Forced dog sex stories

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This story from Griffin Heart has been read 2 7 1 8 0 times. This piece takes place the day after the curse is first spoken. Birds were singing and sunlight was streaming through the windows. I tried to remember all that had happened. Had I imagined the whole thing? I reached a hand up my inner thigh and into the heat of my poor, beaten pussy.

Still bruised from his fingertips, but at least not penetrated otherwise. I let out a long sigh as I laid my head back on my pillow.

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It was then that I heard a low whine. I looked around my room, not recognizing its location at first. I heard it again. There, in the corner, crouched my dog. Buddy came over with strange reluctance, wagging his tail nervously before tucking it between his legs. And that was when I Forced dog sex stories it.

Buddy had a bright red erection at that moment. I watched Buddy in the corner for awhile. Still that huge erection, still that whine. But it sounded painful now. I realized it was hurting him. If there is any animal on Earth that should have the first go at me He was on top of me in a moment. I assumed he would fuck me hard and fast, like animals always do, but Buddy seemed unsure at first. Testing the waters, he began to slowly run his cock against my widening lips. I rubbed the back of his neck.

It was definitely not a human cock. My eyes grew wide. The sex was wonderful. I had expected a nightmare, but here I was, the world all peace and heat, Buddy slowly, methodically, thrusting into me with his slick hot dick, my insides warmed as they accepted him eagerly, my hand running through the fur on the back of his neck, his face laid against mine, quiet, nearly inaudible noises of pleasure escaping from his throat. I felt my curling pubes twisting into the soft fur of his underbelly, the tips of all those little tufts of fur brushing gently against my labia whenever he withdrew just a little.

Then his knot came in.

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Swelling and swelling, Buddy built a barrier against my vaginal opening, pulling against it with pleasure but too swollen to withdraw. Still thrusting, his veins surged so hard I could feel them as he suddenly released hot dog cum into my eager womb.

I squealed with pleasure and sat up, the knot crushing deliciously into my G-spot in the process. And there, suddenly, I shared my own orgasm with him, pumping and throbbing in a world of bright colors, then breathing hard as I clung onto Buddy for dear life. I sat like that, afterward, for a good ten minutes, breathing, feeling his knot grow uncomfortably tight as my body returned to normal, then feeling it slowly slack and withdraw.

Dog cum, mixed with my own fluids, spilled out over the sheets as he withdrew.

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I pulled him into my lap, stroking and stroking him. And we stayed that way until bedtime, when I pulled him near to my naked skin and held him tight as we fell asleep together. That night, at what must have been sometime between midnight and morning, I felt a cold wetness prodding against my crotch.

It began to lick me, running a tongue over my clit and parting my inner lips. I moaned and instinctively spread my legs. I felt Buddy mount me and now, my head still half asleep, we fucked all over again. I felt him slipping out of me and closed my eyes for sleep right as the dawn peeked through the top of the shutters. I slept til noon that morning, and when my parents asked me if I was feeling okay, I told them I was fine, just needed a little extra sleep this time. Which, technically, was the truth.

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Forced dog sex stories

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Animal Sex Stories- Raped By Three Dogs And I Loved It!