Embarrassing caught naked stories

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Caught Other I was 14, now I'm 18 and I'm a boy.

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Well this one day I decided to go for a walk with my two friend well they both were girls, well it was summer and they were like hey let's go swimming, I lived near the beach but we were far from my house, I told them I didn't bring my bathing suit and they said okay well you can watch or something so I was like sure I guess but let's go to our old hideout, there was a swimming hole and everything. Well they went swimming and we decided to play truth or dare well one dared me to come in I said I didn't bring my bathing suit well she said come in your clothes I was like my mom will kill me well they said that remember you decline you have to do an extreme dare no denies and from all players, so I did but not in my bathing suit and not in my clothes but in my birthday suit, naked, and we had fun continued playing until one dare was for me to climb a tree and Embarrassing caught naked stories in well I forgot I was naked and they didn't no so I got out and jumped well I landed on one of them while I was naked, this ain't the end I got out and found out that the wind blew my clothes away and we had to get my friend home fast, so she said just wait here, I did and when she came back I fell asleep.

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I took an hour and I was naked, well she thought since I hurt her friend I should pay, well there was a rope we put so we could swing into the water well it was long and right near me, she tied my up and put the rope higher. I awoke to me hung with her and more of her friends swimming they said hey truth or dare, I'm like get me down, ones like hey I wanted swing, she grabbed onto me and swung well I got scared because I thought I was going to fall so I grabbed onto her and she's like hey he grabbed me, there was me swinging with her in front of me face to face, naked and I got an erection, she was like omg, and slapped me, well they left me there for the night telling my parents I was sleeping over.

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Embarrassing caught naked stories

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