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Summary: This was originally written in response to a Scully Slash list challenge for an 'elevator-sex' story. Scully walked through the maze of basement corridors carrying a stack of dusty hospital files. Three hours worth of waiting and wrong turns just to gather twenty patient histories. He gets to play super spy with the surveillance team while I get stuck looking for similarities in blood types between purported abductees. Yeah, right!

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It wasn't all that easy to do in the skirt she was wearing. As she bent to pick up the scattered papers, the smooth silk rode up her thigh, exposing more skin than she cared to uncover for anyone besides Marsh. She glanced sideways at the woman bending next to her, blushing slightly when she found the woman unabashedly eyeing her legs.

To her even greater consternation, she found she liked it. It was the first time she had ever been aware of a woman's attentions, other than Marsh, and it was unexpectedly exciting. It's not like no one ever looked at you before! Slowly straightening, accepting the folders the stranger held out to her, Scully let her eyes travel up the woman's body. She's wearing scrubs. Why are surgeons always so damn sexy?

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Not as handsome, but damn good-looking nevertheless. Scully realized she was staring as the woman grinned. She's been watching me cruise her lover. We don't usually make out in the halls, but --" she lifted a shoulder and glanced seductively at her girlfriend, "she's been out of town and we couldn't wait.

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The elevator mercifully arrived, rescuing her from her acute embarrassment. She hurried to the back corner, turning to face forward as the small space filled. The tall blue-eyed surgeon pressed in next to her, her leg lightly brushing Scully's. Scully couldn't move any further as the taller woman beside her made room for her girlfriend in front of them. Scully wasn't sure who gasped, herself or the woman in the navy blue scrub pants.

Scully looked up automatically into the surgeon's face. She was slightly flushed, her pupils flickering, her head leaning back against the rear wall. The contact made her wet instantly. She couldn't prevent a quick glance down again. Scully had no vision of the smaller partner in front, only the fingers moving between the parted legs of her neighbor, pressing into the blue cotton at her groin.

It was hypnotic. With each stroke she imagined a hand between her own legs, pressing the fabric aside, squeezing around her clitoris, pulling gently. She had the crazy desire to reach over and lay her own hand over the rapidly circling fingers in the slowly thrusting crotch. Oh, god, she must be wet! Scully clenched her thighs at the sudden spasm that gripped the muscles in her pelvis, sending bolts of pleasure into her clitoris, shimmering down the inside of her legs.

Her hands tightened on the folders in her grip. People shifted as the car jolted to a halt. Scully ended up with the blue-eyed surgeon nearly in her arms. The back of one hip and leg were almost pressed between Scully's legs. Scully felt the other woman trembling, despite the fact that every muscle in her body seemed rigid Fore play stories tension.

The woman's hips moved against Scully's crotch ever so slightly, and Scully knew she was rocking on those fingers, trying to get enough pressure against her clitoris to end the torment. Scully nearly moaned at the thought, wishing she could press something, anything, between her own legs for relief. Scully heard a swift intake of breath, then a muffled groan. The Fore play stories twitched against her. The blond's blue eyes were hazy now, clouded with need. Her lips were slightly parted, the tendons in her neck taut as she braced herself against Scully and the wall of the compartment.

Her eyelids fluttered several times as she struggled to keep them open. Scully held her breath, watching the emotion play across her face. Scully's breathing was starting to keep pace with that of the woman so intimately connected to her. Her clit twitched rapidly. She was horrified to find her hips starting to move of their own accord. She could feel the hot juices soaking through her underclothes as the pressure intensified. The woman smiled faintly, eyes still locked on Scully's, her head rocking slightly from side to side, her body beginning to shudder uncontrollably.

Scully nearly groaned aloud as her clitoris contracted painfully. Not here-- uh, god! The car lurched to a stop at another floor.

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Scully steadied herself, her legs shaking, her eyes never leaving the other woman's face. They might have been alone. Scully knew she was starting to come. She wanted to fall into those blue eyes as the pupils dilated, the lids dropping for an instant, then opening wide with the first rocking paroxysm.

A muscle in the surgeon's jaw twitched repeatedly in time to the contractions echoing through her pelvis. Scully clutched the pile of charts to her chest and willed herself not to come. Oh, lord --she's so beautiful right now!

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It couldn't have been more than a few seconds, but it seemed like hours before the strain left the other woman's face. She sagged slightly against Scully, a sheepish grin forming on her lips. Scully jumped, and struggled for her voice. The doors slid closed as Scully reached for the house phone on the wall right next to the elevator. She rested the charts on one hip and pushed the buttons with shaking fingers. The phone was answered immediately.

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Is she in? I'm between cases -- you just caught me. Four Story Foreplay Summary: This was originally written in response to a Scully Slash list challenge for an 'elevator-sex' story.

Fore play stories

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