Erotic stories for married couples

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Skip ! Story from Sex. Every time I ask for sex, she objects. Wedding cake.

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Not to mention the fact that these stereotypes don't acknowledge same-sex couples. The reality of sex after marriage is not so dire. In fact, married people are having more sex than unmarried people, according to the General Social Survey.

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Between andmarried adults had sex 56 times per year, on average, while unmarried adults had sex 51 times per year. So that means the average married couple has sex slightly more than once a week, while average singletons have sex slightly less than once a week. You will likely have to put some work into it — think scheduling sexhaving in-depth conversations about what you and your spouse would like your sex life to look like, and trying new things in bed.

Okay, okay, okay.

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None of that sounds super-sexy and fun. But hearing from people who got hitched about their experiences even years down the road might change your mind.

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We read through various sexy Reddit thre, and found stories that prove that sex after marriage can be as hot as ever. You can find it all on t. Not Always What Picture this. Downstairs, your family gathers to discuss we. Sometimes, you encounter a TikTok hack that changes your life.

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The Hottest Married Sex Stories On Reddit