Embarrassing girl wedgie stories

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Wedgie Girl School It was about three years ago that I was humiliated by 3 of the nerdiest girls at my high school. I was about 16 at the time. Eventhough I was pretty shy and quiet, I was one of the 'cooler' girls because I was an pretty.

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So I was walking through some woods on the way home and saw two of the girls on the other side of the chain-link fence. I slid through the hole in the fence and said hi to them. We walked a little, and then suddenly two of them grabbed me and pushed me backwards towards the fence.

I had to step up onto a log or I would have fallen over it.

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They pinned me against the fence and held me there. There was a third girl on the other side of the fence. She pulled the back of my undies through the fence and twisted a tennis ball in them. The two holding me jumped off the log and pulled it out from under me. I jerked down and was hanging by my panties! I started pushing and pulling and trying to get free, but I couldn't get any footing. They stood there watching me as the third girl ed them. I kind of wore myself out trying to get down. They were like 'You're not gonna get down so stop fighting it.

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They said it would end sooner if I just let them do what they wanted. I didn't know what else to do, so I just gave up and hung there. Then they came forward and stripped off all my clothes, except my c-cup bra and my panties.

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I just let them. I figured they'd just let me go. But then they tied my hands above my head to the top of the fence.

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They made fun of me for having a bit of hair coming ou the sides and made fun of my increasingly painful frontal wedgie. And were saying stuff like 'Does that feel good sweetie?

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Looks like your days of being popular are over! Or maybe instead of hearing about it they'd like to see it! But they took out the camera and said that by tomorrow these pictures would be all over school. Then they left me there. I hung there for over 2 hours before my panties ripped. When I got to school the next morning, there were pictures everywhere. And I received several atomic wedgies that day and it all caped off with at the end of the day being hung from the flag pole by the girls lacrosse team. And thus began my life-long affair as 'the wedgie girl'. Next Story ┬╗ Shriveled in the Shower.

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What's the most embarrassing time you've ever been given a wedgie?