Embarrassing speedo stories

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Embarrassing story at swimming pool Watch. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 10 years ago 1.

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Anon please because I personally know people here who I wouldn't want to find out about this story. So, I went swimming today on my own after a long time. In fact I hadn't gone for swimming since I was Now since I grew up in the past 5 years I'm 19 nowI had changed in that time. What happened was that as soon as I got changed and went into the pool, I just saw these 4 girls that were extremely pretty and obviously in that sort of clothing I got so horny. I actually got a full erection thinking of them and looking at them without them knowing it.

There was a group of 4 of them sitting at the edge of the swimming pool and just chatting and stuff. I just didn't go out of the water until my erection was gone, which only happened when Embarrassing speedo stories went after like 30 minutes or so. I would like some advice on how can I control myself in that sort of situation?

I mean it would have been quite visible if I got out of the water with an erection as I was wearing shorts. I feel like not going swimming now, because Embarrassing speedo stories sure next time I'll start liking someone else and the same might happen again. How can I control myself and not get the erection? Not what you're looking for? Report 10 years ago 2. Have you thought of not thinking dirty thoughts? GBateman Badges: Report 10 years ago 3. The Gaffa Badges: 1. Report 10 years ago 4. Original post by Anonymous Anon please because I personally know people here who I wouldn't want to find out about this story.

Xhotas Badges: Report 10 years ago 5. When I was at a swimming pool when I was younger 15 or so I was with my girlfriend and some mates. I swam under the water and thought I saw my girlfriend near me, so I flicked of her bikini so it'd come undone as a joke. Turns out that it wasn't her.

Report 10 years ago 6. When will I know? Badges: 9. Report 10 years ago 7. Report 10 years ago 8. Report 10 years ago 9. Report 10 years ago Original post by When will I know? Next time try swimming. Ewan Badges:

Embarrassing speedo stories

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