Erotic vampire short stories

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The following is another sexy short story in the spirit of Halloween. My story included demons. This one has vampires.

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I hope this story helps with that effort. It was easy to be brave, Erotic vampire short stories, and daring in broad daylight. Anyone could present themselves to the world as something greater than what they were. They might even convince a ificant of people. However, when they laid in bed at night, alone and in the dark, their greatest fears often caught up with them. Howard Hunley knew those fears better than most. Unlike most men, his fears were justified. If anything, he had less to fear than most because his father was so respected.

That all changed when he was targeted by an ambitious rival. In one fateful night, which happened to be on Halloween, a hit squad stormed his family beach house and slaughtered almost their entire family. They thought they got them all, but he and his father miraculously survived.

From that day forward, his life changed, as did his fears. His father kept him from seeing the dead bodies of his mother, his older brother, and his sister, but there was no hiding the truth. It came very close to destroying him, as well.

In a moment that radically changed the course of his life, Main Man Max turned himself into federal authorities. In exchange for entry into the witness protection program, he offered his testimony and knowledge of the Blood Moon Cartel. He claimed that his primary motivation was protecting his only remaining child, but Howard knew the truth.

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In his youth, Howard resented his father for putting him and their family in such a position. Over time, however, he came to admire him. He watched as his father sacrificed everything, willingly going into hiding for the sake of what he had left.

There was only so much that he and witness protection could do. Howard went by a new name, Jason Jermaine Ramon. He was relocated to a small town over a thousand miles away from the home he knew. Instead of taking lives, like his father, he saved them. Even with this life, Howard never felt self, especially on Halloween. It was usually the night when he locked all his doors, barricaded his bedroom, and just waited for the night to end.

That all changed a few years ago when he encountered a beautiful creature named Adelia. Got any special Halloween plans? Are you ever going to tell us about them…or herfor that matter? His friend laughed and shook his head. He had no idea how astute his comments were. However, he was only partially right about why his Halloween plans were special.

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After waving goodbye, Howard drove off. The sun was just setting. Various Halloween festivities were just about to begin. He had some festivities of his own, but none of them involved candy, costumes, or parties. I have your favorite treat…and then some. It was a special container he got from the local clinic.

It was specifically deed to hold donated blood in plastic pouches. He did it off-hours and without permission, but it was for a good reason…an intimate, personal reason. That voice in his head echoed with the same alluring tone that had made the past several Halloween nights feel completely different.

She was a creature not of this world. Take it from Erotic vampire short stories older than this town. Words can never truly capture a love like ours. His heart skipped a beat. He sensed that excited her. It was so fitting, if not poetic.

The one person who had given new meaning to Halloween was a vampire. Even those that did had incredibly flawed assumptions about them. The many myths, folklore, and fairy tales surrounding vampires had fueled many misconceptions, some of which were intentional. It took Howard a while to learn the truth, but it turned out to be more compelling than any lore. Most vampires were not the cruel, blood-thirsty monsters that traditional stories made them out to be. Some aspects were true. Other details were pure fiction.

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Most looked perfectly normal when walking down a street. They could even retract their fangs. That was the most important aspect of real vampires and one that vampire lore often overlooked. They were human. They became vampires through an arduous process that Adelia described as Blood Genesis.

She specifics were vague, but it was something that only a handful of people could survive. Those that did enjoyed the many benefits of being a vampire, but it still came at a cost. The biggest part of that cost was the need to drink blood. As a result, blood was necessary. They could eat traditional food, but that only gave them a fraction of the nutrients they needed. Blood was necessary. Without it, they died of malnutrition. That was an understatement. Contrary to traditional vampire lore, hunting and killing humans was not their first instinct.

Some vampires went that route. Beyond killing a steady source of blood, Murder and violence tended to draw attention, which often ended with a vampire being hunted by humans and shunned by other vampires.

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Most vampires survived by simply finding humans who were willing to donate their blood willingly and compensating them for it. It was no different than any other market, except that it was largely done in secret. Most of the time, the compensation involved money or resources. When Howard first encountered Adelia, that was the arrangement they sought.

It just blossomed into something more. With growing excitement, Howard turned off his car engine and retrieved the canister containing his blood pouch. He used to check the windows and doors, looking for s of forced entry. Since Adelia entered his life, he had no such fear. Lying there on his couch, wearing nothing but simple set of bra and panties, was his vampire lover.

Even in the dim light of a full moon, she looked so radiant. There are plenty of nights for something elaborate and kinky. This is not one of them…and you already know damn well why. There was a seriousness in her voice to go along with the sexiness. When she got up from the couch and approached him, she did so with a sense of caring and compassion in her eyes. It was not a look most would associate with a vampire, but Howard knew it was genuine.

Taken by her stunning beauty and vampiric grace, he was drawn to her presence. He kicked the door shut, not even bothering to lock it, like he once did with obsessive scrutiny. They eventually met in the middle of his living room. He still wore his EMT uniform while carrying the container full of blood. With nothing but underwear on, she affectionately embraced him.

You even joke about it from time to time. But I can still sense how much it bothers you. I became your blood guardian because you craved greater safety as much as I craved blood. But I only became your blood mate when I learned why that safety means so much to you. It was a powerful reminder and one Howard still needed, even after building such a successful life for himself.

Adelia gave him another as she deepened their embrace, wrapping her arms around him securely and kissing Erotic vampire short stories softly on the lips. Her touch was so warm. That was another misconception about vampires. They were not cold, animated corpses. Their bodies were actually warmer than most humans. It was an unavoidable byproduct for having such immense abilities.

Their unique biology required more activity, as Adelia. It made their touch hotter than most. It got his blood flowing in ways few things could. It already had a special tube Erotic vampire short stories to the top, acting like an extra-long straw. With one arm still securely around his neck, she eagerly put her lips to the tube and drank it. In doing so, Howard watched with a mix of awe and affection as his vampire lover drank.

It never ceased to amaze him, how a vampire could be so energized by a fresh dose of blood. When they ingest blood, they radiated more heat. Their eyes also became bloodshot, becoming more excited and focused. Adelia described it a shot of adrenaline mixed and a surge of awareness.

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It was in that moment, watching Adelia feed while being in her embrace, that Howard felt the safest. When she came to him several years back, having found him huddled in his room with shotgun on Halloween night, she only offered him protection. Being a vampire, nobody could watch out for him in the darkness like her. All he had to do was regularly share his blood. Having been so desperate, it seemed like a fair trade. They just ended up getting more out of it than either of them expected. As soon as she finished the last drop of blood, her eyes were blood red and her exposed skin radiated with renewed energy.

Erotic vampire short stories

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