Erotic foursome stories

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My husband and I were married for 5 years, and as for me, I considered our sex together as "great". I did many things for my husband to make our sex interesting and not boring, like role playing, dressing up as a whore, and rape skits and on a few occasions have even taken part in 3soms with my husband and another man. I got home from work this one Friday, feeling somewhat kinky and in the mood for something wild and crazy. I went to the bedroom and stripped out of my work clothes, then to the bathroom for a relaxing bath. I began to wash myself, sliding my soapy hand over my neck to my breasts, down my stomach then down between my legs, and began playing with myself thinking about the first time I had an orgasm by another man.

Don't get me wrong, I've had men bring me to orgasm before, before I was married, but, for some reason this time was different, maybe because my husband was present. Anyway, the next thing I knew, he was making love to me and I was cumming off whispering to myself over and over, fuck me, fuck me, almost feeling as the warmth his own climax enter my body, filling every inch Erotic foursome stories of me.

Then I came. I laid in the hot tub for several minutes as the vision faded along with my orgasm, then stepped out of the tub and dryed myself. I remember walking to the dresser saying to myself, so, he want's me to fuck other men huh, ok, I'll fuck'em, I'll fuck every man in sight!

I'll give him one night he'll never forget! I want back to the bathroom and shaved my legs then my pussy, which I've kept nice and smooth for years. I then dressed and put on my make-up, red lipstick with gloss and bright red nail polish. I met my husband at the door telling him to hurry and get changed because we were going out!

He thinking the outfit was for him asked what was the occasion. I told him, I decided to give him what he always wanted, and to get ready before I changed my mind. Needless to say he was ready in a half an hour, and at the club in 15 minutes.

On the way to the club, I told my husband that we should sit at different tables and I would "try" to come on to another guy and get something going. Of course, he said, with the way your dressed, count on it? We both walked into the club about PM and went our separate ways, I at a table by the dance floor and my husband at the bar.

The night seemed long, as I wondered just how I was to come on to these guys. I danced with a few, trying different approaches towards them, none which seemed to work, then dancing with this one guy, I decided to try something direct, while dancing a slow dance I slid my hand down to his ass, pulling him very close Erotic foursome stories me I whispered to him, I am very very wet. The guy said in return well maybe I can do something about that.

I said, somewhat turned on, lets go. Well, we walked out of the club to his car and got in the back seat and began kissing and kissing and feeling and feeling, his hand up my dress fingering me, my hand on his cock feeling him getting harder and harder, finally breaking our kissing I opened his pants and lowered my Erotic foursome stories on his cock. His finger continued playing with my clit while my lips worked on him when suddenly I began to cum, and cum, and cum.

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Not long after, he began to moan then I felt my mouth being filled with his hot sperm, swallowing it all, thinking to myself, this isn't any different than doing it with my husband. I reached under my skirt and pulled open the Erotic foursome stories from my teddy and laid back on the seat pulling him on me, rubbing his cock on my pussy putting him inside of me. He fucked and fucked and fucked me, finally pulling out saying, he couldn't do it anymore. Understanding, I sat up and snapped my teddy and said to him, maybe next time, and returned to the club. While slow dancing with my husband, I filled him in step by step on everything I did, then returned again to my table and ordered a drink.

Sometime later, I was asked to dance by a not so bad looking guy, he looked younger than I, but I thought, what the hell and asked him back to my table. His name was Bob and was 22, about 10 years younger than me blond hair and blue eyes and a not so bad looking body. Bob didn't seem the least bit intimidated what so ever by the age difference, and didn't try to come off older than he was, in fact he looked older than he was.

I almost felt a little guilty of my intentions, but, on the other hand, he was still a man, all men are alike probably even as we talked was thinking of a way he could get into my panties. The funny thing was, I was thinking of a way of getting to get "him" into my panties, so to speak. Sucking this guy was one thing, but what really turned me on for some reason was him cumming in my mouth and swallowing it.

The more I thought about it the more turned on I seemed to get. I then fantasized sex with this guy. By this time, I was so hot, I actually felt a tingle between my legs, I had to excuse myself and go to the ladies room and cool off before I came right there. I sat on the seat in the stall and felt myself, I couldn't believe how wet I was, I totally soaked my teddy, then began fingering myself, I was on my way towards the big O, my body at its highest erotic peek, almost lost in my own pleasures, when all of a sudden pulled my hand away, thinking, no, I want to save this, I want to be totally out of control, I want this guy.

As hard as it was, I wiped myself and buttoned up Erotic foursome stories stood in front of the mirror and applied lipstick to my lips, then returned to the table and Bob. I thought to myself, it's either now or never and said, trying not to come on to strong, but to the point and yet still be some what of a lady, "wanna go somewhere else"??

Bob looked at me and I looked at Bob, waiting for his answer, running my tongue over the edge of my glass.

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As Bob finally began to speak, I felt little flutters in my stomach, not sure what he might say, wanting him so much to say lets go. Bob proceeded saying, he would go anywhere with me, but there was one problem, and that was that he had driven 2 of his other friends and he didn't feel it would be right to go off and leave then stranded.

I thought for a minute then said to Bob, I have a great idea if you and your friends willing, we all could have a little fun. Bob replied, what exactly did you have in mind, I said, well if you guys wanted, we all could go someplace a little private and try something different. Bob said, let me get this straight, you'd be willing to take on 3 guys, I replied, the way I'm feeling right now, sure would. Bob then said, sounds good to me, give me a few minutes and I'll try to find my friends, then took off.

I went up to the bar to where my husband was and filled him on what was about to happen then told him I might not be home tonight. He was most excited about the whole thing, I then gave him a little kiss and wiggled my fingers, see ya later. I walked around the club looking for Bob, finding him by the ladies room talking to some guys. Thinking they just might be the ones I'd be with tonight I walked over to them more to get a better look, I looked at them and thought to myself, not bad, not bad at all, then turned and went into the ladies room to freshen up a bit, in another words, put on more lipstick and a little dab of perfume in just the right places.

I to was quite excited about our little get together and was ready and willing to do just about anything, and was sure I would be doing just about everything. I walked out of the bathroom and found Bob standing in the same place he was in when I passed him talking to the same guys and walked to him. Turns out that they were the guys. Bob introduced his Erotic foursome stories to me, Jerry and Don and said, they would be more than happy to take me up on my offer, I said, great, shall we go.

All 4 of us walked out of the club into the parking lot to Bobs car, I got into the front while Jerry and Don got into the back, and drove off. Bob asked where I would like to go, I just said, find the closest hotel.

Bob parked the car and went into the hotel to register and returned shortly holding a room key saying were in room I suddenly became very nervous as we walked around to the room, not wanting to back out or anything like that, it was just, I was hoping I could fully perform my duties as a woman and be able to please these guys in any and every way. Finding the room, Bob placed the key in the hole and opened the door, allowing me to enter first. I walked in the room followed by the other 3 guys and walked to the bed Erotic foursome stories on the edge crossing my Erotic foursome stories, pulling my skirt down over my knee, still holding on Erotic foursome stories the fact, that I still am a lady, at least for a little while longer.

I was really nervous now, as I watched Bob close and lock the door, then pull the curtains closed. I guess I knew things would come down to this sooner or later, although it was only a little over an hour ago when Bob asked me to dance, which seemed like only 5 minutes to me and now, look where I am, how times flies when your having fun. One part of me wanted to be back at the club and the other part of me wanted to be here.

Bob came over to where I was sitting and sat next to me, not just jumping into it, he placed his arm around me and we Erotic foursome stories to kiss. Bob was a good looking guy and I was glad things got started with him first, he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, as if I was totally his, with no else around. As we continued kissing, our tongues danced in each others mouth, my legs became unfolded but remained pressed together as he laid me on the bed. Shortly after being in my new position Bob broke the erotic session of kissing and looked at me running his finger over my face, down my neck to my breast, nicely tucked under my clothes like present waiting to be opened.

One by one he began to unbutton my blouse, telling me how sexy I was, then moved the sheer black material off both sides of my body. The idea of being undressed by a man was very much of a turn to me, although most of the other time when my husband wanted a 3 some I was just wearing a teddy or something less and stripped it off myself. Being with Bob for the moment made me almost forget that there were other eyes watching me every step of the way. Bobs finger traced the entire edges of my bra on both sides of my breasts almost as if he was deciding what to do next, finally, pulled the top of my teddy off my breasts and unsnapped my bra, exposing my not so large but excited breasts and cupped his hand over one, slightly squeezing and gently punching the nipple, then the other, sending wonderful als through my whole body.

Bob moved his hand off my breasts and started to tongue and lick my nipple while at the same time began moving his hand on my leg, sliding farther and farther up my skirt. For some reason it seemed easier to expose by breasts than it was to spread my legs, maybe because woman's breasts are the visible part of our body. Realizing that this was really it, the final step, time to show all. Feeling a bit embarrassed, knowing the other guys were watching and knowing they were next,I spread my legs letting his hand slid up my leg and over my crotch, His finger snaked inside of my teddy darting in and out of my very moist hole then began flicking over my clit, bringing me to the point I've waited for all night, ORGASM, and I wanted him to make me cum.

I was moaning and panting continuous as his finger worked on my love bud, saying, Oh God YesDon't Stop, I'm Gonna cum, my body shivering and shaking trying to cum but yet holding off as long as I could, then let go, exploding into, what seemed as a never ending series of orgasms. My present lover got off the bed and began to undress, while I continued laying, my hand cupped over my crotch still in another world. Bob returned to the bed moving me up on the pillow, and crawled between my legs which opened automatically, and pulled open the snaps from my teddy saying now to get a better look.

After commenting on how sexy it looks he lowered his head and began running his lips over my soft mound kissing the smooth area working his way down to the slit parting the lips and running his tongue over the length darting in my already very wet hole. Bob finished licking then leaned over me placing his over than average size cock at my hole and with slight difficulties slowly eased in until every inch of what looked to me was at least 8 or 9 inches was inside of me.

I began moaning from the second he started to enter me, part was pure pleasure of him making love to me, the other was a bit painful as Bob was much larger and thicker than my husband or my other lovers, I almost felt like a virgin once again, having sex for the first, as I felt my opening being spread wide open which I quickly overcame with his total entrance in me.

All sense of my lady like appearance faded with my last orgasm as my moaning was non-stop and increased as he pumped his huge organ faster and faster in me, my legs tightly wrapped around him. A very strange and unusual thing happen, Bob whispered to me and asked if it was ok for him to cum inside of me, I giggled and said, you betand something like, in between my moans, give it all to me, I want to feel your hot juice inside me. Bob began panting, slowing down a bit, I could feel as his cock began to swell and get ultra extra hard I love that feeling when a man is about to cum then he arched in me OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh, as I felt pulse after pulse after pulse of his hot orgasm shoot deep into me.

Bob laid breathlessly panting on me, slowly moving his member in me, then got up leaving me on the bed and went to the bathroom. At Bobs return to the bed, he stood at the bottom looking at me finger a large amount of cum had dripped from my hole, and applying some to my lips, licking it off. Bob remarked, what a sight, I sat up looking down at the large white globs of cum sitting at the opening Erotic foursome stories out, while the other guys gathered around to also see.

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Bob then collected his clothes and began to dress saying he was going out to get some beer and would return shortly. As I stood up, feeling large amounts of cum dripping down my leg, I cupped my hand on my crotch and smeared it all over then licked it from my fingers, giving these guys a little show, then made my way to the bathroom for a little clean-up. I returned to the bedroom with my teddy and bra back in place but left my blouse unbuttoned it looked sexier that waystraighten my skirt and re-snapped the crotch of my teddy, and went over to the closest guy, Jerry, and started kissing him, and feeling his hard cock through his pants, then slid down into a kneeling position and proceeded opening his pants pulling them down to his knees, only to see his erection bulging through his bikini briefs, with about an inch or so past the head peeking out from the top.

I began running my finger over the shaft feeling the shape of his hard cock through the soft material. Not wanting just yet to remove them, I moved my lips to his cock sliding my tongue over the material up to the bare skin exposed, then to the head licking off the large drops of semen that formed. Jerry slid my blouse off my shoulder and off one arm at a time, then lifted me up and pulling down my teddy and opened my bra, once again exposing my small breasts. Having sex with these guys, so far, was nothing I had expected, I figured we'd get into the room and everyone would undress and have a free-for-all with me.

Erotic foursome stories Jerry caressed my breasts with his Erotic foursome stories his hands moved around my waist pulling down the zipper of my skirt, and with much ease slid it down my hip, letting it fall to the floor. I stepped out of the skirt as Jerry moved me towards the bed and laid me down, then he removed his underwear and ed me on the bed. We french kissed for a short time feeling each others body, I, feeling his cock, sliding my fingers over the slimy drops of semen that oozed out, while he, had his hand inside my teddy crotch, fingering my hole and clit.

After our short but erotic kissing session, I pulled opened the snaps of my teddy then moved myself around and on him 69, immediately taking his cock into my mouth, sliding my lips up and down the entire shaft, while at the same time, Jerry's tongue moved over every inch of my cunt, darting in and out of my hole, then hungrily licked my love bud.

After only about 10 minutes of making love to his cock with my mouth he began moaning, then felt his cock began to swell, then BOOM, felt as his hot load hit the back of my throat. Wrapped up within my own orgasm, I swallowed every drop of cum that entered my mouth, just then, as I reached the point of no return the door opened and Bob walked in, I climaxed.

I, still on top of Jerry, sucking the head of his cock, and licking my lips, looked at Bob as he walked over to the bed, Ummmmmmmmmm, tasted sooooo good. Bob replied, give that lady a BUD! Jerry then said as I moved off him, God, that was good, no woman has ever sucked me like that before, and swallowed all of it to.

I remarked pulling the tab open from a can of beer, I am the best, Jerry simply said, you sure are, I remarked once again, I never had any complaints yet. Taking a little break, and a few minutes to digest my lovers orgasm, I sat down by a small table located by the front window pulling up the thin material of my teddy over my breasts, and talked a bit while I sipped on my beer. During the course of our talking, Bob asked me a question, he said, now be honest, an average woman does not offer to go off with 3 guys, and I can tell right off your not a hooker, so, what's a nice girl doing with the 3 of us.

I Erotic foursome stories for a second and said, you want the real truth, ok, It's my husband's idea.

Erotic foursome stories

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