First time cum in mouth stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was the day after my mom had caught Sean fucking me. She had come home early from dinner to find me bent over the upstairs railing while he drilled me from behind. Sean, the son of one of my dad's friends, had been staying with us for a while, although the incident my mom witnessed was only the third time Sean and I had fucked.

It was a Saturday afternoon and my dad was out of town for a few days.

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My brother, Jack, had gone out to play tennis with a friend, leaving my mom as the only other person in the house. After catching us she had told us that she was okay with us having sex as long as we kept it from my dad. In fact, she even went so far as to suggest that we could have sex in the house if she was home, provided nobody else was. My mom had buried herself in her home office to get caught up on some work, so Sean and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to fuck. I dragged him into my room where we quickly started kissing and groping each other. I pulled his shirt off next and he began to kiss and suck on my breasts as I reached out and rubbed his crotch.

I hadn't really thought about it until that point, but I did get very excited when we got caught. I started to undo his pants and then pushed them off of him. His touch distracted me and I failed to ask for details.

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I pulled down his underwear and allowed his cock to spring free. I had loved it the night before when he had been a bit rough with me, and I found myself getting turned on the more I thought about letting him dominate me. He straddled my chest and then put his cock against my lips. As I opened my mouth for him he began to gently thrust.

He helped me hold my head up as he stuck a pillow underneath it, then I started to rub the base of his shaft as he fucked my mouth with just the first two or three inches. I've never done this with my mom in the house! He put the head of his cock between my pussy lips and then slowly inched it inside. He fucked me a bit harder with each passing minute and then I reached down to rub my clit. I opened my mouth willingly and began to suck it, cleaning my juices off of it with my tongue.

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I sucked his cock for a few minutes and then pulled away. I got on my hands and knees and stuck my ass in the air, coaxing him towards it. He started to rub his cock up and down the length of my pussy, teasing me once again. I heard him chuckle a bit and then start to inch his cock into me. I looked over and watch us in the reflection in the mirror above my dresser.

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It wasn't long before he was grabbing onto my hips and fucking me from behind as hard as he could. Fuck that feels good! Your dick is so big! It was the first time someone had called me that and the effect was instant.

I came hard, my entire body convulsing. Moments after my orgasm had passed I felt Sean's hand smack against my ass with a great deal of force. He continued to fuck me and spank me until I finally came once again. I felt him pull his cock out of me and then he turned me around. Once again I opened my mouth to suck his cock fresh from my pussy.

His moans were louder this time and I was sure he was nearing his own orgasm. I had never swallowed a guy's cum, or even let someone cum in my mouth for that matter, but I knew that I wanted to swallow Sean's load. Just as I completed that thought I heard him groan. I felt his cock swell in my mouth, followed by hot jets of cum shooting out onto my tongue and into the back of my throat.

The feeling was strange, but I found it quite easy to swallow his load. He continued to cum, so I kept swallowing every last drop that came out.

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I cuddled up against him and we stayed there, naked on top of my covers. We had been lying there for a few minutes when we heard the phone ring. Less than a minute later there was a knock on the bedroom door. We looked at each other and smiled, both of us surprised and yet thankful that my mom was now a coconspirator and was watching out for us I was never baptized as a baby,so when i was 15,my parents finially had me baptized at Easter sunday mass along with all of the other kids,preteens and teens.

Like all of the other girls baptized with me i was dressed in the traditional,white,short sleeve,boufant shoulder,poofy,knee length baptism gown with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and had the white tee shirt with the cloth diaper and blousy fitting rubberpants[plasticpants] on under my gown.

Later that afternoon,my boyfriend Bryce,came over towards the end of my party and saw me and got very aroused seeing me dressed like a baby! We went to his house,as his parents were out and we started kissing. He put his hand under my gown and felt my diaper and rubberpants and really got horny! He got his hard cock out,then unzipped the back of my gown and pulled it off of me and saw my tee shirt diaper and rubberpants and First time cum in mouth stories me i looked just like a baby! He then pushed me to my knees,thrust his cock into my mouth,held my head in both hands and starting thrusting it back and forth!

A few minutes later he shot his full load into my mouth and i gagged,then he tipped my head back and made me swallow it all! It was very bitter tasting! He made me suck him some more then he was done. I put my gown back on,we cuddled for a few minutes,then he walked me back home. I had the taste of his cum on my breadth for quite a while! I really did enjoy the way you got right to it, Christine. As in real life, sometimes I get tired of the romance part of it - I just want to feel him inside me.

You get that. I'm glad. But it was hot! The feeling when he came in your mouth was strange you say. Well if you liked it thats all that matters I guess. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Erotic Couplings My First Swallow. My First Swallow. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Author's note: Like all of my stories so far, this one is true. I hope you enjoy it!

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First time cum in mouth stories

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