Father and son masturbation stories

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This is a fabulous site - congratulations in handling issues such as sexuality in relation to the church with such sensitivity. I wish it had been there when I was growing up.

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I was raised in a strict Catholic background - sex was never talked about, but we were told that certain things were 'mortal' sins and that if we did them we would go to hell. At 11 years old I happily discovered masturbation - it was a terrific experience and gave a huge amount of pleasure and sexual release. But I couldn't go to confession in the local village since the priest knew everyone. So I cycled 15 miles to go to confession to a priest who didn't know me. Now, I am a Catholic priest myself, and from my experiences as a boy, especially with priests shouting at me in the confessional that 'sex was for married people', I can say that I take a much more understanding view.

I see too many teenage boys simply give up on the Catholic church. It is not a crisis of faith, it is more a moral crisis. They don't know how to remain in a body that says faith is important but masturbation is wrong.

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I was touched by the stories here of teenagers who want to continue as Christians but are not able to stop masturbating. To them all I would say this - is it likely that God would implant such a wonderful and powerful force in you, and then con you to hell for using it? If food or listening to music gives us pleasure - why not also sex masturbation which doesn't cause hurt to another? I became a Christian as a older teen 17struggled with homosexual feeling and experimentation from the time I had an early homosexual experience at five until late into my teen years.

It is still a struggle but I can also say I've been happily married for over 25 years, I've been completely faithful to my wife by the grace of God and we enjoy a sex life that gets better and better. I've also raised four girls and two boys who enjoy completely normal, although challenging at times sex lives challenging because they shouldn't be sexually active with another person outside of marriage. I guess we are all broken. We all struggle.

We all just like to hide it. And God is there to walk us through. When I became a believer, I obviously stopped engaging in sexual activity with other men but the struggle then shifted to masturbation and the condemnation heaped upon this activity by the Christian group I was a part of for many years was almost unbearable.

So much time and energy was wasted in guilt and fighting with my own body. This kind of Biblically honest teaching would have liberated me from years of tears and needless struggle. After much Bible study, I have arrived at the same conclusions regarding masturbation and feel your web site is Father and son masturbation stories fine guide for teens and all the struggles they face with their sexuality.

I showed it to my year-old son, who has entered puberty. He wasn't interested tonight but I'm hoping he comes back and spends some time here. I was born into a Christian family of six. One of the traps that many fathers involved in church life fall into is that they tend to ignore their families' needs for those of other church family members. This was very true of my father, apart from the fact he ate his meals in another room to watch the six o'clock news, and so call "wind down", he would often avoid some of the tricky questions Father and son masturbation stories made you feel inadequate for asking them, so much so you would not even attempt to ask.

At the age of eleven me and a friend stood below our second story window and innocently exposed ourselves to my sisters and their friends. They were opening and shutting the curtains so we thought we would surprise them, but to our surprise the next opening was my mother's horrified face. A lecture followed and I was told it was wrong to play and experiment with your private parts. This stuck with me for many years to follow. I was a late developer and totally innocent of my body and what it was about to go through, I had no idea of how conception took place, in fact I was never allowed to attend classes where this was likely to be discussed.

At my all-boys school, kids talked about "wankers". I was one of them - "you're a wanker". I really had no idea what they were on about. It was around this time 15yo I noticed in the school showers that the other boys were well into their puberty years and some well established and well endowed. I became afraid to even go into the showers with them for fear of being called a "wanker". Then one day when I was 16 a friend mustered up the courage to say he noticed I wasn't developing. He also told me that a "wanker" was one who masturbates and it was OK to do so.

He added that it would help my slow development if I began masturbating. He showed me how to masturbate using his finger for a penis and told me what to expect. His advice as far as masturbating was spot on except I wasn't yet ejaculating. I now know that it was total coincidence that I soon began to develop sexually, for "wanking" does not bring on puberty, it is a gland in your brain that triggers this.

I enjoyed masturbating so much that it became a daily ritual, then an obsession and then a desire to see others doing it. It became dangerous, and as explained in this site an obsession can become a real problem if it is not addressed well. I began to see myself falling away from God's covering - began feeling that this is wrong - but I love it so much I can't give it up. I would go to local parks with two mates from school, borrow a porno mag and hide behind the nearest tree.

I was then introduced to the idea I was gay, why, because I always wanted to see what the other boys had under their belt. Were they any better than me? This too became an obsession. I began to feel exactly how my dad made me feel - inadequate. What soon became apparent was that suddenly everything I was sheltered from had hit me like a ton of bricks. As my hormones grew, my desire for sex grew, but as I was too afraid to get close to anyone, this too festered within me to a point I became a closet lover for want of a better word. Then came along Dr Dobson's book called something like "Coping with Adolescence".

I was now 23 - a bit late - but I was in myself a late developer and needed to get Father and son masturbation stories to basics. It took many years to come to a point of self forgiveness, to forgive my parents from sheltering me and to gain back some self respect. If only the www was around then and if only what is available for kids today was around then, things may have been different. But reality is, they weren't around.

I got over my obsessions, and now enjoy a healthy sex life which does include masturbation from time to time. If I could give advice to parents and boys, it would be on the lines of "do not be afraid to ask, be asked, or share your testimonies". But always remember someone elses testimony may be similar to yours but it isn't yours.

Be aware of who you are and what God has intended for you. There are so many arguments for and against matters of sexuality. Times may be tough but keep focus on what God has given you and what is in your hand no pun intended. If you're in a place of obsession, realize you can get over it - in fact, get over it - deal with it and move forward. Obsessions are only set backs and what you make of them. My problems started when I was 9 years old. I saw a boy, about my age, being washed off with a garden hose by his dad who was upset with him for playing in the mud.

I remember staring at the boy's body, while at the same time feeling guilt and shame for having the impulse. It was the first time I recall thinking there was something wrong with me. It wasn't the last. Around the same age I became obsessed with my own body, spending long sessions naked in front of the bathroom mirror examining every inch of myself. This was done in secrecy of course, because I was sure I was doing something wrong. Then I remember a few times meeting under a vacant building with another boy and touching body parts.

I felt bad and guilty about it all. Again, I felt like something was wrong, but the feeling wasn't enough to make me stop. When I was 10 years old, my older brother told me that one of his friends wanted to hang out with me. I remember thinking it was cool because my older brother typically didn't want much to do with me, much less with his friends. So I willingly went along. The boy led me to a wooded hillside where he zipped down his pants, pulled out his penis, and encouraged me to touch it. Although I never did, I remember feeling very nervous, upset, and somehow guilty.

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I was sure I did something wrong. The feelings of guilt over that stayed with me for a long time. I began masturbating when I was about 11 years old. The first time was while washing in the shower. I've continued to masturbate ever since, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.

Father and son masturbation stories

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