Erotic stories coworker

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My name is Lynn and I work at a company that is owned by my man Fred. I am the bookkeeper there, the company has 26 people working for him and most are men. Well this a true story of me and Ben a young co-worker, he always looks at me when he comes into the office. He is very young and good looking 29 years old and me at 49 years old but I do look good for my age. I have a hot body and all the guys look at me when I walk by as well as Ben. I never wear panties so as he was helping me I noticed him looking at my ass.

He smiled and I caught him, he got nervous so as I was getting Erotic stories coworker he caught me and his hand went up my skirt and he touched my wet pussy. So then he pushed his middle finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me. I moaned as he went faster, then I started climaxing oh fuck it felt so fucken good. I let him continue finger fucking my pussy so he did. As he was doing that I grabbed his cock and it was hard, I pulled it out of his pants and there it was a hard young cock, oh fuck it was hard and I played with it, his hand was all wet from me cumming and he was still finger fucking my pussy.

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I moaned some more and told him oh yes keep doing that Ben please and he did. I moaned some more, it was so fucken hard. I moaned as he empty his cock of all his cum, I looked at him and he smiled and said fuck I love your pussy Lynn. Then he pulled his cum covered cock out of my pussy and he told me suck my cock Lynn please and so I did.

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I licked all his and mine cum and swallow it, then we went back to work. I was so relaxed and my pussy was full of young cock cum all day. So every time he saw me he smiled at me and I returned the smile cause I knew he would want more of my hot pussy.

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Erotic stories coworker

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