Feminization audio stories

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Enter the world of dominant women and submissive sissies in these exciting stories of sissification and humiliation written by Kylie Gable and performed by a host of sexy and talented readers. You can find a lot more great erotic content from Jenn at MissJennDavis. Wherever you listen, please give us good feedback. As we kick off a new season, Miss Jenn Davis is back with the first part of a series of audios called The Sissy's Mentor. It's the story of a young inexperienced college freshman and the dominant woman who takes Feminization audio stories under her wing or is that wig?

Two great stories in this episode by two great dominas who have never recorded for Candy Apple Press before. Links to buy the complete audios should be up by June 9th. In this very personal story, Kylie Gable tells the true story of his feminization at the hands of some very determined and aggressive young women at his college. Kylie first wrote about his college days in the series Welcome to College, but now as a more seasoned writer, he's prepared to tell more of his own story. The audio by Shayla Aspasia perfectly captures the mood of this coming of age story.

This true story of female domination and forced feminization proves that truth is hotter than fiction.

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This series explores themes of female power and sissy training in an intimate way that fiction just can't. You can find a lot of other great erotic content from Shayla at DrainingMen. At least half the show is missing and in that half are the very sexiest parts. This episode is the exception. This is the entire first book in the College Changes a Guy series. Emma Adams is a woman you don't meet every day. A librarian with a penchant for motorbikes, yet underneath those bookish glasses and stylish Feminization audio stories, is a former MI6 agent, who lives a life of danger and intrigue.

Hired by the barmaids at a local tavern, she meets the inept manager and the handsy patrons who have made the once-friendly pub, a place where no woman is safe. Now Emma might be a master of several martial arts, but does she have what it takes to thwart a much bigger man? This story of female domination and feminization is inspired by the classic British spies of yesteryear. Faith O'Shea has the perfect voice for this story. She's back for her third read with Candy Apple Press and we hope there will be many more to come. As we kick off a new season, Miss Jenn Davis is back with the second part of a series of audios called The Sissy's Mentor.

You can get the entire audio here Mistress DJ gives a reading of a 10 minute section of Camp Femdom--a story of a bitter rivalry between a group of male camp counselors and female ones. She has a Clips4Sale store too.

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On this episode, Allison Jerry is back with one of my favorite stories Property of the Cheerleaders. I believe it's the only cheerleader forced feminization book inspired by Goodfellas. You can find more from Allison at her website allisonjerry. If you're enjoying this podcast, let us know! This leaves the poor girl with five groomsmen and only four bridesmaids. Of course, never underestimate plucky bridesmaids.

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They kidnap a guy on the way home from their hen party and keep him captive for two weeks teaching him how to fill in at the wedding. Faith O'Shea is back today with a repeat performance reading this fun story of forced feminization with a wedding backdrop. Happy Halloween!

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This double-length podcast ends our first season with a bang. You can find her at MistressDJ. We have one of our longest podcasts ever this week at just under 45 minutes. You can find a lot more great erotic content from Shayla at DrainingMen. I wrote it as Working Girl meets forced feminization. OwlTail only owns the podcast episode rankings. Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail.

Audio is streamed directly from Kylie Gable servers. Downlo goes directly to publisher. The Feminization Boudoir. Weekly hand curated podcast episodes for learning Subscribe. Popular episodes. All episodes. The best episodes ranked using user listens. Beach House. The Sissy's Mentor Part 1.

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Most Popular Podcasts. College Changes a Guy Part 1. The Sissy's Mentor Part 2. Camp Femdom. Feminized by His High School Bully. The Stephanie Project 1. The Sissy's Mentor Part 5.

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Property of the Cheerleaders. Pegging Sue. The Sissy's Mentor Part 4. The Sissy's Mentor Part 3. Tying the Knot. The Halloween Special. After the Ordeal and The Sissy Bowl. High-Heeled Coup. Your Queue.

Feminization audio stories

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Forced Feminization: 3 Manuscripts Audiobook by Jessica Whip