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Anne Buckley February 19, Views. I met Dave who was a patient at the hospital My name is Anne and I was a candy striper at the hospital. The uniform I wore had pink stripes on white. I wore white shoes and a nurses cap. You had to be at least 16 years of age with the plans of going to nursing school.

I volunteered to bring blankets, magazines or fill the patients water pitchers. I would talk with those patients who wanted talk to me.

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Sometimes if a patient needed a nurse I would help them push the nurses button on the bed. When emergencies occurred I knew when to leave the room and wait outside until I got the okay to go back in the room. It was a couple months being at the hospital that I met a patient named Dave. He had knee surgery and was receiving physical therapy.

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We had great discussions about world events. Dave was very smart and was open minded to learn new things. He was very respectful and thoughtful. He told me he is a Highway Superintendent in his township. She was rough around the edges. She was a farm lady. She took care of the horses, cows, chickens and pigs. She also said she takes care of their two story home. Both Dave and Ruth are in their sixties. Anne spent time talking with Dave. The more they talked Anne learned a lot about Dave.

She loved him.

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He is handsome and muscular. He has gray hair and a little bald spot. His eyes are blue. He is in great physical condition. I want you to love me. There was no else in the room.

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I want you because you are mature and a real man. I want you to teach me everything Erotic stories older men sex. How to please a man. For a little girl she has 36C cup breasts and a bubble butt. She is beautiful and chose him to make her a woman. Anne became good friends with Ruth. Ruth said when Dave is released from the hospital she wanted Anne to visit them. Annes mother is a widow. She works at a factory in town. She dates guys from the factory.

She currently bowls on the factory bowling team and has the interest of 3 Black guys from Erotic stories older men team. Susan likes the attention. They are family. Anne had a chance to work after she got out of shool in the afternoon. She traded her candy striper uniform for a paying job at the hospital. She would work in the cafeteria from PM Monday through Friday. She was happy to make her own money. Anne called Ruth and told her she got a part time job at the hospital. Ruth was happy for her. Ruth asked her how she gets to work after school.

I have no choice. He is going to buy her a new one. The car has a lot of miles on it but it is in very good condition. He kept it well maintained. It has automatic transmission, air conditioning and all wheel drive. She can take care of my farm animals.

The car will be a great gift. Dave talked to Tom the mechanic. Tom had put all new snow tires on the car. The car is in excellent condition. He and Ruth were trying to help her out. He has the cash. You heart is as big as this town. Let me help.

If the kid has a problem with the car I will fix it for her. When Anne got home from school Ruth was waiting at the apartment in her car. Ruth told Anne, Happy Birthday. They are taking her to get her plates and insurance before she goes to work. She got to work on time. Anne hugged them. I need your help with the animals.

She went to the back door. Dave met her at door. She kicked the snow off her boots. She rubbed the bulge in his pants. Please say yes. We will be together. When she asks you act surprised. I want you to fuck me so bad. I am horny. While Anne is with Ruth, Ruth asks Anne if she would take care of the animals while she is away for a month seeing her daughter and grandkids? Ruth had made Anne a Happy 17th Birthday cake with 17 candles. Dave and Ruth sang Happy Birthday as Anne blew the candles out. They applauded Anne and hugged them.

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When Anne got home there was another car parked on the street. Her mother had company.

Erotic stories older men

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