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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I am in heaven. Not a thought runs through my mind. I imagine this state of mind to be a bit like what Zen masters try to achieve. I get the benefit of pumping my pussy on my hot man's stiff cock while slowly rotating around it on his new creation, our Sexy Lazy Suzan SLS.

Claude spent many hours in the workshop creating this addition to our gym. It is height adjustable, rotates, and generally looks like a side table for hanging out when the cover is on it. Now, however, with the cover off, hovering over Claude who is prone on the workout bench beneath, while rotating, my eyes have settled somewhere in the back of my head, looking inward, looking deep into my electrified pussy.

I bounce slightly on my legs, bent over in a squat, sliding my pussy up and down his raging cock. Erotic stories sls can feel him straining for more. Another beautiful feature of the SLS. I get all the control. How deep, how fast, everything, is in my power. Claude can only move so much underneath the SLS.

The table has a forward and reverse, a full speed controller built right into the top. There are several buttons to control direction and speed. They are waterproofed and large so they are easy to hit. Good thing, since focusing on hitting buttons is the last thing I can do, since every button is being pushed in my pussy.

Literally, figuratively, and oh Erotic stories sls deliciously. The opening in the SLS is about 18 inches across and padded. This allows me to lose my mind in the moment and not worry about any rough edges or falling through. I slide my pussy down the length of his cock and come to a rest, pressing my pussy into his crotch. I hold my pussy firm, to the base of his cock and just let the SLS rotate slowly clockwise.

The slight bend in his cock stirs up my pussy even more. He spirals deep inside me.

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I push my pussy side to side slightly while his cock stirs me up in circles. I reach down and press the reverse button. This brings the SLS to a slow stop, and then reverses direction at the same speed. It acts like a power switch linked to my pussy. As we slow down rotating, my pussy comes to a pause as I exhale to a stop. When it starts back up in the counter clockwise direction I inhale with erotic electricity.

The table reaches our prior slow rotation, and I want more. I hit the faster button a couple times and the table speeds up slightly. Just the right speed. Fast enough to dial up my pussy to another level of excitement. I keep my pussy pressed down hard onto his crotch. Claude's cock surges harder. He pulses thicker. He presses somehow deeper. My pussy is bottomed out, squeezing the raging head of his cock deep inside my burning pussy.

I feel full, stuffed, plugged up beyond ability to remove his cock. I can't even bounce. All I can do is focus on his ever hardening cock spiraling inside my pussy, stirring me beyond imagination. I had fantasized about Claude making the SLS for a month after he told Erotic stories sls about his idea. So many times I had ed him in the workshop to watch him craft this masterpiece. Just the thoughts were so sexy Erotic stories sls found myself showing up in short skirts and sexy lingerie tops while he worked. Several times I had climbed up on the counter and masturbated in front of him while he worked.

That is another story Now I am reaping the rewards of his efforts. I start bouncing my pussy slightly. Just enough to feel his rock hard cock bouncing off the deepest points of my pussy. My pussy has opened up to its fullest. I can't even clench my pussy it is so full. All I can do is press my inner muscles outward and press, bounce and fuck his cock deep. I start bouncing a little more, rising half way up his raging cock.

As I bounce, I reach down and hold his oiled balls with one hand, sliding my hand up and over his balls, around his cock, and back over his balls as I rotate around on the SLS, bouncing on his cock. I hear the click of a button and we start rotating a little faster.

I now rise up to the underside of his cock head. His cockhead acts like a stopper at my pussy and keeps me from popping off his cock completely. From the head, I slide back down, all the way to his floppy balls that I pull up and press across my pussy and let flop back when sliding out of my hand.

My hands have wrapped around my calves and ankles.

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I am pumping rapidly up and down his cock. His cockhead spirals me up like a wind-up toy, and releases my orgasm. Full on. Full blown. Mind shattering orgasm. I fall backwards slightly, still holding Erotic stories sls feet, and come to rest on his cock, with my ass being cradled by the padded sides around the center opening, where his cock is impaling my sloppy pussy. My orgasm causes my feet to press out as all that is connecting me to Claude is my pussy.

The only part of me supported, is my pussy. Which explodes. I pulse and quake around his cock. I reach my elbows around, under my knees and press my hands around my erupting pussy. My entire body quivers around his cock and I lose track of time. I can only sense my entire body quaking, shaking, and vibrating. All my energy is focused directly into my pussy. My eyes have inverted and I feel like I am looking within myself.

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My pussy has taken over and is just trying to suck his whole body inside. We keep rotating. Each of his throbbing cock Erotic stories sls acts as spiraling pussy paddles inside me. Each vein pulse ignites my pussy causing my entire body to pulse around his rock hard throbbing masterpiece. Juices are squeezing out my dripping pussy all over his raging cock and hips. My cum keeps flowing out my screaming pussy.

My body is still quaking, stuffed to the max. I feel like I want my entire body to split from his hot boiling cock. My pussy clamps down hard a few more times. My body squeezes my last energies deep around his steel animal. My body slows. Right near the slowing of my pussy pulsing, I feel him erupt inside me. My pussy just clenches down around his embedded cock. He erupts, and I feel his cum surge out, expanding his cock head again. His slippery cum squishes throughout my pussy and out my dripping pussy lips. I rub his cum all around my pussy lips with my hands, spreading it around my hips, his balls, and reaching one hand up to taste our mixture.

We are still rotating on the SLS. He presses the stop button as we slowly come to a halt. I feel his cock slowly pulsing down. Every time his cock pulses, my pussy quakes around him. I lean forward slightly so I can put my hands down and slowly raise my pussy up. We slowly come to a stop where our lips lock in a sweaty slippery swirl of deliciousness. I slide my lips away from his and slip off the top of the SLS as he slides out from underneath.

We embrace in a full body hug, wrapping our arms and legs around each other as much as possible. Our sweaty, sex juiced bodies rub and slide together. We break away in mutual erotic exhales. This time we raise the SLS up slightly and I get underneath, on the workout bench. The SLS is just high enough that I can stretch my legs around, up past my head, and press my pussy Erotic stories sls, making full contact with the SLS, and whatever might be hanging down.

For now I just slide underneath on my back. Claude lays down on the SLS and makes sure his semi hard cock is hanging through the center. I slide down the bench and lift my lips to his semi soft cockhead. I blow across his cock with my hot breath. He twitches. I start to lick my moist tongue around his cockhead.

I feel his body press into the SLS, urging his cock harder. I reach up and press his balls up, holding them back, around the base of his cock. I rotate my hands slightly as I cover the end of his cock with my succulent lips. He tastes sweet.

Erotic stories sls

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