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Incest stories: A Boy and his Genie. Author: DragoTime. A mysterious package le a teenage boy to some magical fun. At 18, he was full of hormones, which he unfortunately only got to deal with by masturbation, his penis having never felt the touch of a girl. Fortunately his two best friends, Max and Sam were also virgins, so the three of them bonded over their lack of sex lives. Now, the three Erotic genie stories were like any others. When not fantasising about getting laid, they played video games, did a little bit of sport, and complained about school.

The rest of the night went on as expected. The boys eventually went to bed, with Matt sleeping in his bed, and his two friends in sleeping bags. Matt woke up the next morning early, unable to sleep. He looked over at his clock, and saw that it was just approaching 7am. He could feel his morning wood straining against his boxers. And besides, he was thirsty.

Slowly, so as to not wake up his friends, both out of courtesy for them, and a desire for them to not see his boner, Matt got out of bed, and left the room. In just his boxers, Matt walked downstairs, his boner having just about gone away by the time he reached the kitchen.

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Matt poured himself a glass of apple juice, and sat drinking it on the sofa, when suddenly there was a knock at the front door. He was holding a small, cardboard box, and a PDA, which he handed to Matt. Matt ed his name on the line, before taking the package into the living room. He looked at it with intrigue. Figuring he was allowed to, Matt started opening the package. Inside was a lot of bubble wrap, and inside that was something very interesting indeed. There was an old, Arabian-style lamp, very much like the one from Aladdin. There was some Erotic genie stories on the lamp, so he started to try and rub it off….

As he did, he felt the coldness of the lamp begin to grow warm, as though coming alive. Pink smoke began to flow out of the tip, and Matt threw the lamp onto the floor in a panic. More and more smoke emerged, before it began to take a humanoid shape. When the smoke cleared, Matt saw a beautiful, nude girl stood there. She looked about his age, with tanned skin, and long, curly, brown hair. She had large boobs, at least D-cups, and absolutely no pubic hair at all. She said something else, before saying a few more things in what sounded like different languages.

She gestured for him to stay put, and she ran upstairs. Half a minute or so later, she returned, and d bowing. I regret that I am not knowledgeable of your culture. Would you like me to raise my head? I belong to you from now until the day you die, unless you choose to pass me on to someone else.

Please be aware that you cannot cheat this rule by using my powers to extend your lifespan beyond that of a normal human. I am allowed to heal you of injuries, and even keep you physically young, but you must die at your appointed time.

Next, you are not allowed to prevent genies from completing their work. By this, I mean that you could not, for example, wipe out your species, as this would prevent my fellow genies from having masters to serve. In other words, you are quite safe from your fellow Masters, assuming you ever encounter one at all.

Thirdly, you are forbidden from making the existence of genies public knowledge. You may tell people about me, but the general public must not become aware of me. Matt sat in silence for a bit. He looked at this beautiful, naked girl, who was sat on her knees, smiling, and waiting patiently, and he realised his cock had gotten hard again, and was tenting in his boxers.

She then looked down at his bulge. You wish for me to pleasure you? She pulled them off of him, dropping them onto the floor. She looked at his erect penis gleefully, and was about to touch it. I mean, you seem so happy. If you wish for me to pleasure you, then I would gladly do so. If you are happy, then I am happy. She gave him a few Erotic genie stories licks on his balls and the length of his cock.

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Matt spread his legs wide, as he slouched on the sofa from the pleasure Lumiosa was giving him. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, her luxurious tongue wrapping itself around his manhood, massaging it sensually. When it was over, Matt felt Lumiosa lick his length to get his remaining cum, before she swallowed it all.

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She then pulled off of him, and looked at him eagerly. A look at their groins showed that they seemed to have boners. Matt gasped, and tried to cover his groin, including his softening cock. Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt was instantly wearing the boxers which she had pulled off of him. She snapped her fingers, and Matt was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt from his drawers. Look at that. He grabbed it to pick it up, but he immediately cried out in pain. Lumiosa looked over at Matt. The boy felt his hands tingle, and the pain dissipate. When he let go of his hands, the burns had completely gone.

Becky walked downstairs in her pyjamas. He rubbed the lamp, and sure enough, the pink smoke once again began to pour out of it, forming Lumiosa, who was sat on her knees, facing him. I wish for them to want nothing more than to have sex with them, as much as the boys want. He then hesitated before he said the next bit. If you wish for me to pleasure you, then it would be my absolute pleasure to obey.

Lumiosa smiled cheekily, before giving him a passionate kiss. Matt moaned as this gorgeous genie gave him his first kiss, before he started kissing her back. She wrapped Erotic genie stories arms around him, and stroked his back, causing him to shudder with pleasure.

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Lumiosa then gently pushed Matt onto his back, and climbed on top of him. Matt gulped. It was time. Time for him to lose his virginity.

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Lumiosa grabbed hold of his penis, and positioned it by her entrance, before she slid her vagina over it. Matt groaned, and closed his eyes from the sensations he felt; warmth, wetness, and tightness. And it all felt incredible! Lumiosa smiled once more, and then began to wiggle her hips. Matt moaned, and Lumiosa started thrusting her hips up and down. When he found the strength, Matt sat up, and grabbed her ass, before giving her a kiss. As they made out, Matt started moving his own hips, to the efforts she was putting in. Matt fell forwards, and Lumiosa held him on top of her, stroking his back and butt, and planting kisses on him, as he fired cum deep into her.

Matt laid on top of her, panting, as his cock began to soften.

Erotic genie stories

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