Forced weight gain stories

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Here is a list of my completed stories, both my own and fulfilled requests. Please note story warnings. Right on the dot of 9 A. I went with breakfast burritos and some apple pies this morning. And stopped for a free donut and coffee too. I smile to myself and send back an image of my breakfast - a couple of granola bars and iced coffee. Are you choosing something savory or something sweet? Somehow I make it through the morning and as I head to the lunchroom, I pull up a pizza delivery site and start typing in your order.

As I sit down with my lunch, I get a text from you:. Ha, very true. No need to make the delivery person jealous. I wait for only a few seconds before you send me Forced weight gain stories photo of your sweat pants tucked under your belly, and a good three inches of fat hanging out of your shirt.

A coworker approaches, making me slide my phone into my lap. I manage to pull away from a riveting conversation of the benefits of social media on customer retention rates and open my phone to see you grinning as you eat pizza. Amazing pick, as usual.

I also forgot to pull down my shirt before answering the door. Oopsies, hope you tipped well!

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You know I do. Might as well lose your shirt now. You know grease stains are hard to remove.

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The attached photo was of you on the couch, reclining slightly as the pizza box rests on your bare belly. Finally, after a long day, I walk through the door holding several takeout bags from a local Italian restaurant. I got Italian for you! I can hear you grunting still, before you finally stop. Curious, I walk around the corner and grin at you. Your belly rises above you, and I can tell it blocks part of your view of the TV.

Your arms rest on your side rolls more than the arm rests, and I watch as you rub you belly in mild embarrassment. Your face has a sheen of sweat and your cheeks are flushed from the exertion of trying to move.

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The empty pizza boxes, soda bottle and various snack wrappers are haphazardly thrown at the trashcan by your chair. But all the pizza is gone. I could be bigger … if you bring me dinner. We both cycled through being demanding, andI could see you wanted the royal treatment. I got lasagna, tortellini, spaghetti and garlic bread. And some tiramisu for later. What do you feel like first?

Oh, and maybe ditch your clothes? I want to see you. It takes a minute for your fat to still, and only then do I go fetch an overloaded plate of food for you. Megan sighed, tossing her phone on the table. One month into quarantine lockdown and she was bored beyond belief. Her usual hobbies were all outdoors based and her body was growing restless. There were only so many yoga poses to do and miles to run on a treadmill.

She wished she could handle it as well as her boyfriend, Ryan. While he had been into sports, he also had an easy time switching to eSport video games. She could hear him yelling at his team to pick up the ball and sighed again, picking up a magazine from the table.

This edition was trying to hype up the summer, promising perfect early summer flowers to plant and perfect patio arrangements. She lazily flipped through until an article caught her eye. It covered the highly competitive world of pie making. She found herself fascinated as she read, an idea taking shape. Keep reading. Contains TWO endings - super dark or bittersweet but both contain death.

This is not for the faint of heart. Sorta filled a couple different prompts at once and tried to write something new. I knew Forced weight gain stories husband had been overly flirty for years, and how that flirtation grew into prolonged leering.

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But seeing the photos in front of me… it was undeniable. He was cheating on me. With a girl barely old enough to drink and at least four sizes thinner than me. Image after image of proof - hey, we never did that one - and my anger was being sharpened into a cold fury.

You see, I had dear Dave between a rock and a hard place. Continue reading on AO3 please pay attention to what ending you follow. A requested story told from first person POV of feeder. I smiled as I saw my date walk towards the table, a guy already in the SSBHM category and determined to get even bigger, if our conversations were anything to go off of. I was a bit worried he would end up being a catfish of sorts, more into the fantasy than making it a reality.

Nice to finally meet you. I watched as his belly sat heavily in his lap, and wondered if he chose that sweater because of the way it hugged his body and displayed every roll. Our conversation picked up effortlessly, each of us finding Forced weight gain stories easy to talk to each other in person after a year of messaging. The waiter stopped by to hand us our menus and get our drink orders before walking away. I have a fun idea though. I grinned at him and looked through the menu, finding the highest calorie food.

AO3 link - No required to read.

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When will chapter 22 be published?!! Dan watched from the bed as Allison was pulling on her pants, jumping up and down as she desperately tried to pull the fabric over her thickened thighs. She had gained weight once settling into her new routine of married life and stable career but only 15 pounds. The added weight on the pound woman went mostly to her pot belly and her thighs, her belly perfectly grabbable and just barely hung over her waistband.

Dan had watched the weight pile on her, not wanting to make her self conscious about it but also not sure how to bring up the desire to see her gain more. Did you accidentally run it on hot? I might have left it on hot. She just chuckled at his mistake, finishing getting dressed before breezing out of the house - coffee and muffin in hand.

Posts Archive. Master Post of Stories Here is a list of my completed stories, both my own and fulfilled requests. Will update as I continue. Just a quick story! Thank you. As I sit down with my lunch, I get a text from you: Food on the way? Yes ma'am. This better? Now, get to eating. I want all of it gone by the time I get home. You send back an affirmative, and I head back to my desk, planning your dinner as I went.

That you? What a pig! But no sexy times until you finish. It sure is nice to have a stay at home gainer. And two Forced weight gain stories pun intended projects for a debut: A fantasy based weight gain anthology; focusing on both high and low fantasy, mythology, and folklore. This is told from the perspective of a bard-like Narrator in shorter chapters that focuses one fantasy element at a time; but everything fits into a larger universe.

And my magnum opus, Big Sky. And I was livid. I needed him to be ruined.

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And I had just the plan. And because of that, he will do anything I say. Show time. Would he go all out or be shy and order something off the diet menu? Thank you!

Forced weight gain stories

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