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As luck would have it, I would soon find myself being handed my next asment, as my boss Trevor called me up on my cell, informing me that I needed to book a flight to jolly old England to interview Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. Having never been to the U. I spent the first two days of my trip, seeing all the tourist attractions, that caught my interest, before heading out to the Hampstead Village, which was Northwest of Charing Cross, in the London Borough of Camden, on the third evening.

Once the cab had pulled up to the location, I had given the driver, I paid the cabbie my fare, I then got out of the yellow vehicle and watched it speed away, before heading up the front steps where I noticed an intercom system. Moments later, Emilia Clarke answered the door, wearing a white dress, that left my jaw dropping to the ground, as she leaned in, greeting me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before inviting me into her home.

Thompson is my father.

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Once we reached the living room arena and taken our seats, I wasted little time getting the interview process underway. Lee Thompson: First off before we get started, I just want to say, you look absolutely stunning today, Emilia. Lee Thompson: Now throughout the seven seasons that have aired so far, your character Daenerys has had some risque scenes, from walking through fire and coming out on the other end completely nude, to having sex scenes with both Khal Drogo Jason Momoa and Jon Snow Kit HaringtonI assume it was your stand-in that filmed those scenes?

Emilia Clarke: Like you know, when I read their letters describing all the things they want to do to me, from wanting to cum down my throat, to making me their own personal fuck toy. Emilia Clarke: Definitely, I love being dominated in the bedroom… or just about anywhere else for that matter. Lee Thompson: Or anywhere else? Emilia Clarke: The craziest place? The whole time you were interviewing Emilia clarke sex stories, I was getting so wet, just thinking about you using me, turning me into your own personal little submissive slut. Doing as she is told, Emilia Clarke does just that, as I pull my dick out, offering it to the TV star, who grabs the base of my candle wick and starts pumping her hand up and down, while at the same time, licking the crown of my cock.

For the next couple of minutes, the thirty-year-old actress would Emilia clarke sex stories to tease me, as she ran tongue all along my shaft, before eventually parting her lips and taking me into her awaiting mouth. With my schlong inside the English actresses mouth, she shows some rather impressive skills, as Emilia works over my cock with her oral hole, bobbing her head in a back and forth motion, taking as much of my meat stick, as she possibly can.

With her lips clamped around my one eyed monster, I reach down and pinch her nose, cutting off any air getting to her, before releasing my fingers a good thirty seconds later, when the actress starts to gag on my prick. The two of us, would continue this process quite a few more times, each time I fed her my dick, I would thrust into her mouth a couple times, pinch her nose until she started choking, and then pull out, allowing the famous babe to inhale some air.

With Emilia down on her knees, and a fistful of her hair, still gripped around my hand, I essentially use it as a makeshift leash, walking the actress over to the bedroom, on her hands and knees, as a way to show her that I was still in charge. As we enter the bedroom, the both of us get undressed, before I order the London born actress to get on top of the bed, which she does so.

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The starlet reaches over to the nightstand next to the bed, opening the top door and showing me her toys. I head over to the stand pulling out both her pink vibrator and the crop, before handing the vibe over to the TV star, and telling her to use it on her clit. Climbing onto the bed, I get in position behind the English actress, lining my pole shaft up with her wet lips, before sliding my cock into her snatch as she drops the vibe onto the mattress. With my schlong inside of her buttocks, I continue to rock my body back and forth, attacking her backside with one hard thrust after another, working the English star over.

Already inside of her, Emilia clarke sex stories started hammering away, pulling in and out, as I pumped my cock into her neatly trimmed sex hole, giving the Game of Thrones star exactly what she wanted. After the two of us got dressed, Emilia walked me to the door, however before leaving I pulled a business card out of my wallet, telling her that if she was ever in New York to give me a call. Search for:. Emilia Clarke: Why thank you. Emilia Clarke: Oh no, I actually filmed those scenes myself.

Lee Thompson: Hopefully nothing too creepy. Lee Thompson: Oh really? What do you mean by that? Lee Thompson: That sounds dirty, both literally and figuratively speaking, of course.

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Emilia Clarke: Indeed it was. Emilia Clarke: Aww shucks, you like the way my ass looks in this dress? Emilia Clarke: Likewise.

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Emilia clarke sex stories

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