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The following articles concern tor ture in Greek amd turkish prisons. One is a letter written from Athens to a friend in london by an intel lectual closely in touch with the situa tion in Greek jails. The other is by a woman in Ankara who smuggled from jail her story of torture there. I hope you received my last letter, mainly concerned with X. In the meantime, instead of any improve ment, at least in the living conditions of prisoners, there is a definite turn for the worse, both for those prisoners.

Y was seen by a member of his family, and he was looking thinner and more exhausted than at any pre vious visit. The only ificant thing he said was to ask them why they did not provide him with any toilet paper, and he looked quite desperate and reed when assured that they had brought paper repeatedly. You can visualize the condition of a man suffering from continuous dysentery and not having any paper.

About the others I have no specific informatin, but I feel sure that their conditions are no better, becauser I hear such general news about them as that they look thinner and tired. About the students nothing definite is known, as practically no parents have been allowed to see them. A very few of them have been released, mainly because they had been arrested by mistake, and mostly from them the horror stories have circulated. Inces sant beating and other forms of physi cal torture are being used, the military police having decided to put down the mask and show their brutality quite openly — if only to frighten others into good behavior.

A girl I know came to see me yes terday to tell me that had heard; that her boyfriend — a student ar rested a few weeks ago—was in hos pital, together with some other stu dents, and to ask me what could be done about him. She was pale, with a desperate look on her face, and I felt awful having to tell her that there was nothing any of us could do.

Then it is known that they are in the hands of the military police as well as all the other prisoners I've been talking about before, and not in Foot torture story hands of the navy. It has been said, even written in one Athens news paper, that some of them are in the hospital, having been so badly tor tured. It is horrible living in athens just now. The people around us live normal lives and yet we all know what is going on so near us. I am starting to realize what it must have been like to live under hitler's Germany, to know about the prison camps and to be quite powerless to do anything to help.

We know that any attempt on our part, instead of helping the condi tions of prisoners, will only end in putting us in jail as well—and so we just sit, getting more and more des perate and hopeless and with resent ment and hate gathering in our hearts.

There are so many prisoners who are being tortured just now—never before in such — that the usual torturers are not sufficient to go around torturers are not sufficient to go around, and I feel sure all the time —and a new generation of sadist is born. Why do I write all this to you? Perhaps to let off steam more than for any other reason, because I know by now how little foreign Foot torture story can do. And yet I keep hoping that some new way will be found.

Perhaps Foot torture story might think of someting else that I haven't thought of, but which might help. This is just one of thos rumors that are always being circu lated by the Government at crucial moments, only to be proved false when the crucial moment has passed. Please send me a postcard with just a few words of greetings when you re ceive this, as I want to be sure that it has reached you, and has not been written in vain.

I was first taken to the Military Police Headquar ters in Ankara. After the identification procedure, the officer on duty there gave Sergeant Major Aydin a list of names that he had jotted down on a piece of paper.

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Umit Erdem, and 2 Ihsan Parlak. He asked Sergeant Major Aydin to take me to these people. We left Foot torture story the police headquarters and Sergeant. Major Aydin left me in the custody of Umit Erdem, of the Political Bureau on the seventh floor of the building. Umit Erdem, without even asking ques tions, began to kick me. He took me to the room which had been prepared as a bedroom for the police on night duty at the Political Bureau. He then began to insult me by such questions as:.

I was then confronted with C. This friend was in a terrible condition from the torture he had been subjected to. His hands were handcuffed, his feet had swollen from the bastinado job he had received he could hardly walk on his feet and was barefooted because his shoes were too small for his swollen feet and he could not move his fingers because of the electric shock he had received.

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I was confronted with another friend, H. Umit Erdem swore at my friend and said:. All of this Foot torture story place within the twenty minutes after I had entered the Police Headquarters. We were then taken to the special room on the sixth floor which had been prepared for torture. We were taken into the room which hallway, the second door from the last.

They asked my friend F. He was given electric shock to his hands and feet as well as his sexual organs. He was also sub jected to bastinado. I was forced to watch this torture scene and was told:. A little later, they disconnected the electrodes from my friend and con nected them to the little finger of my right hand and my toes.

They also tied my arms and legs to wooden stakes. Accompanying the electric shock, they began to beat my feet with a club until I could no longer feel the beating.

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This went on for ap proximately half an hour. My feet were beaten by the person I have identified as No. Then the electrode on my hand was tied to my ear, They gave me further shock as well as subjected me to bas tinado for approximately two and a half hours more. The people who were torturing me began talking about us ing the electric club. They asked me, in the language that I have indicated above, whether or not I was a virgin.

When I told them I was a virgin, they changed their minds about using the electric club. They told me that they would transfer me to a hospital and that my future was bleak indeed if I would not tell them the truth. On Dec. Safa Gezgin, on the pretext Foot torture story I was wanted by tie prison administration. I told them that I was under custody, that my trial was being reviewed by the Supreme Court of Ap peals, that I would only leave here to go to either the court only leave here to go to either to court or the Office of the Prosecutor, and that I would not go anywhere else.

They then showed me the copy of the order which was addressed to the prison administration. Despite my protests, the Director of Prison No. My eyes were tied with a black band. The building that we went to had an entrance with four or five stairs, a glass door with iron bars. Into the room I was taken, two people came in with the ranks of officer I could see from the lower part of the band tied to my eyes.

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They began shouting and asked me why I had given the prison administration trouble by refusing to come here. When I told them once again that I was brought here illegally, that it was natural for me to protest, I was told. We're going to give your real punishment here. One of them told me he would wait a while and that if I did not start talking, only my dead body would leave the room.

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After a while, they tied me to a chair and gave electric shock to my hands and feet. This lasted about an hour. So that my knees would not bang against marks to be seen by my friends and familya soldier held the chair I was sitting on. During this torture, my eyes were still tied. When we left the building, I was able to see what the building was as well as the road leading there since they had failed to tie my Foot torture story secure ly. The building was what they called Counter Guerrilla Headquarters located inside the 28th Division.

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Yours very sadly, Z. This continued for eight days.

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The Torture That Goes On and On