Forced impregnation stories

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s: Quote from: Sindain on September 16,PM. Here's an idea for a story: A rapist maybe with a revenge agenda, or just plain malicious targets a young wife to bear his bastard. He manages to get keys to their home, and makes it a point to check in from time to time, careful not to take or disturb anything.

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He checks her medicine cabinet, or the top drawer of her bureau--wherever she keeps her birthcontrol pills or gel. Chances are, she keeps a chart to track her cycle. Sooner or later, he'll find that she's circled or colored her fertile day s. This is the occasion to break in, tie up the husband, and watch as his little wife gets raped--and impregnated.

All the better if they are desperately plannng for a little bundle of joy to heal their marriage of other problems! Sindain : Glad you approve. I always think my dirty talk sounds stupid in plain text or in the cold light of day, when one is not in the middle of the action.

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I cringe a little writing it. But I'm happy when it resonates with people anyway. Go ahead and struggle, it only makes me harder.

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I find the idea of impregnating a girl very HOT. Course to increase her chances of getting pregnant, she would have to orgasm after the act. I think it's a primal, animalistic drive to mate that would cause a man to want to knock up a woman. It's a woman's primal desire to get knocked up by a man that impales her to her being. They are both basic drives Forced impregnation stories inside us to want to procreate, to pass our seed on. It is a primal desire within a woman to be dominated by a man. Hence, sex that draws on these beastial impulses can only be strong and hot!

Sindain Freshman Posts: 41 Merits 6. It's delicious. Many happy things came from those words. One of the best impregnation stories I ever read had virtually no sex. A guy had a revenge agenda on some girl who prized herself on keeping her virginity. He has a female accomplice, an estranged friend of hers. The friend, a kind of Judas woman, sets up the victim, and they manage to give her a knock-out judge.

The guy then masterbates. His accomplice captures his semen, and they manage to insert it into the virgin's vagina with a syringe or something.

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Thus the girl's hymen is intact--but the semen has penetrated her, works its way up her vagina and fallopian tubes, and she is successfully impregnated. Not only against her will--but without her knowledge! Then she had a virgin birth. Does she name the baby Jesus?

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So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the presumably asexual family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex?

I have never found the topic of forced impregnation sexy or erotic. I can't imagine having to carry the child of someone i loathed or simply didnt care for in any way. It was hard enough carrying them for someone i thought i loved. I think that would be my own personal hell, with nothing sexy about it for me. I'm here for your entertainment One of my fantasies is this.

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A old man, recently out of prison, stalk at me until i go to the beach for vacations. There he, with a gang of his friends, attack me and rape me many times, keeping me as his slave for a couple of months until he is certain that i am preg. All of this cause he wanted to abuse from me when i was Forced impregnation stories teenager, and i made him go to prison for this 10 years now i am 24so his ultimate revenge is that i have to bear this child, without knowing certanly whose the kid's father is Noeliaslut has a hot mind Image being forced on your hands and knees so that your belly and tits and hanging down, swaying back and forth as he slapps your mams.

Maybe he writes "breeder" on you and they all laugh at you Large dark nipples full of the milk started by your rapists actions I see you with your head and arms resting on a sofa while your breeding parts are stuck out for anyone and everyone to use and abuse WannabeRapist Senior Posts: Merits Didn't your hormones make you horny at all? Quote from: Ms. Zada on January 11,PM. SMF 2.

Forced impregnation stories

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