Forced incontinence story

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Jessica clarkson was hardly what anyone would characterize as a hardened criminal. Manny called her Jessie or jess. She seemed to have it all. Her farther was a janitor at a public school. He was let go due to budget cuts. He started his own cleaning company and ended uo cleaning several school including the one that let him go. He hired additional workers and expended to cleaning busdiness and churches and individual homes. It became a huge business. The bussiness went from a family run bussiness to a big cooperation. Her mom ran the administration end of the bussiness. In high school, jess helped with the cleaning and some of the admin as well.

She graduated from high school first in her class.

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She went to a prominent university. She graduated second in her class at university. Her dad wanted to take a lessor role in tje company. She took over as general manager andhe stayed on as c. Eventually he decided to step down as ceo. She took over. He became chairman of the bored of directors. He was still involved in the company but not before. She was bold and determined. She was a heavy hitter. She was authoritative. She apeared to be strong willed and ambitious. It was believed by many that she was determined to be single all her life. At the very least she was content.

It did not apear to be much of a priority to her. She started becoming active in the chamber of comerce. Jeff ran a finacial consulting firm.

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He was elected president of the local chamber and he asked her to be his vice president. They worked close together. They started to realy talk at a chamber Christmas party. Over time they Forced incontinence story friends then close friends. Then he asked her out on a formal date and she accepted.

He proposed and she accepted. They got married. When she got pregnant she took time off. She decided to take a less prominent role but was active in the company. Her dad returned as general manager but she took the c. She got pregnient again.

She continued working part time and consulting. Then her husbend had a brain aneurysm and died. She was in good shape financialy. She sold her husnands conpony. She worked from home but came to the office as well. She and her dad shared in the day to day operation of the conpony. She kept busy. She loved her kids and that kept her going. She made the best of things. She supported her. She spent time with them. She was able to balance work and family. Her dad was so proud of her. It appeared that she was a phoenix from the ashes.

She was back. Her life was turning around. That was not to be forever. It was about to take a down turn again. One night a young man with a gun tried to break in her home. She heard a noise. She got her gun. She was a lusenced gun owner. Stil in her nightie she snunk down the stairs. She saw a man. She saw that he has a gun. She brandished it. She warned him. He stopped.

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He was about to fire. She fired first. He was down. She called the police. The police and ambulance arrived. She checked on her. She was questioned by officers. The sate leguslature had passed laws that protected home owners who ussed guns to defend there homes from invaders. It seemed to be an open and shut case. The intruder was well known to law enforcement.

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He had been involved in shop lifting, burgery and armed robery. He was bad news. He had been in and out of jail. All of the evidence indicated that she was protecting herself and her small children. Her gun was registered.

Forced incontinence story

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