someone busts in the door - and has this "OMG I'm so sorry" Embarrassing bedwetting story on their face.

Ughhh I was so mortified! In the december ofI contracted the norovirus. The strain I had resulted not only in nausea, but also in loss of bowel control for a month. It was thirty minutes until I had to go to school and I was on the couch in my house. That morning when I woke up, I had soiled my bed 3rd time that week. Anywho, my mom just came down stairs and was saying good morning when both of us heard a bubbly fart. Needless to say I had to run up stairs, throw those underwear and pants into the wash after rinsing them off, and shower.

Llayden Est. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. This just happened today The class room is rather wide but not deep; it has two separate projectors and whiteboards with the professors desk in between them, and the door is at one end of the wide classroom. So, the very back of the room from the door. I sit with two other older veterans and a few dedicated outgoing younger students. We get along very well and go over each others homework everyday and help each other out.

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There is another person in our group who is a bit different not a bad thing! She is young still in or just out of HS a bit quiet, maybe introverted, subdued, yet very sweet and cheerful and a wonderful addition to our group. She just had a bad day. We had completed going over the homework amongst ourselves, with a few smiles, and had commenced with the lecture.

It is relatively quiet with only the instructor speaking. This young lady got up at one point with her purse she sits directly in front of me and left the room. This means she has to cross in front of the class between both screens, the professor, and the rest of the class.

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A long walk to the door for sure if you're trying to be inconspicuous. She was barely noticed, but when she returned it was hard for me not to notice that she had been gone for awhile and had missed an awful lot. Class continued without interruption and everyone was tuned into the lecture. She rummaged a bit in her bag and then got to catching up on notes as best she could.

Not fifteen minutes later she grabbed her bag again and got up a bit abruptly and as she was pushing in her chair there was an audible very wet sounding fart. Poor girl, it was a rather quiet time of the lecture too. I know that I and at least two others both older female veterans heard it as we kind of watched her leave, exchanged a glance of concern, but had to continue with the lecture. She did not return Embarrassing bedwetting story just before the end of class. Man, I felt so sorry for her. As class was letting out and everyone was hustling and bustling I asked her if she could read hand writing, showed her my notes and told her I would e-mail them to her.

She looked very appreciative, but very very vulnerable. She thanked me with a reddening face and a wavering voice and said that she was going home and did not feel well. Whether she had an accident or not, I could not tell you for certain. But what I heard, and knowing how far our classroom is from any facilities I don't know if I've ever had an accident like that as an adult.

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I can't even recall one that has been embarrassing over the last 15 years. The only time I can relate to this poor young lady is when I had a similar deal in a theater with my parents when I was a. Something hit me and I didn't move fast enough.

I pooped my pants on the way to the bathroom Embarrassing bedwetting story had to toss my undies. I felt so dirty. When I got back I sat a seat over from where I was to put a seat between myself and my mom because I just felt I needed space, I wanted to be alone.

I didn't know, but I must have smelled. My mom leaned over after some time had passed and asked if I had an accident, I was indignant and denied any such accusation. I could hear her whisper to my dad that she though the kid behind us had pooped his pants. I felt so ashamed. Thats when my mom called me to her and back to earth and told me she knew I had an accident. That's when she pointed out that even though I had frantically tried to clean my undies, before giving up and trashing them, that I had managed to mess the back of my pants too. I hadn't noticed. She was very nice and understanding, but I could read the disappointment on my dad's face.

I had to wait for him to find a plastic bag for me to ride home on. I then had to hand wash my pants in the sink before putting them in the wash when we got back. That's probably the most embarrassing accident I've had.

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I was 10 or 11 at the time. Kaliborio Est. Went for a walk to the hour convenience store at about midnight one night. Felt a bit full but figured I'd last until I got home. Thankfully I was diapered, as I started having a really heavy, painful need to mess. I occasionally have these so I figured I'd just stand there and wait it out, and it would subside completely, and I'd be fine when I got home. It didn't subside.

All the stalls, showers and toilets, have doors that have a really bad habit of sticking, badly, so you have to put your full weight on them and ram Embarrassing bedwetting story several times to get them out of the door frame. I obviously had to concentrate on doing that just hard enough so that I wouldn't fall face-first into a public toilet. I managed to ram it open after three tries but unfortunately, literally in the last moment of the third try, the diversion of concentration betrayed me and I had a 2 control failure.

I ended up standing there like an idiot filling my diaper in front of a perfectly serviceable toilet. This is survivable, you might say, but I went to shower I don't know what the ethics of using public showers are considered to be but I know all kinds of crap regularly gets washed off in there and I made sure to leave no trace - I didn't fancy walking Embarrassing bedwetting story in an extremely full diaper. Anyway, I get down to just my Bambino and a man and woman walk in and start having a loud conversation right outside my shower stall, and THEN the dude tries to get into the stall I had it locked and there's a visible ENGAGED marker so I don't know why he thought it was free.

They're literally just sitting there on the bench outside the shower stall, having a nice little chat, and I'm waiting for them to go because there is no subtle way to change a full diaper. God knows why they stayed there. I eventually just thought 'fuck it' and got changed, bagged my diaper, showered and padded back up quickly and loudly. They were gone by the time I came out, but Jesus Christ. TyphaHare Est. Messages 1, Role Babyfur Little Carer. Kaliborio said:. Click to expand CPDude Est. A couple of years ago I was giving a presentation in front of 25 Medicaid service coordinators when I peed and popped in my diaper.

I didn't leak, but the smell was bad and I had to excuse my self and have my aide change me in the bathroom. Nano Est. Messages 56 Role Private. I have have many accidents when I was a kid, but there is one messy accident that I had not very long ago.

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I was out shopping wearing a diaper when my digestive system decided not to cooperate. I just couldn't hold it and filled my diaper with almost liquid poop. I don't know what I would have done if my parents were home at the time. I can tell that the cleanup was not very pleasant. Last edited: Feb 9,

Embarrassing bedwetting story

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