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View On WordPress. Jason met her at a bar and instantly fell in love with her. Her gorgeous red dress, blonde hair and stunning personality instantly won him over. He was shocked when Chloe revealed about her past and how she used to be…. Wait a minute Lisa, I did everything you wanted, I let you feminize me, and I even took hormones like you wanted. I was a real man until you changed me.

I still love you Michael, but I just feel like I also want a man in my life. I was a 6 ft tall muscular man with a big…. What are you doing?? Stop it!!

Your sister will Forced feminization stories tumblr home anytime now!! She cannot know about our arrangement!! I have some good news baby…I told my sister about our secret affair. She knows we are together and probably making out like we always do when she is away!! Oh, just accept it sissy…you love me more than my sister. The sight of my dick brings enormous amount of joy to you, and I can see that in your eyes. Its time to end our secret romance and officially come out in public as a couple. Instead of once or twice a week, we can now fuck every single day!!! You are all mine now!!

Whenever he held it, he could transform himself into whoever he wanted! Its value was priceless, but he knew it would be far more fun to have than to sell. Just shake your ass and put on a show for me as I give you some rules to survive. First, I want my old job back with a raise and three-day weekends. Second, your house is too big for a little sissy to survive, so I will move in with you.

Third, I will be using your Lamborghini instead of my crummy pickup truck.

Fourth, your new name is Dolly, and you will never dress up in your old male outfits when you are at home. In the office, you can look like a man but underneath your trousers, you will always wear panties. Fifth, you will continue to stay on hormones until you develop DD breasts and get rid of these fake breast forms.

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Forced feminization stories tumblr

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