Embarrassing truth or dare stories

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Photo from Emily Baron One Friday night, many years ago, we were playing a harmless, friendly, teenage co-ed inspired game of truth or dare in the basement of one of my best friends beach homes down the shore.

There were 14 of us, split right down the middle half girls and half boys. At this age some of us had boyfriends or girlfriends but for the most part we were just young adults having fun, eating pizza, listening to music, then out game the truth or dare game. It started with your average truths, have you ever kissed so and so?

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Is it true that you skipped 4th period history class today? Then it moved to the PG dares, and we all know how that goes. I dare you to steal a beer from upstairs and drink it! I dare you to kiss the person to your right, not just a peck on the cheek but a real kiss! Then the dare got to me. Oh NO! Of course I would take any challenge, and when Matt and I were dared to streak down the street, we agreed with no hesitation.

On the count of three we ran down the street to our friends delight. With a little excitement under our belts for the night we ran back to the house, only to find that our friends had other plans. Try the front door, nope locked.

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How about the back door? Nope locked too! Our friends had jokingly locked us out. Of course!

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the community and write your own ! Simply and contribute to Truth or Dare Stories. When I was about 16, my buddies and I were sitting around in the street playing an exciting game of truth or dare. My friend had just finished eating an ant off the ground and I was up next.

My buddy Jeff asked me "Truth or Dare? Thousands of ideas raced through my friend's mind until finally, he had the ultimate idea. He remembered that John Bon Jovi lived near by. This was when he said: "I dare you to ding dong ditch Bon Jovi's house. Being extremely stupid back then, I accepted the dare. We had to walk about Two miles to his house. When we finally arrived, my buddy gave me a push and said: "Go for it. After waiting about a minute and a half, I sprung up to my feet and started charging towards the door. My heart was racing as it does every time I am about to ding dong ditch as I was running to the door.

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Finally I reached the door. I stood there and thought about it for one more second. I told myself "No turning back now" and I rang the bell. The second that my fingers pressed the button, my legs took me faster than ever back towards Embarrassing truth or dare stories street. I only got halfway across the yard before the door opens and I heard a scream.

It turns out that it was Bon Jovi telling me to come to him. I stopped running and actually started walking back. By that time my friends were already halfway down the street. As I reached the door I was scared to death because I had no idea what was going to happen to me??? After I stepped onto his front step, he started talking to me. It turned out that he wasn't mad at all. He was actually really cool and friendly. We kept talking and I told him the story about how we were playing truth or dare. He found it really funny.

It was kind of weird how he called some woman who was also in the house over so I could repeat the story. She also found it really funny and wasn't mad at all. I was extremely surprised that no harm was done. We continued to talk for a minute. I thought for sure he would say no and tell me to go away. To my surprise, his answer was a yes. He walked inside to get a pen and paper. While he went inside, the woman invited me to come in. I politely said: "NO thanks. I found it to be very awesome. Finally, he came back with a ed paper.

I said thank you.

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He then said: "See ya!!! I then ran to the street and caught up with my friends. I told them what happened and showed them the autograph. They were so jealous and mad at me. I don't know why they were so mad. That was then a great story to tell everyone I saw for the next few weeks. I ended up wining that game of truth or dare! Photo from wonderferret Come to my party!

My friend, Sarah knew her parents were going out of the United States on Friday the 18th until the 21st. Being the 17 year old that she was she decided it was time to plan a party knowing she would get away with it.

Since it was only the 12th she began the party arrangements now with what foods she would serve and who would be there. As the days went on we only got more excited and began hoping the week would go faster than it did. Friday finally came and we waved goodbye to her parents. As we were left in the small town Enon Valley, PA we began decorating, and ordering the food we anticipated the arrival of her guests. With her basement having balloons everywhere and a black light it was beginning to all come together.

Girl gets shy after the call Photo from Sleepyzee via flickr Friends began arriving and the fun was beginning. With Backstreet Boys glaring from the stereo someone decided to turn it down so we could listen to him. We all looked at Brett as he gave his idea to play truth or dare. We all sat in a circle and asked who volunteered to go first. Since it was Brett's idea he volunteered to ask the first person. He asked this girl named Libby "truth or dare" and being a goody goody she responded "truth" she was asked if she would ever date anyone that was in this room.

She replied with a "yes" and instantly looked at this boy named Thomas. Next was Libby's turn to ask someone. She instantly said; Sarah! Phone rang just at the wrong moment Photo from Kai Hendry Knowing that Sarah has been getting prank phone calls daily Libby dared her to answer the phone the next time it rang and say "Hi my name is Sarah and I want you to come to my party". Since she knew her parents would be on the plan she waited for it to ring and to our surprise it rang five minutes later. Sarah was unable to turn down a dare answered the phone saying "Hi my name is Sarah and I want you to come to my party" in a very excited tone we all screamed in the background.

We watched her facial expression change from a smile to a frown in a matter of two seconds. She hung up the phone saying "okay mom I'll see you soon". She then ended up kicking everyone out saying her parents were calling to say their planes were cancelled and they were five minutes from home. Everyone left as fast as they could. I spoke to Sarah the next day and she got grounded for two months and was not trusted home alone for a very long time. Now that it is three years later we are able to laugh about it. Needless to say she has never hosted a party ever since or answered a phone saying that again.

Photo from Rberteig It was the morning after my parents' annual Halloween party, and it had been a huge success, judging by the of people who had crashed at our place and were still there. Five of us were out on the screened porch of our house passing around one beer that we had found sitting, unopened and warm, in a corner of the porch.

It tasted awful, but Embarrassing truth or dare stories kept passing it around. My parents were still asleep, and my older sister and a couple of her friends were hanging out with some dude in a monkey suit. I don't remember his name. I was only eleven, and I was really surprised that my sister Embarrassing truth or dare stories even letting me hang out with them on the porch.

I had taken one sip of the disgusting beer, and had only been pretending to take sips from the can when it came around to me after that. I think it was my sister's friend Mickey who wanted to play Truth or Dare. I guess they were bored or something. I wasn't bored at all. Anyway, one of them dared the guy in the monkey suit whose name I can't remember to go out onto the side of the road in his monkey suit and dance around and stuff to get people to look at him.

And he did. People were looking at him, all right. They started blowing their horns, and then people started parking in front of our house and getting out of their cars and taking pictures of the guy in the monkey suit.

Embarrassing truth or dare stories

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Truth or Dare Questions (Warning: SUPER Embarrassing)