Embarrassing pantsed stories

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The first time I read some of my writing out loud in front of people I almost peed my pants.

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You see, the story was embarrassing and it was about me. The story I read that first time was about when I heard the news that my ex-boyfriend of four years was engaged, and how completely crazy tailspin nutty emotional it made me. The first time I read that one out loud, my dad was there.

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But as scared as I was to read my first-person, nonfiction story, the reward of sharing it was like nothing I could have anticipated. People wanted to know how I got the courage to share something so personal.

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The more I write and the more I share my stories, the more I realize that people long for authentic connection — no matter how miniscule a connection they make — even with a stranger. They want to know that someone else has had a similar experience, and survived to tell about it. So I started a storytelling project in the form of a digital micro-magazine. It strives for authentic connection through vulnerability, by harnessing the power of sharing stories without shame.

And there is power. In fact, willpower like mine just stoked the fire. So I tired avoidance.

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I steered clear of any situation that might give my skin occasion to flare. I wore shorts under my plaid uniform skirt. I locked my journal in a small box under my bed and hid the key inside an unassuming stuffed animal beaver whose tail region I had split open with scissors. I did not raise my hand.

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Perhaps the thing I am most proud of in creating Under the Gum Tree is that alongside these accomplished artists, I also published a story by my childhood best friend about her first pregnancy: one that was a surprise to her and her then-ex-boyfriend now husband and an abomination to her devout Christian parents. I have the chance to help others tell stories that need to be told, because we all have a story that can help at least one other person in the world.

Her posts explore modern architecture through photos and quotes by influential architects, engineers, and artists.

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Embarrassing pantsed stories

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Getting Pantsed — Story #6