First time dog sex story

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PM change Verification. ed: Nov 15, Messages: Nov 28, This story is fiction.

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The morning was well on its way, and the kids had just left for school for the day, and she had the whole house to herself. She relished her days off, though they did seem lonely a lot of the time. She'd been careful, she'd taken lots of chances, but each man she found always seemed to leave eventually, it was getting too much to deal with. These were the thoughts she was having when she sat down at her computer to log onto the internet, in hopes of finding some escape from her dark thoughts.

Today was First time dog sex story, and as usual she connected to the web, checked her e-mail, talked to a few friends online, and finding nothing too much of interest going on with them, decided to do a little web surfing. Outside, the sun was blazing hot, causing the over all temperature to soar. Not to mention the humidity was horrible. The steamy weather was causing her to sweat a bit, even with her tank top rolled up over her midriff, and her thin shorts, she was becoming uncomfortable.

She looked around the house, glanced out the window, and thought about it for a while and finally grinned to herself as she made her decision. She stood from her computer desk, walked to the front door and locked it, then moving to the windows again she drew the blinds closed, and slowly stripped off her clothing. Even in the heat, and damp of the air, it felt good to be nude.

She slowly drew her shirt up over her body, her beautiful round breasts falling free as she removed her shirt, then slipping her fingers into the waistband of her shorts, she slowly slid them down, her nicely rounded ass exposed as she bent at the waist to slide them down her legs.

One of the things Jane truly loved about being online was the immense amount of information on the internet. When she was alone, often her thoughts would turn inward, to her more sensual desires. She would often surf erotica sites in the hopes of finding a story that would help her further along this path, but sometimes it was also out of her fascination with the strange, and taboo things that it seemed so many other people took part in.

Among some of the tastier stories were those of forced sex, and bestiality. These especially turned her on because they were so taboo. The kids were staying at friend's houses tonight after school, so she didn't have to worry about that, so she swam, quietly, nude in the water, enjoying the freedom of it.

Later that day, back at her computer, she was talking to one of her friends, and the conversation turned to her day. She was noncommittal, after all, she didn't really know this guy, and chances are, he was just another of those fly by night sweet talkers who used her and left her as soon as he had his fun.

He seemed to share some of her more sensuous interests, including her fascination with taboo things. Little did she know this guy wasn't like that. Sure, he was a little strange, and lived all the way on the other side of the world, but there was something about him. He was always sending her links to sites for new stories and such, but today, oddly, he hadn't done that.

In fact he was acting especially strangely today, rather quiet. She was concerned, and didn't push, but eventually she managed to get him to open up. It was then he related a story to her about something he had done, and though he knew she shared similar interests with him, he was a bit embarrassed about it.

Apparently, he had gone out with some of his buddies that weekend, and gotten very drunk, in the course of the weekend, he had wound up somehow at a First time dog sex story deed for those with an interest in animal sex. Zoosexuality to be more exact, people having sex with animals.

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He related to her how he consented to having sex with various animals, having had sex with a sheep, and a horse. He wasn't too ashamed of these things it was when he admitted he had been fucked anally First time dog sex story a dog that he seemed a little uncomfortable in telling her. He did go on to tell her however, that this farm was not the only one of it's kind, and that actually there was a whole worldwide community of zoosexuals that kept in touch, and that in fact, there was one similar near where she lived.

She was kindly, but she had some house cleaning to do, so after the conversation ended, she disconnected from the internet, but the address the man had forwarded to her was still up on the screen two hours later when she passed by the computer. No, no, that's too insane, these people could be out of their minds, capturing women for white slavery for all I know," she argued with herself.

Finally she put the thought from her mind, but it just wouldn't go away. The authorities had been notified of it's existence, and they had had to move away, too far away for her to reach them. However, she was told that if she was truly interested in such a thing that she should purchase herself an animal to have around the house. She thought about that, and decided a dog would be the best choice, besides, having a pet in the house would be good for the kids, they never needed to know the other reason she'd bought it.

Her mind set, Jane set out to meet with a man who had a kennel of various breeds, all trained for her purposes, and broken to be around children without the secret being out. She looked over the various dogs, and spoke with the handler. He was very nice, "for a man," she thought.

Looking them over she finally picked a boxer mix, there was something about him that just spoke to her, he was beautiful, and had very expressive eyes. Upon arriving home that night she was beside herself as to how to begin exploring this experience. Before long, she decided, maybe this was a mistake, the dog was very well behaved, and seemed to sense her hesitancy, laying his head on her feet, and peering up at her with unadulterated love. Suddenly, and without warning, she heard a noise outside on the street, and without even thinking she flew out of bed to look out the window. Outside her window, across the street there seemed to have been a car accident, and as people will, she stood there in morbid fascination.

Authorities had crowded around shining bright lights on the whole area. It was then she realized she was standing nude in front of the window, and quickly dropping to her hands and knees she continued to peer over the edge of the window, watching the goings on in fascination. First time dog sex story fascinated by what was happening outside was she, she didn't hear the door of her bedroom creep open, or the soft p of the dog's feet walking up behind her.

In fact, she was not prepared for the cold wet nose poking into her exposed sex at all, and gave a jump as she felt it. Sensually, her netherlips throbbed under the probing snout of the animal, so much so that she decided that she enjoyed it, and after the initial shock and tension of her ass cheeks squeezing together, she finally relaxed, and peeked out the window again. Meanwhile the dog began licking now, gently at first, each touch of his tongue against her moist pussy sending waves of pleasure through her body, and forcing soft sighs from her throat Ooh'd she coo'd, encouraging the dog to continue.

The dog, of course had been trained for this, and began lapping at her with more enthusiasm, burying his snout in her crotch, his tongue running in long strokes over her clit, lips and anus. As she was brought closer and closer to orgasm with each of his licks, her eyes glazed over, and she stared off into space. Suddenly, like an explosion wracking her body from the inside out, she came, harder than she had ever cum before, her voice finding purchase in a long moan turning quickly into a low scream of pleasure, "OH FUCK!

The dog seeming to understand what had just happened, stopped licking her, and leaned down then, and began licking himself. By then, Jane was far too exhausted to move, her multiple climax having wiped out her strength to move. All she could do was glance over her shoulder at the animal, sitting behind her, licking his cock, and sac. Every now and again he would look at her, those expressive eyes questioning, as if asking if she'd like him to lick her some more.

Finally having caught her breath, she decided yes, perhaps she is ready for another bout of that, and speaking to the dog quietly, she placed her hand between her legs, spreading her soaked lips to encourage him.

He didn't need it of course, and immediately began licking her again, her lips spread like that allowing him better access to the mouth of her sex, and clit. Soon she was so lost in the feeling she began moaning again loudly, talking through her excitement. Good boy, mmmm," she would moan out, as she would reach a small climax and then begin building for another, the dogs tongue did it's work. So lost in this pleasure was she that soon she was moaning out words incoherently, encouraging the dog, who must be getting tired by now.

Suddenly, another climax hit her, it's force almost as powerful as the first orgasm she was given by this animal with the magic tongue, and as she came, she cried out "YES! So lost in recovering from her last climax, she was completely taken First time dog sex story guard, and gasped loudly, not sure what the animal was doing, the idea of such a thing though having occurred to her, didn't seem real somehow until then, that was. The dog's hardening cock poked against her thighs twice before finally stabbing between her slick pussy lips, and the force, and size of it completely knocked the wind from her, as his thick doggy cock rammed into her with the force of the heavily muscled animal's lust.

So forceful was the fucking the dog was giving her that the only sounds she could muster were deep guttural grunts, "Uhg, uhg, uhg, gawd, ugh, FUCK!! The dog, true to his training was encouraged by such sounds, and let out his own quiet grunts. His cock was so swollen inside her by now, each thrust he made was painful, to the point where even with his immense strength he could hardly move his haunches anymore.

With a loud "YIP! The knot of the dog's cock had swollen so much that by then, the dog was locked to Jane's sweaty, saliva, cum-soaked pussy inseparably.

First time dog sex story

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