Family nudist camp stories

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My family includes my parents, my 16 year old sister Megan, my 19 year old brother Told has his 17 year old girlfriend Sara and their 1 year old baby, we have been nudist all our lives and was planning a trip for my 14th birthday. We arrived a day before my birthday and got settled in.

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That night was family night at the resort and we did the family celebration with the rest of the families that were there. I was getting some funny looks from some of the adults because they knew what was gong to happen the next night.

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My parents are very open about everything and had my brother and sister make the same kind of arrangements for me as were made for them at their 14th birthdays. The next night I had some of my friends come over along with some other teenagers that were at the resort that night. It ended up being 7 girls and 4 boys ages 13 to 19 for the party.

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Things started getting real fun when my sister go the razer out and shaved my pubic hair off and tied a ribbon around my dick. After that it was time for musical chairs for the girls and 1 boy to see who would get the night with me. Whenever one lost there seat they came over and lick whipping cream off of my dick and I kissed them betwwen there legs for 5 minutes, fun game!

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It finally got down to 2, one being a 13 year old girl and Sara, Sara won!!! The 13 year old was somewhat disapointed but still came over and cleaned my dick,then Sara came over and sprayed milk from her tits all over my dick and gave me the blowjobs of all blowjobs and took me to the bedroom. We had the rules of not disturbing me until 6 AM but the door had to be left opened.

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All left the cabin but my brother and sister. I realy enjoyed the breast milk for the next hour but the best was yet to CUM. What a night! She was good but things would get better a 6 when my brother entered and ed us. This went on for another 3 hours, then my sister came in and licked Sara clean. All that were at the food hall had quite the smiles on their faces especially my parents.

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Family nudist camp stories

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