Erotic hot tub stories

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We all stumbled out of the cab and began walking up the drive way while my friend Megan paid the driver. It was my 22nd birthday, and we managed to drink at every bar downtown. One by one we plopped down on the Erotic hot tub stories and chairs, starting with Ali. Ali was my best friend who I Erotic hot tub stories always jealous of. She was taller than me by a few inches and constantly worked on her body so she had long legs that were perfectly tone and a six pack.

At the top of her long legs was her money maker, the most perfect ass I had ever seen. Her long blonde hair and big blue eyes made her one of the most attractive girls I knew, even if her boobs were a little small. Steve sat down next to Ali. Steve was the clown of our group. He was always cracking jokes, and everyone was drawn to him because of his large personality. He was the tallest of the group, and a little thick around the middle but no one would call him fat. My cousin Jake sat on the love seat across from the couch. He gave up the sport to be able to enjoy life and what was left of his knee.

Perfect abs, nice pecs, large arms and legs, but nothing to crazy to make him look like an idiot meathead. I had to put up with this sort of behavior a lot because not only was Megan my roommate, but she decided she was gonna tease my cousin for the past few weeks. Megan had large breasts, around 38DD would be my guess. On those big boobs were nice with proportionate nipples on them, that got long and hard quite easily.

I was the last one to sit down, so I was stuck with the round wicker chair. We had spent so many nights in that hot tub. Everybody loved the idea and immediately it was settled that the two boys would get it ready while us three girls went and changed. I was slow to get up, and stumbled around for a few seconds until I rebalanced myself.

Then I noticed Ali was giving me a sideways look. All I had on was my black lacy thong, and after trying few different options suddenly a bikini hit me in the face. And she was right. My boobs were much bigger than hers so it was a bit of a strain getting into the strapless top. Megan had put her bra back on and we were ready to go, and Ali decided to get some more drinks for all of us.

When we walked out on to the patio both of the guys were sitting in the tub and chuckling about something. As we got closer they did a few cat calls and we all laughed. I got there a ways ahead of the other girls so I decided to climb in. The hot tub was only big enough for 5 or 6 people, so to make room for me climbing in, both boys stood up and held my hands as I stepped over the wall and slid down onto a seat with jets in the back. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the concentration on not falling while getting into the hot tub, but once I sat down I noticed both of the guys were completely naked and I was eye level with all they had to offer.

Steve was to my left, and he had a pretty decent sized dick, but his balls were massive. My own cousin Jake had a penis that was huge even while flaccid and as thick as my wrist, but both dicks were rapidly getting harder with my face being so close.

They let out a laugh and sat back down. When she did, the cocks grew even harder. Better than most it seems. Her pubic hair was neatly shaved down to a nice landing strip. The boys whistled and hollered. She climbed up the stairs and again the guys held her hands as she stepped over the wall, but when she stepped down to the bottom she moved her hands to take a firm grasp of each cock and give them a slight stroke as she splashed down next to me. Ali was somewhat conservative while sober, but being this intoxicated I thought she was gonna go for it. She put drinks on the tables on either side of the hot tub, and as she was walking around to the steps she noticed she left the light on in her bedroom and she could see the whole room through the window.

Quickly she looked at the guys. So everything was fair. She turned away from the tub and let the top fall to the ground. When she turned around it was clear Ali had no pubic hair, and the boys both liked that. She quickly got into the tub and sat down by the stairs. But before I could keep up with my defense, Megan reached over and pulled the string on the back of my strapless top.

It was so small on my chest it Erotic hot tub stories flung off, and the whole group erupted in laughter and applause. I had to admit it was a lot more comfortable with the too-small-of-a-top off than it was with it on. We all drank, and talked about sex and boys and girls. Ali was trying not to show it, but her arm had been moving feverishly and Steve was about to cum in the tub filled with all his friends. We all laughed and he winked at Ali. The talks d and about 10 minutes later, I felt a hand near my slit. It massaged the clit a little bit and stuck one long finger inside me.

I gasped a little bit and looked around. I just put my arms up and enjoyed it and tried getting back into the conversation. Jake was talking about when he was on the football team, and the finger fucking was increased to two fingers and a faster rate. That chick reporter from channel 6 was in there when I was getting out of the shower. She walked over to me with her phone, she was using it to record answers, and began asking me questions until she saw my dick. She just stared at it. His face scrunched up, and he moaned loudly, and for a while.

My mystery fingerer was picking up the speed quite a bit. And while my cousin was shooting his load in the tub I was sitting in, I felt the intense pressure of an orgasm starting to swell inside me. But it kept building. The others agreed and the fingerer slipped out of me before I could get off, and everybody started to get out. I was the last one out and everyone was waiting for me with open eyes it seemed.

As they all started to walk away I was embarrassed and proud at the same time. Ali, was jealous of me?? I too was clean shaven, and I was always told I was very tight. I ended up in the middle, with the other two girls on either side of me. Jake was laying next to Megan, and Steve was laying on his side trying to Erotic hot tub stories closer to Ali. We could soon hear them start to kiss. Megan giggled a little bit.

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I wanted to make the cousins cum at the same Erotic hot tub stories Without any hesitation it seemed, Ali started to pinch my nipples, and I felt that familiar pressure build up again. Ali leaned away from Steve to start licking and sucking on my nipples, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him start to stroke himself.

Megan leaned in and we started to make out, although hesitantly at first, it built in passion. Being in the middle, I was given an advantage. I was receiving pleasure from both of my friends, but I also knew I could reach each hand out and be able to play with each of their pussies. Wave after wave, the pleasure kept coming. When I had finally finished, Ali seemed upset. She looked like she had been eating pussy her whole life, and Ali instantly started showing s of pleasure. I knew what I had to do, give some back.

I had never done this before, but I needed to do my best. I quickly lapped up the outer lips to get a little more wetness, then I flicked her clit and licked in circles around it. I slid my other hand up, and got two fingers wet from her pussy, and then slid them slowly into her ass. Ali let out a loud yell that was definitely more pleasure than pain. Both of the guys got up and moved to the bench at the end of the bed. They sat there facing the show unfolding on the bed, and I can remember the rapid clapping noises coming from their jerking.

The masturbation clapping grew louder as both girls moaning increased. I felt something warms splatter all over my ass and legs, which was facing right at the boys they no doubt had a full view of everything I had to offer. Megan and Ali seemed to erupt at the same time.

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The room was filled with the loud shrieks of pleasure both girls experienced. And it seemed to work. He pulled Megan to the edge of the bed. Got on top of her, entered her pussy, and rolled over so she was on top. Megan broke into tears trying to adjust to get all of him inside of her. It was while she was trying to adjust slowly when Steve walked up between both of their legs.

He slowly pushed in as Megan began to shriek.

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This was a good opportunity for me. I quietly slid down behind both boys and Megan, as the double penetration was slowly sliding into position. Before he could react I slid it in. This opened his cheeks a little more, and I had a clear shot. After seeing this, Ali left the room, only to return again in a couple of minutes wearing a big strap on dildo.

Ali got behind me, slapped my ass harder than ever, and rubbed my vagina slowly with the tip of the dildo. Teasing me, she only put in a little at a time, then pulled it back out. I whimpered. I wanted it so bad.

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Then in one thrust from Ali, it was all the way it. I had to remove my finger and tongue from the boys to hold on to the bed. Ali fucked me like crazy, and she never seemed to get tired. I had yet another orgasm, and Megan was screaming like crazy. I saw her slump down on top of Jake, who had slowed his pace. Steve kept pumping for a few minutes until Erotic hot tub stories let out another moan and came in her ass. The cum seemed to seep out of the sides as he pumped a few more strokes, and then pulled out.

Her asshole gaped and more cum slipped out of it. She immediately rolled off of Jake and tried to get her breath back. She climbed up on the bed, and faced her ass towards him while on all fours. Jake wasted little time in getting to his knees and into the doggy style position, and Ali seemed to be loving it, while still wearing the strap on. I sat on the bench to take in what was happening, and Steve sat next to me. Without hesitation I slowly and softly began to play with his cock, and paid a lot of attention to his balls.

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Megan got off the bed, and slowly sat her just-fucked ass down on the bench on the other side of Steve. Megan giggled, and kept giggling until we asked her what was so funny.

Erotic hot tub stories

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