Erotic mixed boxing stories

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Peering down from the edge of the cliff, Marcus Apted watched six Amazon warriors bathing under a water falls. The women, all in their twenties, laughed and splashed and soaped each other. Apted's favorite was a brown haired girl with flawless shoulders and breasts. She resembled Paula Villon, his partner in crime and love. Apted and Paula had secretly arrived hours earlier on Paradise Island, hired by The Sisterhood of Evil to steal two pounds of Feminum, the metal used in the manufacture of impregnable armor.

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For an unguarded moment, Apted visualized Paula and Erotic mixed boxing stories brown haired girl pleasuring each other. Then he caught a hard to identify scent. A stream of light pink smoke impacted his face. Apted was lightheaded and horny and then very happy and finally sprawled on the ground, smiling. Out cold. The lessons on lock picking Apted gave Paula were wasted. Just as the Amazons arrived, Paula was assaulting the lock to the storage facility with a sledgehammer and multiple profanities. Thetis stepped forward, about to black jack Paula, when Atalanta motioned her to wait.

Instead, the Amazon commander walked behind Paula and tapped her shoulder. The sharp upper cut staggered the thief. Paula stumbled from foot to foot, grinning rapturously. I need some Atalanta caught her prisoner as she pitched forward like a felled oak. She shifted Paula in the direction of the guards. I have to report to Queen Diana! Wonder Woman, now Queen Diana since her mother's retirement, immediately recognized Apted when the master criminal and Paula were escorted into The Great Hall by Atalanta.

The entire population of Paradise Island was assembled for Diana's judgement. Many of the Amazons laughed at his shocked reaction. Atalanta smacked the back of Paula's head, propelling her forward to the Amazon queen. What is your judgement, your majesty? But that one of our sisters, Paula Villon, should have succumbed to the pernicious influence of Mr. Apted is a tragedy! Only Atalanta rose. I claim this male as my mate and the father of my children!

You wish to have this one as the parent of future Warriors? A boxing match will decide which woman owns Marcus Apted! In boxing gear, Atalanta looked taller, sexier, and Standing behind Paula, massaging her bare shoulders, Apted was scared for his lover.

This is a waiting game. Apted was painfully aware that Paula's patience had the duration of a lightening bolt. Pleasant dreams, my love, he thought as the bell called the women to battle. Clearly Atalanta saw her rival as an insect to be crushed. Many punches flew at Paula, but few connected.

A ripple of relief passed through Apted at the sight of his lover actually following advice.

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Paula struck Atalanta when the opportunity was present, and then retreated. But no escape was perfect.

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Atalanta patiently corralled Paula into the ropes with driving single punches and combos. The former dancer's body absorbed the punishment, every hehot spun reality for a few seconds. Punches exploded all over the smaller woman, pain echoing through her body. Seeing his beloved taking a beating, Apted yelled at the referee to stop the fight. Atalanta planted a savage right hook on Paula's jaw. Cheering halted. Everyone watched Paula, eyes already closed, limbs dangling, tumble downward.

Atalanta callously stepped aside, letting Paula smack the canvas hard. Carefully Paula was placed on a gurney and rolled to the examination room. A two hour break was declared to give both fighters a chance to recuperate. When Paula regained consciousness, she ignored Apted's pleas not to fight again. He reasoned that Atalanta was going to finish what she started and demolish Paula. The al that Apted knew well: discussion was over. Entering Atalanta 's dressing room, Apted saw two attendants weaving their mistress's boxer braids.

She waved for Apted to approach, while thanking the two women and dismissing them. I thought I'd get to know my new mistress. During visits to The Cities of Men to fight crime with Justice Force, Atalanta fell in love with dick without very Erotic mixed boxing stories loving the men attached. But Apted brought her to multiple, eye rolling orgasms. Each time her love for him went deeper and deeper. As she listened to her lover's final advice, Paula watched her opponent with perplexity.

Atalanta was grinning, but not like a predator poised to kill its prey, but like a woman who just enjoyed her favorite desert. Paula noticed Atalanta's reactions were seconds late, the punches she threw never landed on Paula exactly where they were aimed. Moving her compact body, Paula attacked the Amazon's. Atalanta retaliated, but she still felt the wonderful weakness from getting laid in her muscles. When Atalanta caught Apted's eye, he gave her the same smile he flashed as he mounted her the first time.

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The referee counted as slowly as possible over the bested Amazon, hoping she would come around. The bout with Kaylee was over. Though she was still standing and throwing punches, Kaylee wanted it finished. I dominated Kaylee for the last two rounds of our six round battle. My punches were now surgical, which slowly drained the fight from the blonde. I deserve it. Kaylee landed in my outstretched arms, out cold. I sat her ragdoll body near a neutral corner. Kaylee had a faint, sleepy smile. Along with our business relationship, Kiki and I fucked regularly. Recently, I had wanted to make Kiki a more permanent part of my life, even talking about marriage.

Kiki valued her freedom too highly to accept my proposal and we argued. Six months out of a divorce Kaylee clobbered three men in a row at the Amazonia Boxing Club. She was confident enough in her boxing skills to take me on and find out she was wrong. She just moved here from Holmdel six months ago. It will mean you and I boxing each other for ten women, including the client.

You'll get your usual Erotic mixed boxing stories Sounds good? As her commercial acting and session work began to pay off, Kiki bought a two floor home on Allwood Avenue in Clifton. She remodeled the basement into a gym, including a regulation boxing ring for sessions and personal use.

The guests were already seated around the ring and Kiki personally introduced me to each one.

Erotic mixed boxing stories

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